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--- 10/05/2011 19:00h CEST ---
Mumble: Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting

Part 1 [1] Part 2 [2] Part 3 [3]


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating:Samir, Marcel, Lola, Finlay, Pat
excused: Thomas (joined 21:28)
unexcused: -

1.2 - Others


Meeting opened at 19:15 CEST by
Meeting chaired by Marcel
Secretary for this meeting is Pat
Quorum established with 5 of 6 board members present.
Streaming started: [No] no one has the privileges to do so; investigate further!
Recording started: [Yes]
Postal votes: [No]
Meeting closed at 21:35 CEST by


Postponed from the previous board meeting. Discussion: Marcel: The recordings are still not public of 8.3.2011. Lola agrees to download and reupload it again, to have access rights to make the recordings publicly available. Agreed: YES: Pat, Lola NO: ABSTENTIONS: Samir, Marcel, Finlay Result: No decision established

Postponed from the previous board meeting. Agreed: YES: Marcel, Lola, Pat NO: ABSTENTIONS: Samir, Finlay Result: No decision established

Postponed from the previous board meeting. Agreed: YES: Marcel, Lola, Pat NO: ABSTENTIONS: Samir, Finlay Result: No decision established

Agreed: YES: Marcel, Lola, Pat NO: ABSTENTIONS: Samir, Finlay Result: No decision established Discussion: Marcel: Can you tell us, why you abstained Samir and Finlay? Finlay: I think it's inappropriate because I was not there. Samir: I did not check the minutes word by word yet, so I voted abstention in order to avoid that it might be used against us. Marcel: Are you aware that we have to vote on that again? Samir: I actually won't check the minutes word-by-word. I will never vote "yes", but might vote "no" if I think there are flaws. Marcel: Finlay, I think it would be good if you could check the minutes and recordings, as you should know what happened. Finlay: I will do so.

4 - Reports

4.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board to give a short summary what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points. Discussion: Marcel: I suggested this item. I think it would be a good idea to establish such a procedure. If there are no objections I will start with my report. Marcel: I was working on the copying monopoly extension issue in the EU and also did some administrational work in Redmine. Samir: Most things are visible in Redmine. Lola: nothing to report. Pat: currently overworked; certain plans but couldn't get done something substantial. Finlay: I've been busy with the national elections. In Scottland there was the first conviction in a court case because of file-sharing today. Thomas: (not present)

4.2 - confirmation of the Slovenian Pirate Party (proposed by Marcel)

Redmine task #4. From the 2011/04/26 minutes: Samir will post all data when back in the Netherlands. Was not able to do it sooner due to easter. ( Post office closed ) Report by Samir on sending the letter. Discussion: Samir: I haven't send it yet. I couldn't manage to get to the post office yet. Samir agrees to send it till Thursday, 12th of May 2011. Pat shall check whether ical-export is possible for Redmine.

4.3 - Update of the meeting minutes from 2011/03/19 (proposed by Marcel)

Redmine task #23. Meeting minutes from 2011/03/28 say: Marcel:

    Postal votes "YES/NO" should be "NO" 
    The proceedings were not discussed at all, so that should be mentioned in the minutes 
    The break was at 18:47 not 18:42 ... 
    The order of 3.4 (PPI aftermath) was not in the order of the actual discussion 

Pat: The minutes will be updated accordingly by me and Lola Agreed: YES: Samir, Paul, Pat, Thomas, Lola, Marcel NO: - ABSTENTIONS: - Motivation Samir: Voted yes due to mutations in this pad. ( Courtesy of Marcel ) Report by Lola. Discussion: Lola: Yes, that has been changed. This is the link to the draft Lola: I was not sure whether 3.4 should be shuffled, as it was not written like that in the original agenda. Marcel: I assume that this should be put into the wiki ( ), not in a pad. Lola: If it's done it will be in the wiki. It's not finished yet. Marcel: Can you finish it till the next meeting. Lola: Yes. Marcel: Cool, thank you.

4.4 - Statutes change (proposed by Marcel)

Redmine task #20. From the previous meeting minutes: Report by Samir: Jakub (CZ) has updated the statutes and put them into the wiki I didn't have the proper material yet to check whether this is correct The current form is just plain text, we should format this again I will check that till next board meeting Deadline set: Next week ( Monday ). No objections, consensus. Delay due to PPI not having a CI, Font type, templates etc. Report by Samir on the progress. Discussion: Samir: I did not finish it, but I can send a link to everyone interested to the actual plain text file. Marcel: You mean the draft by Jakub. I think we can put the link into the minutes. Samir: I think we should vouch as a board for the content of the text file before ending it out in order to state that there are no flaws in the file created by Jakub, as this is an official document. Marcel: I suggest everyone reads it and we will vote on it next meeting. If no one objects, we'll continue with the next item.

4.5 - PPI rights definition

Redmine task #25.

  • Report by Thomas

Discussion: Marcel: I suggest to postpone as Thomas is not present.

