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--- 02/08/2011 19:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting

Part 1 [1] Part 2 [2] Part 3 [3] Part 4 [4]


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Thomas, Pat, Marcel, Lola, Samir
excused: Finlay
unexcused: none

1.2 - Others

Tom Vymazal


Meeting opened at 19:10 CEST by Marcel
Meeting chaired by Marcel
Secretary for this meeting is Pat and Tom
Quorum established with 5 out of 6 board members present.
Streaming started: [No]
Recording started: [Yes] Taken by Lola
Postal votes: [No]
Notes on meeting processf
  • [20:04] 5-minute break initiated by Marcel (inbetween items 4.14 and 4.15)
  • [20:11] meeting continues
  • [21:08] 5-minute break initiated by Marcel (inbetween items 4.29 and 4.30)
  • [21:16] meeting continues
  • [21:37] break initiated by Marcel (inbetween items 4.29 and 4.30)
  • [21:51] meeting continues
  • Meeting closed at 22:35 CEST by Marcel


Postponed from the previous board meeting. Lola could not ask the previous board members to correct the minutes yet YES: Lola, Thomas, Pat NO: Marcel ABSTENTIONS: Samir Result: not approved

YES: Pat, Lola, Marcel, Thomas NO: ABSTENTIONS: Samir Result: approved


4.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points. Marcel:

  • in collaboration with Lola, I informed the members about operating with the envelopes from Friedrichshafen, as it was the only way to get to know the voting results
  • in cooperation with Lola, I informed the members about Paul's resignation
  • with Lola and the Czech Pirates, we visited the Austrian Pirates at their GA
  • coordinated the PP-CZ PR about to be published by the PPs
  • helped the PP-CZ to get attention of the EC through CE regarding a case of corruption; too late, unfortunately
  • helped Pat with a reply to a Pirate from Berlin
  • helped Pat with a reply to an initiative to form a PP in an African country
  • informed the members about the success of the PP-CZ with the "Linking is not a crime" campaign
  • helped the PP-UK by making the PP-CZ publish their PR about a censorship case
  • collecting information about the full preliminary report
  • described the PP-CZ GA in the pad
  • communicate with Lukáš regarding the update of the PPI related information on the web
  • co-signed the confirmation document for the PP-SI
  • prepared a proposal of updating the PPI board meeting Rules Of Procedure
  • was on vacation

Samir: been on vacation, feel kinda out-of-loop, have answered to urgent mails/requests. And still don't register what I do. ( Can't be checked anyway. ) Lola:

  • Regular Facebook page updating.
  • Attended Music festival Vyoseni organized by PP-CZ in Plzen
  • The Pirate Party of Russia officially registered 2 organization committees for registration of parties Pirazzkaya Partiya Rossii (pirrate party of russia) and Bez Nazvaniya (untitled) since they lost the case against Ministry of Justice and couldn't be registered with our Pirate name. Anyway our principles, ideas and web site name remain the same and we ask the public, journalists and all the reasonable people to continue calling us Pirate Party of Russia.
  • Wrote an article "Why to be a pirate?" for Czech Pirate Party in Czech language!!!

Pat: PP-CZ receipt organized, tried to contact previous conference organisators for full balance, tried to contact notary Finlay: (not present) Thomas: out of order, due to either sickness or workflow, back again now and trying to catch up, organized a Mumble group for PP-RU

4.2 - Transfer of bank account to new board members (due date reached)

Merged with 4.11 content >> See 4.11

4.3 - confirmation Slovenian Pirate Party (due date reached)

Redmine task #4, due date 2011-05-26. Marcel: I co-signed the paper with Gregory at the PP-AT GA and handed it to Lola. Lola: I sent this paper to Samir and would like to know whether he recieved it. Samir: I have them in my hand right now (the certificate and the bank transfer papers). I'm going to send this to Jerry, right? Lola: correct Samir: I will send it as signed delivery to Jerry, to make sure they won't get lost for certain Lola: I will send Jerry's snail mail address to you REDMINE: Lola (till August 23rd) > Find Jerry's snail mail address and assert that he's not on holidays (so that the signed letter doesn't get sent back to Samir)

