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--- 08/06/10---

Recordings: [1]


1.1 - Members of the PPI Board


Joachim are excused, Bogo is missing

1.2 - Others


Meeting opened at 21: 15 (CEST) by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is Jerry
Quorum established with 5 of 7 Coreteam members present.
Meeting closed at 22 : 17 (CEST) by Gregory


3.1 - Taskforces (proposed by Jerry)

The task forces have been promoted on the mailinglist and twitter. Until now with very low effect. Every Pirate Party will get the mail we prepared once we have the contact data (see reports 5.1) so the task forces are promoted on national channels.


4.1 - adACTA-Day (proposed by Jerry)

The 9th round of negociations is in some weeks. Joachim can you (as ACTA-TF coordinator) contact Pirate Parties and ask them to participate? Also sent out the press release that has been prepared to the parties so they can use it.
Postponed to next meeting unless anyone wants to take over.

4.2 - Conference schedule (proposed by Jerry)

We should decide when the deadline is to decide on when and where the next conference will take place (timeline).
Minimum 4 months before conference date. Probable date of conference February - April. November 1st latest decision.
Proposal: The latest on November 1st the board will decide on when and where the conference will take place.
Nicco joined (5/7 members present)
Proposal Passed (Yes: 5| No: 0| Abstain: 0).
Additional proposal: deadline for applications. One week before the deadline.
Proposal: The dealine for application for the conference is one week before the deadline (25th october 2010).
Proposal Passed (Yes: 5| No: 0| Abstain: 0).

4.3 - New Parties mail (proposed by Jerry)

Someone needs to prepare a standard mail we sent to new parties/founding parties.
cf. Latvia, Moldova
Refer to MyPirates - Gregory will be accountable / responsible


5.1 - Collect reliable contact data (proposed by Jerry)

Joachim shall give us an update on this topic.
Where do we save? GDocs, CiviCRM? Probably don't need CiviCRM, we'll se how Joachim (as CAO) did it.

5.2 - transition (Gregory)

The domain is in transition right now (Eurid had send in the notification today at 19:38)
How to use? Discussion on MyPirates:

5.3 - password management (proposed by Gregory)

Place to save passwords? Passwords Database? -> Aleksandar will look into it and will have solution till the June 22nd.

5.4 - "Pirate Party of the week"

There is now a German translations published on the blog of the international coordinators of PP-DE.
PP-BE didn't reply, Jerry will contact them again.
Jerry will prepare and sent out questions to the next parties on the list.

5.5 - Turkish Google filters (proposed by Nicco)

Turkey has began blocking out Google services (docs, analytics, maps, youtube) for "legal" reasons
Publish it on the website, promote it etc. - Nicco will write sth. to ask national Parties for support.
Jerry will put it on the text production task force.

5.6 - Standard text for PPI after publications

Jerry will refer this to the text production task force.


The next meeting will be on June 15 21.00