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--- 30/December/2010 ---



1.1 - Members of the PPI board

Gregory Engels
Jakub Michalek


Meeting opened at 21 : 34 (CEST) by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is Jakub
Quorum not established with 2 of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: No
Recording started: Yes
Postal votes: [Yes: Agenda point 4.1 - Conference Offers - Vote/No]

If you are unable to attend please write your decision to the board. The offers can be found here: If you vote, the options are "Osnabrück", "Ravensburg/Friedrichshaven", and "abstention". Jerry Weyer: Ravensburg/Friedrichshaven Joachim Mönch: Ravensburg/Friedrichshaven

Meeting closed at 22 : 22 (CEST) by Gregory


3.1 - Statutes recodification (proposed by Jakub)

We have not enough board members present at the moment to discuss this in detail

3.2 - Pirate Con (proposed by Jakub)

There will be a "Pirate Con" in Usti nad Labem in 28th-30th January 2011, RMS will be present via video broadcast. The invitation for this will be sent out to the general list again.


4.1 - Conference Offers (proposed by Jerry)

We have to vote on where to conduct the next PPI Conference.
Jakub is voting in favour of "Osnabrück" Ravensburg/Friedrichshaven
Gregory is voting in favour of Ravensburg/Friedrichshaven

Proposal Result: The conference will be in Ravensburg/Friedrichshaven. (Yes: 4| No: 0| Abstain: 0).

Jakub comment: Both the offers were very much worth considering. I personally prefered Osnabrueck, since the costs of the location we much lower and the finances of the PPI are limited.

Unfortunately the situation in the Board is such that there should be at least 4 votes in favour of the proposal. Only 2 members of the board were present and there were 2 postal votes casted in favour of the Ravensburg/Friedrichshaven. Considering that there was an agreement that the decision will be made in the year 2010 and that there is no time on the Silvester, considering that there was little probability that the board would have a quorum on the next meeting and considering that postponing the decision would thwart the chances of one of the applicant who required a date in March, whereas there are still important things that need to be started before the conference takes place (such as the process of amending the Statutes), I saw it as the best option to change my vote to Ravensburg/Friedrichshaven, so that the required majority be achieved. Once again, I would like to thank both the offerors for a good job submitting the offers and the engagement they give to the Pirates P-) and I hope to see them at the meeting or a different meeting they might organize.

Gregory comment: I really see both offerors as very capable to conduct our conference and to fulfill all of our requirements - the Osnabrück offers would perhaps mean more flexibility and therefore i would have preferred it, if I could vote fully free. But to avoid a deadlock, and also because the Ravensburg offer also having its own strengths, I have finally choose Ravensburg. I'll want to thank both offerors fo submitting such professional proposals.

6 - NEXT MEETING Tuesday, 4th January 2011 ---