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--- 05/10/2010 ---



1.1 - Members of the PPI board

Jerry Weyer
Gregory Engels

1.2 - Others

Ralph Hinterleitner
Person E


Meeting opened at 21 : 16 (CEST) by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is Jerry
Quorum established with 3 of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: [Yes]
Recording started: [Yes]

Postal votes: [No]

Meeting closed at 22 : 12 (CEST) by Gregory


3.1 - Contact details updated (proposed by Jerry)

I updated all our contact information and the pp-leaders list.
So. has to update the link list on the website.
Gregory took care of it

3.2 - Bank account (proposed by Jerry)

I sent in the requested form and am waiting for an answer.



5.10 - Last meeting updates (proposed by Jerry)

What's the status concerning PP-Maldive, PP-US, PP-Ukraine?
PP-Maldive - we keep looking lawyers.
PP-US: we are certain that we did not got any confimation from USPP after the conference regarding their PPI Membership. They are more than welcome to submit an application for Membership for the next conference, though.
PP-Ukraine: Gregory will contact PP-Ukraine and try to see if it's still active.

5.11 - Conference call for offers sent out, Parrot-mail will be sent out after the meeting (proposed by Jerry)

I sent out the call for offers to host the conference. A mail advertising the Press release exchange will be sent out after the meeting.
Steffen sent out mails to the regional parties in Germany concerning the PRE.

5.12 - Taskforces

a - PPI ACTA task force

b - PPI Censor task force

c - PPI Conference and event planning task force

d - PPI Legal task force

I'm looking for a lawyer in Belgium to look over our statutes. I will be in contact with association of layers in Belgium ( to determine the costs of the lawyer. We will the decide on how to get the costs reimbursed.

e - PPI New Parties task force

Gregory is writing a summary of the requirements for political parties in various countries.

f - PPI PP-EU task force

The person responsible for this probably hasn't time anymore, but we might find so. else (interview published soon with call for help).

g - PPI Tech task force

Calendar: with the PRE nearly done, we can focus on the calendar now, so expect some improvement here soon (Jerry)
Greory is still migrating the forum.
Jerry will contact Joeri and Wesley about the newsletter and ID.
New mailinglist - PPI-Francophone

h - PPI Translation task force

Call for help has been sent out, some new people joined. (Jerry)

i - PPI Statutes task force

Jakub will collect statutes amendments after October 15th.


Next meeting is October 12th 2010