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--- 07/05/2010---

Recordings: [1]


1.1 - Members of the PPI Coreteam

Jerry Weyer
Gregory Engels
Nicolas Sahlquist
Joachim Mönch
Jakub Michálek (after 21h)
Aleksander has excused himself, Bogo and Jakub are absent.

1.2 - Others

Steffen Ortmann


Meeting opened at 20 : 30 (CEST) by Jerry
Secretary for this meeting is Gregory Engels
Quorum established with 4 of 7 Board members present.
Meeting closed at 21: 47 (CEST) by Jerry


3.1 - German Pirate Party accepts PPI membership (proposed by Jerry)

This weekend the national congress of the Pirate Party accepted PP-Germany's membership in the PPI.

3.2 - Pirate without borders will apply for PPI membership (proposed by Jerry)

This weekend the congress of the Pirate without borders accepted to apply for observer membership in the PPI. I propose that the board proposes to apply for membership in the PWB to the next Assembly.
  • Gregory is taking the task in writing a wiki page on howto submit an application for PPI Membership and a checklist of what we need from an applicant.

3.3 - Pirate Party of the Week (proposed by Jerry)

As discussed in the last meeting, this week's Pirate Party of the week comes from Australia.
  • we will wait with publishing until Thursday, so the PP-CZ would spend about a week in the top position.
  • next one would be PP-NL (elections are on June 09th) and PP-BE (elections are on June 13th) - the questions will be sent out tonight after the meeting. We will also ask in what week they want to have the answers published.


4.1 - Task forces: work in forum or mailing lists (proposed by Jerry)

Before sending out the call for help mail, we should decide whether we use the forum or mailing lists for the task force work. I propose to use the forum and create a section for each task force. That way the discussions are archived and more transparent and we don't have to add people manually to the task forces.
  • Gregory will prepare mypirates for the task forces till May 31st, and also everything for sending out the mail.
  • PP-of Hesse will be asked to fill in a their policy, to ensure that "we will not be kicked out"
  • we will vote on it when this questions will be cleared.

4.2 - Task forces announcement and call for help (proposed by Jerry)

We have to sent out the message for the national parties advertising the task forces and asking for help:
  • The announcement will get out after may 31st, so everyone please fill in the details and summary about the task force you want to foster.

4.3 - Board meetings (proposed by Jerry)

Aleksandar cannot participate in PPI board meetings at Mondays 20h00. We should find another time to meet:
  • Suggestion from Gregory, that we could move it to the mornings 5am if we will not agree on the evening date.
  • We will move the discussion to mail


5.1 - Contact Data (proposed by Jerry)

Bogo should give us an update on his task to collect reliable contact data from every Pirate Party.
  • Since Bogo has been missing last couple of weeks, Joachim will take over this task, since this sounds like CAOs job to do this.

5.2 - HQ status

Jerry is still in touch with PP-BE - so basically the same status like last week.


  • this will be discussed via email. - and the result will be announced at least the day before meeting.
  • motion: to change the rules of procedure for the board to change the §1(1) sentence 2 to: "The time and date of the next meeting has to be announced at least one day prior to the meeting" (old version is: "At the end of each meeting the date and time of the next meeting will be announced. ")
At the end of each meeting the date and time of the next meeting will be announced.
Proposal Failed (Yes: 3| No: 1| Abstain: 1)
  • the next regular meeting is scheduled for may 31st 20:00 CET. we will have an irregular meeting in between.
Proposal Passed (Yes: 5| No: 0| Abstain: 0).