4.4 - Response to the conference letter by Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Australia (due date reached)

Redmine task #3, due date 2011-05-28. From previous meeting: Marcel: created a pad to write the response in: I guess the letter has been sent by Samir after the previos meeting, but he has to confirm. (postponed to the next meeting) Marcel: I have not been able to participate when it was due to sent out Samir: It was a long time ago and there was no response; so we should ask for a confirmation. Marcel: We can discuss this with 4.8 because it overlaps

4.5 - Contact PP Ireland initiative (due date reached)

Redmine task #14, due date 2011-06-06. From Redmine: Two PP-DE members are still on it. One of them will be married to Dublin soon; he promised to take action in Dublin (he's trustworthy, working for PP-DE on press issues for years)

Finlay: There is an active Pirate Party student group in Dublin. Also, we have a few contacts in Ireland. Long term goal to get Pirate Party IE back up, since the current (former?) PP is gone. We need to get a communications infrastructure or website online to co-ordinate whoever will form the new Party. Long term task for Finlay. Report by Thomas: PP-DE representatives tried to contact the Ireland pirates as well, but no response up to now Thomas: no news from Ireland - no response till 07:00 pm CEST today Report by Finlay: next meeting Postponed to the next meeting in hope of a response

4.6 - contact Danish and Hungarian Pirates (due date reached)

- "Kalozpart" data i have it. - Merged with 4.26 content >> See 4.26 Marcel: see 4.26

4.7 - VPS for PP Slovenia (due date reached)

Redmine task #26 (parent). Redmine task #49, due date 2011-06-06. From Redmine: Have send /another/ request mail today since the last one did not reply. At the same time, i'll start looking for other sources. Report by Samir: I basically got 3 offers, but none of them delivered yet Marcel: will you continue searching? Samir: yes, if it won't work out I will contact PP-Slovenia and will pay up for it ( Rent one that is. ) Marcel: I assume he would contact us if it's really that urgent

4.8 - make Internet GA possible (due date reached)

Redmine task #42, due date 2010-06-10. From Redmine: Pat: I would really like to see the Internet GA realized as soon as possible, not saying that we need to hold one this year (or relating to this). Samir: Ok, Redmine it and I will contact Andrew. ( Andrew + other oversea pirates once proposed & complained stuff regarding to internets GA's. ) Report by Pat: I and Marcel started working on a pad ( ). I contacted Mikkel Paulson from PP-CA regarding their solution and noted it down in the pad. Report by Samir: I have created a small mailing group for that issue as G group. Just add him there and share the data. Pat: Yes, will do so. Samir: Please write out the key issues as summary and just link the pad at the end in order to make people read it. Pat: Okay, then I shall join the group as well? Samir: Yes do so. The more people working on it, the better. REDMINE: Pat (till 4.8.) > will write a summary to the mail group and add Mikkel

4.9 - Web/Wiki/Wikipedia update (due date reached)

Redmine task #45 (parent). Redmine task #46, due date 2011-05-17. Redmine task #47, due date 2011-06-10. From Redmine: Task #73 has been created. Lukáš was also given hints what to look at. From previous meeting: Report by Marcel: Informed Lukáš about the subproject #73 in Redmine and about some glitches on the web which would be nice to get fixed. Report in the next board meeting. Report by Marcel: I'm in touch with Lukáš. In task #83 there's a report on that. Now someone who as access should do it or someone give him the access rights. I also requested rights for myself for the site. I assume he's currently 'though short on time due to vacations as well. REDMINE: Pat (till 4.8.) > will add Lukáš and Marcel as admin to Drupal and assert that they can access it

4.10 - Rules Of Procedure update (due date reached)

Redmine task #48, due date 2011-06-10. From Redmine: Proposal: The CAO is responsible for:

   publishing the minutes and links to the recordings on the PPI Wiki
   entering all tasks that have been agreed on in the meeting in Redmine, ensuring that the due date is always set

Marcel will propose a PPI Board Meeting Rules Of Procedure update reflecting this agreement. Timeframe: 1 month. Consensus From previous meeting: Report by Marcel: Didn't find time to do anything. Report in the next board meeting. Report by Marcel: Here's the proposal I worked on (copy/paste from Redmine). Proposal:

§6 Meeting minutes: add: 2. The CAO is responsible for publishing the meeting minutes and links to the published meeting recordings on the PPI wiki.

