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--- 28/09/2010 ---


3.1 - Bank account (proposed by Jerry)

I contacted Tridos Bank concerning our account, I'm waiting for a reply.

3.2 - Pirate Party Tunisia (proposed by Jerry)

There is a Pirate Party in Tunisia starting up: We should add them to our list.

3.3 - Pirate Party in Maldives (proposed by Gregory)

We have been contacted by a OSS-Activist from Maldive asking us for support in formulating policy proposals for the Maldivian parliament to create "an alternative to the outdated models of intellectual property"


4.1 - Rules of procedure changes (proposed by Jakub)

Another proposition to change the ROP:

4.2 - Conference call for offer (proposed by Jerry)

We should sent out the call for offer for the next conference: I also asked for an extension of the deadline to November 30th 2010, I would be glad to get some answers via e-mail or a vote in this meeting.

4.3. - Website redesign (proposed by Jerry)

As Aleksandar and Bogo did not start the work on the website I propose we sent out a call for offer. The mail is prepared here:

4.4. - United States Pirate Party (proposed by Gregory)

There seem to be some misconception regarding the membership status of the US-PP


5.10 - PPI Calendar (proposed by Jerry)

The calendar still needs some tweaks, but should be ready soon:

5.10 - Improve contact with national PPs - subscribe to their mailinglists (proposed by Jerry)

I set up the account and will subscribe to the national mailinglists of PPs. This way we can directly sent out messages instead of asking the leaders/int. coordinators.

5.11 - Taskforces

a - PPI ACTA task force

b - PPI Censor task force

c - PPI Conference and event planning task force

d - PPI Legal task force

I continued to work on the statutes for the HQ. (Jerry)

e - PPI New Parties task force

f - PPI PP-EU task force

g - PPI Tech task force

h - PPI Translation and text production task force

The PRE is ready: I will start to sent out the authorization requests. (Jerry)
The mailinglist status?(Jerry)

i - PPI Statutes task force