4.6 - PP Morocco support (proposed by vxroot)

Redmine task #28. From previos board meeting minutes: 1) Mailinglist ( / or Mail resend by Samir. Due to delay, list will be created on the PPI domain. PPMA either takes it or not. 2) Certification of Membership on PPI (sent from SP3 to Samir) It's in Samir's bag, will be send the day after tomorrow. 3) List contact of Pirates over the world 4) Pirates template for Drupal Send email to leaders list. - Swiss template, who asks ? - Luxembourg template, who asks ? - Belgium template, who asks ? - The Netherlands, who asks ? Cocencuss: Put it in Redmine, Samir is responsable. Deadline: Monday. Report by Samir. Discussion: Samir: Sub (1) has been done. Sub (2) is also done. Sub (3) is resolved as well. (4) A template has been sent out; they might ask for new templates. Marcel: Can we close the Redmine task then? Samir: I think we should wait till the actual party that requested something is okay with the result before closing an item. All agree to that. Samir: Will request their agreement then.

4.7 - WIPO observer membership application (proposed by Marcel)

Redmine task #7 (& #29). Report on progress by Samir. Discussion: Samir: We can forget about it, because of legal issues caused by the previous board. It's impossible as PPI is no longer an association according to Belgian law. Marcel: Are you certain about that? Samir: Yes I am. I warned the previous board several times, but they did not listen. Which leads to the next item of "legalizing" PPI. Marcel: It's in Redmine I guess? Is this related to the creation of the PPI HQ? Samir: It could resolve it, but the problem is that establishing is aimed also at the end of the month and this excludes all bureacraucy. So basically we can forget about it. PPI shall be legalized so that they can just apply for it next year. Marcel: So you suggest to postpone this? Pat: What's the actual problem? Samir: PPI does not exist according to Belgian law. The informal association was dissolved at the GA in Brussels. WIPO is not accepting a change of organisations. There are lots of legal problems unfortunately. Application shall be done by 2012 as it's unlikely to get it done this year.

5 - Action plan and work distribution (proposed by Thomas)

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Tasks will be distributed among the board members according to the business plan: (previous board) - current board:

Discussion: Marcel: I suggest to postpone as Thomas is not present.

6 - Gmail Primary Administrator (proposed by Marcel)

Redmine task #21.

  • Any news from Gregory through Thomas?
  • Include the email from Patrick, the PPI account is a free account.

Discussion: Marcel: According to the mail of Pat the Gmail account is free, therefor the regulation of the contact account would be obsolete. Any suggestions who should be the primary administrator? Samir: The one responsible for all IT (formerly Paul, but he resigned). I would suggest Lola as she's CAO. Marcel: I'm in favour of that. Any objections to the proposal, that Lola is the primary administrator of the Gmail account? Pat: No. > Consensus that Lola should be the primary adminstrator. Lola shall change it herself.

7 - PP <secret>: Request for Accreditation and Support (proposed by Thomas)

An e-mail from the PP of <secret> has been received. We should officially answer. Samir: At the request of this PP we should not mention them anywhere for security reasons. Marcel: This means we should also censor that name in the minutes? Pat: Lola, are you able to censor that country with beeps in the recordings as well? Else it would not make any sense... Samir: SET THIS PAD ON PRIVATE ( History mentions "secret". ) Lola: I can't. Pat: Okay, then please send the recordings to me or Thomas and we'll do that. Marcel: Further discussion? Pat: We can't grant any monetary funds. All we might do might be to organize some technical infrastructure. Samir: Just read the letter. It might have been already problematic that they contacted us. Marcel: I suggest to lead the discussion somewhere else; off the record. Samir: Let's go on with the next item. All traces of this topic have to be erased *everywhere*.

8 - CI (proposed by Samir)

Postponed from the previous board meeting. Task for all of us. What about that .CH guy ? ( Loads of parties copied it! ) Discussion: Samir: We don't have the ressources yet, but please redmine this as a minor issue for me, as it's really bothering me. I will contact some people. Marcel: Okay, then let's move on.

9 - Collentine asking for accreditation for

  • Discussion:

Marcel asks Collentine to join the meeting. Samir: We have to vote for his accreditation and then do it. Proposal: Hereby, the PPI Board vouches to arrange accreditation for "collentine" in relation with "", and "" Alone. as requested by his educational institution but this excluding responsibility or liability of the board, when it comes to the content or appereance of the project. Collentine: What I'm trying to get is some support for a project in order to get more recognition as a person responsible for it at a school. Samir: Collentine has been present at the previous GA for example. He is no stranger to us. Yes: Samir, Marcel, Pat, Finlay, Lola No: Abstain: Result: Motion passed.

