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--- 26/04/2010 ---


3.1 - Today's meeting procedure (proposed by Gregory)

We will meet via Telco and IRC. Gregory explains moderation.

3.2 - Internal procedure (proposed by Jerry)

No internal rules of procedures have been decided yet (voting, who can propose motions etc.). Someone will be appointed to prepare rules of procedure for the next meeting.
Proposals: when voting today: 4 votes in favour are necessary (absolute majority).


4.1 - IInternal communication (proposed by Jerry/Gregory)

When will the regular board meetings take place? Proposal is every monday 20h00 CET by telco/IRC.
Between meetings discussions will held in a forum/MyPirates. Someone has to set up a "board" forum and moderate.

4.2 - External communication (proposed by Jerry/Gregory)

We have to collect reliable contact information of every pirate party. Someone has to ask national parties to provide us with a correct/up-to-date e-mail.

4.3 - Action plan (proposed by Jerry/Gregory)

An action plan has to be set up for the next meeting with all the objectives for our term of office. Tasks will be attributed and taskforces created according to that action plan during the next meeting.
Link to action plan and taskforces:

4.4 - PPI Headquarters (proposed by Nicco)

Someone needs to be appointed to collect all necessary information and prepare the formation of the PPI headquarters.


5.1 - Press release for the conference? (proposed by Nicco)

Are we happy with it, what channels to release it via?

5.2 - Travel expences for the conf / EP tour (proposed by Nicco)

I am still waiting for the 12k Euro from TBP and feedback from EP visitors group about the additional requirements for travel cash due to the ash cloud preventing flights.