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--- 06/07/2010 ---


3.1 - To do list - reminder (proposed by Jerry)

I went through our previous meetings to check on unfinished tasks and added them to the task list on MyPirates: There should be sth. to do on the list for eveyone. Also remember that all of us have work to do in the TFs.


4.1 - Text production TF - Welcome message (proposed by Jerry)

I worked on the welcome message: I propose we sent out this message to the parties that contacted us (list here: ).

4.2 - Tech TF - PPI website brainstorming (proposed by Jerry)

I think updating our website is an important point. I propose we start to put ideas together. I opened a Pad to do the brainstorming: I hope Aleksandar can invest some time to present a concrete idea for the next meeting or the meeting in 2 weeks. I propose we then set up a team to realize the ideas collected in the Pad (call for bids).

4.3 - PP of the Week - make contact data acessible (proposed by Jerry)

I sent out questions to PP-Brazil and PP-Bulgaria some time ago. Brazil doesn't want to answer atm., Bulgaria didn't reply. I noticed that if I use the official contact data I get no to very late responses. Therefore I ask Joachim to make the contact data he collected until now accessible for the board asap so I can sent out questions to the next parties to e-mail adresses that are actually being read by someone.


5.1 - Text production TF - Press release exchange (proposed by Jerry)

I am working on the text for the authorization to share press releases: I asked the German Law TF to advise me on the issue and I hope we can find a way to make this work.