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Welcome to the Pirate Parties International wiki

This wiki is thought as component of Pirate Parties International, the umbrella organization of the pirate parties spread over the world. Anonymous edits have been disabled, as too much spam hit our wiki. Please take the few steps to register yourself an account or use our guest account.

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See also the list of Elected Pirates.

September 14 Flag of Norway.svg Pirate Party of Norway locals and regionals 0,4%
September 19 Flag of Australia.svg Pirate Party of Australia local (Canning by-election)
September 20 Flag of Greece.svg Pirate Party of Greece national
September 27 Austria Pirate Party of Austria local (Upper Austria)
September 27 Catalonia Pirate Party of Catalonia local (Catalonia)
October ? Finland Pirate Party of Finland local (Åland)
October 4 Flag of Portugal.svg Pirate Party of Portugal national
October 11 Austria Pirate Party of Austria local (Vienna)
October 18 Flag of Switzerland.svg Pirate Party of Swizerland national
October 19 Flag of Canada.svg Pirate Party of Canada national
October 25 Flag of Argentina.svg Pirate Party of Argentina national
October 25 Flag of Poland.svg Pirate Party of Poland national
November 1 Flag of Turkey.svg Pirate Party of Turkey national
December 6 Flag of France.svg Pirate Party of France regional (first round)
December 13 Flag of France.svg Pirate Party of France regional (second round)
December 20 Flag of Spain.svg Pirate Party of Spain national

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