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The second International Pirate Conference will take place in Berlin in January 2008.


  • 26. - 27. January 2008

Visitors may arrive on Friday, 25th of January and will be greeted by a small, public electronic music program of the Club.


The main conference will be held at M12 club close to Alexanderplatz railway station in the (eastern) center of Berlin. We used the place for the Coders Club already. We have Internet (WLAN) there, a video projector and a sound system as well as drinks (we have to pay for):

  • M12 - Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13 - 10178 Berlin
Berlin Carré "Shopping Center", 2. Floor
The entrance is a glass door on the other side of the stairs than McDonalds

Here is a map how to find the Club at the Alexanderplatz:

Panel discussion Saturday

Saturday at 19:30 evening a public panel discussion will be held at the C-Base - see pirate life.


Pirate Parties

- Total: 16 european party deputies or visitors -


Participants from the local party division: Martin (dwt), Vera, Amon, Florian, Bernd.


  • Swedish legislation: Rick Falvinge, founder of the swedish Pirate Party, will report about successes in liberal copyright legislation in his country.
  • Election campaigns: German pirates will report about the successful pre- / election campaigns and media coverage in the counties of Hessen and Hamburg.
  • International cooperation: Perspectives of further networking among the pirate parties.
  • Liquid democracy: Concepts and project developement for a first testing application inside the party.

More detailed information can be found in the Schedule.

Public Discussion

A public discussion Pirate life and Private life will be held on Saturday, Jan. 26 starting 19:00 at the C-base Club in Rungestr. 20 (2nd Backyard), 10179 Berlin (Mitte, S/U Jannowitzbrücke).


Welcome to Berlin, Pirates, I will organize the conference in Berlin, i.e. take care of the places, dates and other logistic issues. Contact me on the talk page or via ++49-173-4730652. --Bernd 17:20, 18 December 2007 (CET)


This is a list of people and places where I arranged accommodation.

  • Private:
    • Max Lalouschek and Gustav Nipe: private at Martin and Vera's place,
    • Ben Dagan: private at Florian's place
    • Wybo Wiersma: Private at Bernd's place

The meeting place for private sleeping places is Friday 19:00 (or Saturday) at the M12 club. Please bring sleeping bags.

  • Rented apartments (updated after Manuel cancelled --Bernd 17:31, 24 January 2008 (CET)):
    • Carlos (Esp), Błażej & Jakub & friend (Pol) (total 4): rented apartment at Jansastr. 7, 12045 Berlin, 3. OG quer, Mrs. Korthals
    • Valentin & Cyril (F): rented apartment at Wallstr. 75 (Mrs. Berg)

For any further question regarding accomodation please contact me: bernd(at)kanka(dot)de


If you want to book a Hotel by yourself you might consider:

  • IBIS at Prenzlauer Allee 4, 10 Minutes away from M12. They offer the room for 56 E per night (plus 9,50 for breakfast if one wishes), a second person plus 12 E; "plenty of rooms left", Tel.: +49-30-443330
  • Hostel in Rosenstraße 16 is directly around the corner; a little less luxurious - prices are 40 E without, 55 E with bath for a single room; 25 / 32 E per person for a two-person room; only few rooms with bath are left; Tel: +49-30-23624031


Dear Pirates,

I'm happy to announce the second international meeting of the pirate parties now for the 26./27.1.2008 ! Although our voting proposal on didnt result in the perfect choice for everyone, we hope for your understanding that we chose the date, that seems most suitable and was preferred by the most people. We hope that the countries which disagreed with that date will find a representative, that is able to attend the meeting. Most of the organizing will be published on the mentioned Wiki-Page. On the same weekend the election takes place, where our regional chapter of Hesse runs for! Nevertheless we hope to stem both the election campaign and the Conference.

Please direct your questions regarding the conference to Jan Huwald or myself.

best regards, Jens -- Jens Seipenbusch chairman Piratenpartei Deutschland