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Board members

Observers Present:

  • Steffen Ortmann
  • Moira Brülisauer

Quorum (4/7) Yes, later 5/7

Stream started? Yes

Recording started? Yes

Meeting started at 21.05 by Jerry and closed at 10.16 by Jerry

Secretary: Gregory, Joachim


1. - PP-Tunisia

Gregory will add them to our list. (see for more information)

2. - PP in Maldive

How can we help?
Gregory will call Pirate MEPs office to ask for help.

3. - Bank account

Jerry got a form from the Bank. We will have access to webbanking after we sent in the form.


1. - Change rules of procedure

§2.1 is amended as follows (in bold)
The provisional agenda of the regular board meetings shall be published in the PPI wiki the day before the meeting at the latest.
§5 Votes (amend a new section 3)
1. Only members of the board are entitled to vote.
2. A vote is only valid if four or more members of the board are in favor of the proposal.
3. Board members not present at the meeting can vote on a proposal published in the provisional agenda by citing the proposal and expressing their vote in an e-mail sent to (postal vote). The postal votes shall be added to the votes casted at the meeting if the proposals are exactly the same. The postal votes shall be mentioned in the provisional agenda and can be repealed before they are added by a different postal vote or by a vote casted at the meeting.
Do we accept the changes to the rules of procedure as proposed (§2 and §5)?
Passed: [Yes: 5| No: 0| Abstention: 0]
Jerry will change the ROP in the wiki as soon it is up again.

2. - Conference call for offers
List of requirements:
Can we extend the deadline for offers to November 30?
(see also
Passed: [Yes: 5| No: 0| Abstention: 0]
Jerry will sent out the message on Monday.

3. - Website redesign

Bogo takes care of this.

4. - PP-US

Gregory will take care of this, e.g. ask Will Tovey (chairman of Brussels meeting).


1. - TTF:

Please test the mailinglist extensively:
On friday we will announce the official mailinglist for the translation task force.

2. - Calendar:

testing phase: (but allready working)

3. - Press release exchange: some minor bugs, authorizations are being sent out

4. - Legal Taskforce: HQ Statutes:

ready, but in French. Jerry will look for a lawyer in Brussels.

5. - Subscriptions to mailinglists

Joachim will take care of this.

6. - Tech TF

New project - passwords database - Gregory is working to install cPassMann to colaborative manage our passwords. It will run under


Since Aleksander is not present, Jakub will contact WIPO's legal council regarding the conference participation (afte the czec elections in two weeks)


Next meeting: October 5th