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Decisions of the Board
Complete History 2010 to Present
This document reviews all decisions that were successfully passed by the board
All decisions are followed with a link to the minutes they were retrieved from.
Decisions with temporal nature or that have no binding relevance to future boards are note included in this list.
This list is intended to assist future boards to follow prior decisions of the board.

Board Number 1: 2010/2011

Internal communication (proposed by Jerry/Gregory)

  • Weekly meeting in May, than switch to bi-weekly meeting.

Vote: Proposal Passed(Yes: 5| No: 0| Abstain: 0). An extraordinary meeting can be hold, if needed. Communication via a public read-only group on was suggested by Gregory. Jakub will present a proposal on the communication topics as well, so does Joachim. (next but one week) (proposal being prepared)

Board meetings rules of procedure (proposed by Jerry)

Source: No further discussion needed, proceed to vote immediately. Do you accept the rules of procedure as laid down in the Pad? Result of vote: Proposal Passed (Yes: 6| No: 0| Abstain: 0).

Support Parties during election campaigns (proposed by Jerry)

  • We should promote parties that will participate in elections the best way possible. My first proposal is to chose one party per week and "feature" it. We will publish a portrait on the website, promote links to the donations page, update their wiki pages (PPI and Wikipedia) etc. We should start immeditely with the UK Party and continue depending on the upcoming elections.

Do you agree on the "Party of the Week idea as described right now?" "Party of the Week" Vote: Proposal Passed (Yes: 6| No: 0| Abstain: 0).

Pirate Party of the Week (proposed by Jerry)

  • This week should be Australia, next week Czech Republic - so to proceed alphabetically, and have the parties that are having the elections go ahead of the queue. Nicolas sugested to do the PP-CZ this week.

the Board votes, that the "Pirate Party of the Week" for this week will be PP-CZ. Proposal Passed(Yes: 4| No: 0| Abstain: 0)

Change of Rules of Procedure (proposed by Jakub)

  • The rules of procedure should be changed as follows: 1) In §4(3) the word "chairmen" is replaced by the word "chairman". 2) In §3(1) the first sentence shall be replaced by the following sentence: "The meetings are public unless one third of the members of the Board vote in favor of a non-public meeting." incompatible encoding

Explanation: The first is probably just a spelling mistake, the second is in contradiction with Art. VIII, par. 7 of the Statutes. Proposal Passed(Yes: 4| No: 0| Abstain: 0)

Board Number 2: 2011/2012 Board