§7 Tasks: add: 3. The CAO is responsible for entering all tasks that have been agreed upon in the meeting in Redmine, ensuring that the due date is set. Discussion:

  • Thomas: is it correct, that this can also be given as a task by the CAO to other people and it's mere responsibility that it is done?
  • Marcel: exactly.

YES:Thomas, Marcel, Lola, Samir, Pat NO: ABSTENTIONS: Result: motion carries REDMINE: Thomas (2.8.) > will update the Rules of Procedure in the wiki Changed in the Pad: Changed in the Wiki:

4.11 - Full Preliminary report c.q Executive Summary (due date reached)

Redmine task #22, due date 2011-07-24 (parent). Redmine task #87, due date 2011-07-24 (child). From Redmine: This report includes all initiation data such as for example the board ( raw ) transition data, and executive summaries of it. Means of distribution: ALL; Social Media, Leaders list, P2P leader contact Push /and/ Pull methodology. Report by Marcel:

   Transparent bank account: Redmine task #30, due date 2011-06-30
       Transparent bank account (child): Redmine task #86, due date 2011-06-30

Report by Pat:

       Transfer of bank account to new board members: Redmine task #5, due date 2011-05-24.

From Redmine: Lola didn't receive anything from Jerry (yet). Another paper has been printed to collect the signatures, which has been signed by Gregory and Marcel at the PP-AT GA. Lola has got the paper at the moment. Lola haven't received any documents from Jerry. But have got the documents signed by Gregory and Marcel And sent them to Samir. Samir, please sign and sent to Jerry. Report by Pat: Gregory said he sent the papers again. There's another possibility now as well, as Gregory and Marcel+Lola shall meet up at the Austrian GA, Jerry promised to sign the papers and send it to Lola. Everything updated in Redmine.

   Creation of PPI HQ in Brussels: Redmine task #6, due date 2011-07-24

From Redmine: Meeting with the notary took place during the stay in Brussels. Founders are Samir, Marcel, Pat, and Lola. The notary should send us draft documents until June 6. The whole process will take up to two months. Report by Marcel: completion of any of those tasks will be crucial for the report to the members, that's why I linked them together. Lola: Could you please mention the name of the tasks in the discussion in the future, as not all people have access to Redmine. Samir: large majority was already done some weeks after the GA. This might be crucial to address in the report to the members. Marcel: I think we should not include assets we don't have in the report. Samir: That's due for the second report in my opinion. Are you opting to combine that? Marcel: I think in the preliminary report we should include a report on those assets, but it should be included I guess. If you have clear idea what should be included in the report, I would be happy if you could share that. Samir: There's already a document which is almost finished up to 80-90% where I invested quite some time. It will take about one hour to fix that. Marcel: I would suggest a separate one-hour-meeting for that then. Samir: I don't care how we do it. I want to get things done. Marcel: I would opt for a separate meeting. Samir: I'm fine with that. Full consensus by the present board members REDMINE: Marcel (9.8.) > set up a Doodle for the extraordinary board meeting

4.12 - PPI rights definition (IT) (due date reached)

Redmine task #25 (parent). Redmine task #57, due date 2011-06-21. Redmine task #58, due date 2011-06-21. Redmine task #59, due date 2011-06-21. Redmine task #60, due date 2011-06-21. From previous meeting: Report by Marcel: Report by Samir <not present - skipped> & Thomas: 57 not yet finished Discussion:

  • Marcel: Do you have any progress on that?
  • Thomas: I have a spreadsheet prepared on that, which is work in progress at the moment. It shall be distributed among the board until the end of the week
  • Marcel: These tasks do have dependency, right?
  • Thomas: I guess so.
  • Marcel: I assume then nothing has to be reported by Samir.

