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How to suscribe a mailing list

The old lists on are switched off!

How to setup email and changing your password

Changing your password

Go to -> login with your full e-mail-address -> go to settings -> go to account -> go to password -> change your password.



Of course you can use Roundcube as your emails in the future, if you so like. You can change the setting at your convenience.

How to setup email

If you use another e-mail client you should set up the following items (screenshots=Thunderbird):

  • Note: If you use Thunderbird, the system will find the settings with autodiscover.
  • a)Receiver: IMAP, - port 143 STARTTLS, normal password, your e-mail address



  • b) Sender (SMTP) : - port 587 STARTTLS, normal password, your e-mail address