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--- 22/02/2011 ---


3.1 - Item Title (proposed by ...)

3.2 - Item Title (proposed by ...)


4.1 - Conference planning (proposed by Jerry)

Open questions:
  • Clear some details concerning the fee: do we allow unregistered guests? Do they have to pay the fee? If we have our costs covered, do we allow free guests?
  • Remote voting: what procedure do we use?
  • Social event Friday + Saturday: what can/should we offer?
  • When/at what time will we have access to the venue (for installation/chairs/tables/stream)?
  • How many confirmed persons to help (installation, technical assistance, vote counting etc.)
  • List of materials:

4.2 - Lay auditors (proposed by Jerry)

The lay auditors are waiting for our communications concerning the bank account. We haven't gotten any news from Nicco until now. I propose that we sent the lay auditors the bank statements so they are able to draw the report.
Another question was whether they should pay the participation fee if they visit the conference.


5.10 - Item Title (proposed by ...)

5.11 - Taskforces

a - PPI ACTA task force

b - PPI Censor task force

c - PPI Conference and event planning task force

d - PPI Legal task force

e - PPI New Parties task force

f - PPI PP-EU task force

g - PPI Tech task force

h - PPI Translation and text production task force

i - PPI Statutes task force

Statutes amendments are nearly finalized (Jerry).