4.13 - PPI Assests list (due date reached)

Redmine task #37 (parent) Redmine task #61, due date 2011-06-21. Redmine task #62, due date 2011-06-21. Redmine task #63, due date 2011-06-21. Redmine task #64, due date 2011-06-21. Report by Samir: I have been on vacation and didn't touch the parts yet. If possible I'd like to have this on the next meeting.

4.14 - PP-IN request (due date reached)

Redmine task #67, due date 2011-06-21. From Redmine: Pat started to compose a reply: Report by Pat: I was getting impatient with this as I had problems contacting Finlay and heard from no progress. Tried to contact PP-IN them by phone, skype and Google plus. Have not succeeded yet unfortunately. Will try to continue there.

  • [20:04] 5-minute break initiated by Marcel (inbetween items 4.14 and 4.15)
  • [20:11] meeting continues

Marcel: So we have not been able to contact them? Pat: Yes, I tried to contact them directly. Marcel: I would suggest sending an email then. Pat: Shall I do it? Marcel: If it's fine for you. REDMINE: Pat (4.8.) > send an email towards the original request

4.15 - PP-DO request (due date reached)

Redmine task #69, due date 2011-06-21. From Redmine: Write a reply. Report by Marcel: They send us again a request. Up to now Finlay seems have not been progressing there. Anyone willing to do this task? Samir: If you send it to me right after the meeting, I would be okay to do it then immediately. REDMINE: Marcel (2.8.) > will forward the mail to Samir, Samir will do it then.

4.16 - PP-CO request (due date reached)

Redmine task #70, due date 2011-06-21. From Redmine: Write a reply. Marcel: Samir, will you do this as well? Samir: Yes, just after the meeting. I already have contacts with South-American PPs. REDMINE: Marcel (2.8.) > will forward the mail to Samir, Samir will do it then.

4.17 - inform the members about the WIPO application (due date reached)

Redmine task #75, due date 2011-06-21. From Redmine: Consensus - PPI application for WIPO did not go ahead because of legal issues. REDMINE -- Letter to be sent out to this effect. (Samir) Deadline -- 2 weeks. Discussion: Marcel: If I remember correctly we started to discuss this in the last board meeting. Samir: We simply did not meet the legal requirements till the deadline. But during my vacation I talked to the Young Pirates Sweden which are already a member. They are willing to help us there. There's a new deadline every 6 months. I hope that within a month we have the HQ ready. Marcel: What I want to refer here is that our members were waiting for that. Thomas: We haven't informed them yet. Samir: We could ask the notary to explain it, which would be more credible. Marcel: I don't think that people would not take our word. I think we should just announce the choice officially to the members. Samir: But that doesn't answer the accountability answer. Thomas: I don't think that's necessary to mention. Samir: I think we have to provide the full story to the members. Marcel: The fact is that we decided that we decided not to go for it because of legal issues. (...) Samir: I think it's our _duty_ and moral obligation to also provide the answer to the question: "What legal issues", and "Why do we have these legal issues". Transparancy & Accountability please. ( The current board is not accountable for the legal issues. ) Marcel: My opinion is that we can come up with the explanation concerning the legal issues to our members, once they ask for the explanation what those legal issues are. Samir: I think we should add the dates when the legal affairs should up. I think we have to decide whether we want to transparent and accountable to the members of PPI or not. Marcel: Can you send those dates to me and I will send it to the members then? Samir: Of course no problem. What language do you wanna recieve the HQ info in? I think they only offer French, Dutch and German (Belgian law, WIPO does more languages ofcourse). Marcel: German then. I will try set the due date to one month but try to finish earlier. REDMINE: Samir (9.8.) > send dates to Marcel Marcel (2.9.) > send info to members

4.18 - Rules Of Procedure Update (due date reached)