10 - Resigning of a Member of the Board

  • Reassigning the tasks
Paul Da Silva resigned on 2011/05/03
  • Appointing a person responsible for IT
  • elections

Marcel: Paul resigned on 2011/05/03. We have to reassign the tasks he took care of, e.g. the techteam lead and we also have to organize the elections. I will start from the bottom. Does anyone of you know what we need for the elections? If the GA shall meet on the Internet, but I don't know whether we have the infrastructure. Samir: Andrew Norton actually organized something there, as he wanted to streamline the communication for Internet participation as they were all pissed off by the procedure on the last GA. We should allow these people to work on that solution. Marcel: Will you contact Andrew then? Samir: If you redmine it, yes. Marcel: Do you know when we have to organize it at latest? Samir: Do we have to to and are we really in favour of announcing a GA? A GA must be announced some time in advance... >> 10 Minutes break at 22:24 Till 22:34 Samir: Did he retire? By just we only recieved an email and he should have the opportunity to officially resign in a meeting. Lola: According to the statutes a board member can resign any moment, but it does not state how it shall resign. Marcel: The problem is, is that a email is not official. I will try to contact him and invite him to a board meeting then. Marcel: Anyway I went through the statutes and it seems that there is no need for elections. Pat: I would really like to see the Internet GA realized as soon as possible, not saying that we need to hold one this year (or relating to this). Samir: Ok, Redmine it and I will contact Andrew. ( Andrew + other oversea pirates once proposed & complained stuff regarding to internets GA's. )

11 - Copying Monopoly term extension in the European Union

Discussion: Marcel: A letter (translated in many languages) for the MEPs was sent to the PP leaders list by mail. Thanks for everyone who participated! I talked to Henrik and he told me that he thinks it will be in June. So the status is still the same. We know that Denmark changed its position in the council. We also have rumour of CZ and HU that they might consider changing their POV. If the European Parliament does not take back the issue to the first reading we can consider it will be passed. Samir: The Parliament is obliged to take the issue back. They have to discuss it in plenary according to the EU Parliament RoP AFAIK. I'm talking to Amelia. It's unknow what is going to happen, as the process done by EC has not yet been used and is untested. Even if you're going to win that, there is a possibilty that we might get something worse. Currently they're disucssing 90 years after the author. What we can wîn here is a delay. But actually anything can happen. Pat: Well, they were discussing 95 years from the beginning and the EP changed that to 70 years then. Marcel: From what I understood from a secretary of one of the MEPs, the EP is not really in eager of getting an issue back to the first reading. So I guess someone tried at least in the past already? Samir: I will ask Amelia. The things is that these RoPs were just accepted at the beginning of the new term, so the process has not been used there. These RoPs can be interpreted in a thousand ways; you need a jurisprudence, as in different situations contexts can be different. About the process: CE/HAX/Erik started it, we helped it , we should finish it. Marcel: In CZ we're already asking the council delegates why they're considering changing their POV. Samir, are you willing to contact Hungary and Denmark PPs and ask them what they've done or consider. Samir: Yes, redmine it on my behalf.

12 - agenda@ requests

VXroot , requested access to the last GA Journalists list. ( Redmine for Patrick Maechler ) Postpone / Redmine newscollector service. ( Formerly Paul da Silva, check Redmine ) Set a deadline for the Countrlist item in Redmine. ( Patrick, for the next meeting Close & Split - New Entry for the Technical aspects. UPDATE Entry on updating the list of parties etc. ( Samir was/is to distribute the work for this etc. )

13 - Brussels meeting (proposed by Marcel)

  • participating: Samir, Marcel, Lola, Pat
  • May 20-25, Samir to join on May 23 because of the PP-NL GA
  • PPI bank account transfer
  • appointments with MEPs
 - Christian -- Marcel to call Henrik on Monday morning
 - Amelia will be somewhere around
 - Marcel to meet at least one Czech MEP
 - to discuss: copying monopoly term extension, ACTA
  • PPI board brainstorming/working sessions

Accommodation: Van Belle Hotel Chaussee De Mons 39-43 Brussels 1070

Samir: No Accomodation *yet* Marcel explains the item in plain sentences.

14 - Web/Wiki/Wikipedia update (proposed by Marcel)

Lukáš Mazur is willing to update the PPI related information on the web. Because of his other duties, he's able to start on May 24. Proposal: Marcel will ask Lukáš to register in Redmine. Pat will add him to the Tech Team then and Lukáš will create the task and assigns it for himself. Marcel will be the supervisor for this task. Timeline (from now):

  • account creation and task definition & assignment: 2 weeks
  • information update: 1 month

The CAO will add a parent supervisor's task in Redmine and assigns it to Marcel, with two child tasks according to the timeline with due dates mentioned above. Yes: Samir, Pat, Marcel, Finlay, Lola No: Abstain: Result: Motion passed.

15 - Clarification about Redmine (proposed by Marcel)

21:28 Thomas came in.
All information is public at the moment? Is this desired?
Consensus: Available for the members but upon request.
Put it in Redmine and assign to Patrick.
All tasks in should be open to the public. Only Members of the PPI shall have access and shall ask for admission beforehand.
The CAO is responsible for:

  • publishing the minutes and links to the recordings on the PPI Wiki
  • entering all tasks that have been agreed on in the meeting in Redmine, ensuring that the due date is always set

Marcel will propose a PPI Board Meeting Rules Of Procedure update reflecting this agreement.
Timeframe: 1 month.

Meeting Closed: 21:35