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The current most up to date record of PPI finances can be found in finances. This page only gives an overview of the finances of PPI HQ as they are reported to the Belgian government.

During the board meeting of 8th of February 2015 the board decided to not include the funds in the TRIODOS account and the funds held by PPCZ in the financial reports for 2012 and 2013. This was done because it is unclear that these funds actually belong to PPI and that they can be recuperated.

Unlike some believe these will not be published online on the link that is on the bottom if this page [1]. The schematics we use are the "minimal schematics for small A(I)SBLs". As a small organisation PPI HQ is not required to have a full double accounting and does not have to publish it's annual financial statements on that site. There are also some small costs related to publishing financial records on that site.

Depositing financial statements

To deposit the annual financial statements for a small A(I)SBL you are required by Belgian law to use a prescribed minimum schematic. It's a minimum so more detail may be given but this is not required. These documents per calendar year and need to be filed before the 30th of June of the following year. You can find an empty copy of this schematic. An extract of the relevant law can also be found [NL/FR].

Two copies of these documents need to have the name of one of the board members written on them followed by his or her signature. This documents should then be delivered to:

Britse Tweedelegerlaan 148,
1180 Vorst,
Phone: +32(0)2/346.03.33


Annually taxes need to be filed. This can be done online using