Redmine task #77, due date 2011-06-21. From Redmine: Samir will propose a rules of procedure change (again) in order to resolve recurring minutes voting. Discussion: Marcel: I think this has been already resolved with voting on the CAO change(item 4.10) Samir: Well I think the Rules of Procedure should be changed overall, but I don't think this is of high importance. There is many more issues with the Rules of Procedure, a fully revised versions has been presented by me before, and voted down by the board; hence i'm not going to invest even more time in it since no argumentation has been used besides political ones. Marcel: Is there consensus in the board that we don't want to waste time in that particular issue. Consensus amoung present board members

4.19 - Report by treasurer to PPI members

From previous meeting: Pat: Please see I want to inform all PPI members about the current status on the PPI accounts, especially in regard to the transparent accounting. I have not managed to finish the text yet, but the crucial content is summarized. I intend to send this memo to the pp-leaders and the pp general list. Remarks are welcomed. Report by Pat: Mail sent out on June 26th to pp-leaders and pp general list, see No remarks by present board members.

4.20- Joint communication strategy (due date reached)

Redmine task #13, due date 2011-07-05. Report by Pat: started to write a draft on could not finish problem exploration/proposal yet I'd like to ask the board to postpone this till the end of August 2011; then I'll hope to have finished a draft Thomas: I would opt for the end of September 2011 Consensus REDMINE: Pat (change to end of September)

4.21- Wikipedia giving away servers (due date reached)

Redmine task #79, due date 2011-07-05. Report by Pat: This task has been filed according to the board decision on June 21st 2011 I started to write on a draft at . However I have missed to read the actual description page before the board decision of 21st June in detail and just see this comment by now at  :"At this time we have closed submissions. We have received well over 100 requests, and will not have enough servers to cover those, let alone more. Thanks for the submissions! ~ RobH 2011-06-18 10:00 EST"

=> the submission deadline was almost closed when we first got informed about it by Rok Andrée on 17th June (PP Slovenia) [however I wrote a thank you mail]
=> therefore it does not make any sense to invest in an an application request anymore.
=> hence task and application draft closed

Samir: I might have some information: I know a guy who might give us rack space for free on my personal responsibility. Marcel: But we don't have anything to put inside, right? Samir: I am fully aware of that.

4.22 - Get PP-CZ receipts for Registration Fee of GA 2011 (due date not set yet)

Redmine task #84, due date not set yet Report by Pat: Jakub, CAO of PP-CZ requested reciepts for the participant registration fee of the PPI GA 2011 from us.

  1. I filed this as a Redmine task,
  2. replied that all accounting concerning the conference itself was done by the Orga-Team (mainly Pirates in Friedrichshafen)
  3. admitted in the reply that I have not invested time in recieving a complete accounting from them, but will try to do so ASAP
  4. forwarded Jakubs and my request to Richard Holderied from Friedrichshafen who was involved in the Orga-Team

Jakub confirmed my reply and seemed to have understood it. Richard answered and forwarded the requests to the respective treasurer. This task was just finished this morning; Richard forwarded the reciept and I forwarded it to Jakub who was fine to see this issue as "resolved".

4.23 - Provide a mailing list for PP - Chile (due date reached)

Redmine task #80, due date 07/05/2011 Report by Thomas: done weeks ago, sorry for not updating Redmine on this

4.24 - channels administration (due date reached)

Redmine task #81, due date 07/05/2011 Report by Pat: Spent about an hour, but almost forgot, because issue not re-assigned to me. Lola: I gave this task to Pat so if he wants he can see wheter he can get an account there. Marcel: I can't recall that in detail. Now the task is about if Pat can investigate in acquiring the account and push messages simoultanously 'through channels, right? Lola: Yes. Pat: I can see what I can do, but not before the end of August. Thomas: I would suggest end of September again. Marcel: I don't think that's urgent so end of September is okay, I guess. REDMINE: Pat (change to end of September)

4.25 - Help PP in Indonesia (joining PPI + founding) (due date reached)

Redmine task #15, due date 07/05/2011 From Redmine: Still no answer. (previous report by Thomas) Report by Thomas: No answer - will close the task till a new contact comes up Pat: You could use "Feedback" instead of "Closed" Thomas: I'd prefer "Closed", because we don't know if (when they get back)

4.26 - Anti Copying monopoly term extension campaign (due date reached)

Redmine task #32, due date 07/07/2011 (parent)

   Contact non-opposing countries' governments to oppose the Directive: Redmine task #65, due date 07/07/2011

From Redmine: It would be good to ask the PPs in EU member states that are not against the Directive to push for that country's government to oppose the Directive in the Council.

