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--- 04/01/2011 ---


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

Jerry Weyer
Gregory Engels

1.2 - Others

Richard PP-DE KV Ravensburg
Andreas PP-DE KV Ravensburg


Meeting opened at 21 : 15 (CEST) by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is Jerry.
Quorum established with 5 of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: [Yes]
Recording started: [Yes]
Postal votes: [No]
Meeting closed at 22 :31 (CEST) by Gregory.


3.1 - Copyright in Cyberspace - Comic translation (proposed by Jerry)

I recently contacted the author of this comic: I just received his authorization to translate it. I will forward this to the translation taskforce. The comic has been created with the help of the French Pirate Party and could be interesting for every other Pirate Party.


4.1 - Conference planning (proposed by Jerry)

Intro: got an offer from Romania. How to proceed?
Gregory sent out a reminder a week before deadline.
Jerry: deadline passed, we made a decision. If for some reason Ravensburg cannot held decision, we can think about Romania.
Joachim: agree, decision was made and communicated.
First: Check whether Ravensburg accepted our decision and if they sent us the confirmation that they can sign the contracts etc.
They would need financing in advance. Reservation for the venue, then collect fees. So contracts can be signed without risk of depts.
Then: Agree on the exact date.
Venue administration closed till 9th January - so no confiramtion is possible until then.
5-6th of March = not so good for orga team (carniaval)
12-13th March = preferreable
What we need to do next:
Collect amendments: Jakub prepared a form. Only problem it that the submitted amendments are not public. If you could publish the submitted amendments regularly in the Wiki I think the call for amendments can be sent out.
People will raise concerns about the statutes, the statutes TF will write them down. Will be sent to members 1 week before conference.
Wiki page: I (Jerry) will prepare a wiki page will all the information concerning the conference (candidatures, amendments, applications, registration).
Agenda: Fix the order - what will be first: amendements, elections, membership votes
Prepare invitations etc - cf. Pad with to do list.
The important points should be discussed in the meeting, the details in the respective pad.
Gregory: think about preparing "non-official" stuff, like open-space-conference, socialising etc.

4.2 - Website down (proposed by Jerry)

Website is still down. Who can finally solve this?
Hard disk crash, Gregory is in contact. Backup is there, should be up soon. Redirection to wiki and calendar.


5.10 - Diplom questions (proposed by Jerry)

There has been no help yet with the questions:

5.11 - Taskforces

a - PPI ACTA task force

b - PPI Censor task force

c - PPI Conference and event planning task force

I set up the pads for the planning and compared timezones of all our members (and non-members with different timezones) (Jerry)

d - PPI Legal task force

I still didn't receive the necessary documents to change the bank account (Jerry).

e - PPI New Parties task force

f - PPI PP-EU task force

g - PPI Tech task force

Offer from Johan Karlsson to help with administration.

h - PPI Translation and text production task force

TTF is operating and translating - especially russian translations requests seems to be a success. We could need more native english translators/correctors there.

i - PPI Statutes task force

see above.

Next meeting: Next Tuesday 11. January 2011