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The procedure to become member of the PPI is explained on the Membership application page. The history of membership can be found on separate page.

Ordinary members


IV. Ordinary Members

(1) The Ordinary Members are the founding Members and those accepted by the General Assembly according to section III, paragraph (4). To Ordinary Membership are eligible Members that
a) adhere to these statutes and the goals of the association as laid down by these statutes,
b) use the inflection of the word Pirate in their name, and
c) have an inner order based on democratic principles.
(2) There can be multiple Ordinary Members per sovereign state. In this case, the voting power of this sovereign state is split between these Members.

Current Ordinary members of the Pirate Parties International are:

  1. Austria Pirate Party of Austria
  2. Flag of Belgium.png Pirate Party of Belgium
  3. Flag of Brazil.png Pirate Party of Brazil
  4. Catalonia Pirate Party of Catalonia
  5. Flag of Chile.png Pirate Party of Chile
  6. Czech Republic Czech Pirate Party
  7. Flag of Estonia.png Estonian Pirate Party
  8. Flag of France.png Pirate Party of France
  9. Flag of Germany.svg.png Pirate Party Germany
  10. Flag of Greece.png Pirate Party of Greece
  11. Flag of Hungary.png Pirate Party of Hungary
  12. Flag of Israel.png Pirate Party of Israel
  13. Flag of Italy.png Pirate Party of Italy
  14. Flag of Luxembourg.png Pirate Party Luxembourg
  15. Flag of the Netherlands.png Pirate Party of Netherlands
  16. Flag of New Zealand.png Pirate Party of New Zealand (1/2 vote; vote shared with IP New Zealand)
  17. Flag of New Zealand.png Internet Party New Zealand (1/2 vote; vote shared with PP New Zealand)
  18. Flag of Norway.png Pirate Party of Norway
  19. Flag of Poland.png Polish Pirate Party
  20. Flag of Portugal.png Pirate Party of Portugal
  21. Flag of Russia.png Pirate Party of Russia
  22. Flag of Serbia.png Pirate Party of Serbia
  23. Flag of Slovakia.png Pirate Party of Slovakia (1/2 vote; vote shared with the other Slovakia)
  24. Flag of Slovakia.png Pirate Party - Slovakia (1/2 vote; vote shared with the other Slovakia)
  25. Flag of Switzerland.png Pirate Party Switzerland
  26. Tunisia Pirate Party of Tunisia
  27. Flag of Turkey.png Pirate Party of Turkey (1/2 vote; vote shared with new Pirate Party Turkey)
  28. Flag of Turkey.png Pirate Party Turkey (1/2 vote; vote shared with old Pirate Party of Turkey)
  29. Flag of Ukraine.png Ukrainian Pirate Community
  30. Flag of the United States.png United States Pirate Party
  31. Venezuela-flag-icon-16.png Pirate Party of Venezuela

Former ordinary members

Observer members


V. Observer Members

(1) An applicant that does not meet the criteria for Ordinary Membership may be granted Observer Member status by the General Assembly.

Current observer members of the PPI

Former observer members of the PPI