   Contact Danish and Hungarian Pirates: Redmine task #43, due date 2011-06-06.

From Redmine: Samir will follow up with Hungary and Denmark. ( Marcel, get back to me after the meeting on this, so that we can fix it immediatley ) Discussion:

  • Marcel: this tasks relate to each other, so I joined them. I propose to set the due dates till the end of August. Anyone object that?
  • Consensus

REDMINE: End of August

  • Samir: I have the proper contact date of Denmark now; let's just fix this just after the meeting, get back to me, so we don't postpone it. ( I already got my hands on the proper contact details from Hungary, and Ole is easy to reach. Some things already have been send, but i don't remember what exactly. )
  • Marcel: No problem with me.
  • Samir: Just a short remark: There's no PP in Hungary, they are just a lobby group within another party.
  • Thomas: AFAIK there are also processing on that status at the moment.
  • Samir: I would not set high hopes, according to what I got told by Hungarian politicians.
  • (some more discussion on the issue between Samir and Thomas; they arrange some information exchange on the issue)

No further remarks

4.27 - Correct the mistake in the minutes of the GA (due date reached)

Redmine task (parent) #20, due date 07/22/2011 Redmine task (child) #78, due date 07/22/2011 From Redmine: Marcel: There are some mistakes in the current compilation of the statues. In the minutes of the GA there is a mistake in the name of the SAP-13 "deadline to send out amendments" instead of "general assembly quorum". Also SAP-19 word "this" >> "these" <- not reflected. and SAP-20 word "expulsion" >> "exclusion" <- not reflected. Marcel is supposed to correct the mistake in the minutes of the GA. Due in 1 month. Report by Marcel: Sorry, didn't do it yet. I'll try to do it till the next meeting.

4.28 - Write a job description for a new IT manager applications (due date reached)

Redmine task #66, due date 07/07/2011 From Redmine: Thomas to write 'job description' for applications for IT manager. May not be done for the next fortnight. Ask for volunteers via pp-leaders, etc Report by Thomas: sorry, draft will be circulated within the board by the end of the week REDMINE: Thomas (change due date to 7. August)

4.29 - corporate identity (due date reached)

Redmine task #41, due date 07/10/2011 From Redmine: Task for all of us. What about that .CH guy ? ( Loads of parties copied it! ) Discussion: Samir: We don't have the ressources yet, but please redmine this as a minor issue for me, as it's really bothering me. I will contact some people. Report by Samir: I have not worked on this one, but we also need the communication strategy done, which was postponed this meeting.

  • Pat: I think I misunderstand something with the "joint communication strategy"; [it goes more into the direction of "code of conduct"]
  • Samir: Then please clarify that in Redmine and we do need a communication strategy then.
  • (Discussion on the issue between Pat and Samir relating to how to go further)
  • Thomas: If you [Samir] could line up a first draft, It would be very much appreciated.
  • Lola: Sent an email to pp-leaders, asking for help.
  • Samir: Okay, I'll create another mail group then. Please redmine it. I think it shouldn't take more than 2 weeks for getting the heads assemled. Than, work has to be started.

REDMINE: Samir (14.8.) > create mail group and initiate process/first draft

  • [21:08] 5-minute break initiated by Marcel (inbetween items 4.29 and 4.30)
  • [21:16] meeting continues

4.30 - Organizational Structure (due date reached)

Redmine task #27, due date 07/14/2011 From Redmine: <too long, didn't bother> Report by Marcel: Here's what I created

  • Board
  • Court Of Arbitration
  • Lay Auditors
  • PPI Headquarters (= Secretariat; head -- Secretary General = CAO)
  • Administrative Team (head -- CAO)
 - Conference Task Force
 - Legal Task Force
 - Internet General Assembly Enablement Task Force
  • Finances Team (head -- Treasurer)
  • Tech Team
  • PR Team
 - Web Team
 - Translation Task Force
  • Copying monopoly and Internet Team
 - Pirate Dictionary Task Force
 - Initial General Policy Task Force
  • Open Government Team
  • New Parties Support Team


  • Marcel: I would like to create teams with people that will have some responsibility to work on a certain area. However this is different from the TF approach PPI had last year, as the board members had to be involved in the TFs. I want to get rid of this one, because it's limiting by design. I propose to set some teams which are responsible for certain areas. If you are fine with this one.
  • Samir: Usually the reasoning for such structures is way more lengthy. I can follow your reasoning, but I think it's still hobby style. On the other hand it's better to have something than nothing.
  • Marcel: I think it's possible to change the structure later on.
  • Samir: I think you don't hold the information to create a proper structure yet.
  • Lola: With the administrative team and PR team I don't like the structure so much; e.g. the legal aspect is problematic.
  • Samir: I would suggest to write down the current situation, the requirements, the mandatories by statutes and so on.
  • (discussion on how to go on)
  • Samir: Make a project out of it. I'm willing to kickstart it.
  • Lola: I don't think these big tasks can't be done by the current board members.
  • Marcel: I think that we really should try to achieve the goal of creating the structure.
  • Lola: Structure, yes. But no a huge report as Samir suggested.
  • (discussion on whether it can be achieved)
  • Thomas opts for holding an extraordinary team meeting (not necessarily only board members) and appointing one board member responsible for it.
  • Samir: I'm willing to invite people that are savvy in this, but it's not working out if every step has to be approved by the board.
  • Thomas: I think if we have only some immediate results, where we might start doing small changes to it.
  • Samir: I suggested to due it from the scratch, but it has been voted down in the past.
  • (lengthy explanation by Thomas)
  • Samir: I'd be willing to lead it, but not just if voted down later on.
  • Thomas: I'll always say my opinion on it.
  • Samir: Then join the team.


  • Samir: I'll give it a second try. I think we might have assesed how much time we need by the next meeting.
  • Thomas: I believe it will be about month till the first meeting will take place; then the next one might be 4 weeks later. A rough estimation for first results from my side would be 4 months.
  • Samir: I think that's reasonable.
  • Marcel: Unfortunately I agree. That's why I would suggest an intermediary structure.


  • Thomas: I would like to have a living team that needs to be in place till the next GA.
  • Samir: It should even be justified by the GA.
  • Thomas: The main structure should be there and they should be working somehow.
  • Marcel: The one that works more-less at the moment is the translation task force.
  • Samir: I don't think that TFs will work at all. They did not so in the past. PPI is not a project.
  • Thomas: My experience from Germany is that teams/TFs are useful to the board, even 'thoguh they might be problematic.
  • Samir: Depends on what level you implement them.
  • (discussion on "best" organizational structure)
  • [21:37] 5-minute break initiated by Marcel (inbetween items 4.30 and 4.31)
  • [21:51] meeting continues
  • Samir: It's better to have something, than having nothing. In order to clearly have it only as temporary I suggest to set a date where it is to be rendered obsolete. We made an approximation for the proper structure. Therefor I would revise and render the proposal void in 4 months and 2 weeks
  • (discussion on length)
  • consensus on introducing and limiting the intermediate structure to 16th of December (4 months + 2 weeks) at most
  • team members will be appointed by the board (implied by Marcel, asked by Pat for confirmation)

4.31 - Minutes 2011-03-08 (due date reached)

Redmine task #85, due date 07/19/2011 From Redmine: Lola said she's going to ask the previous board members to correct the minutes. Report by Lola: as discussed earlier today Discussion:

  • (explaining the idea of the previous decision to Lola)
  • Lola says that the minutes are okay like this

Result: board minutes of 2011-03-08 approved REDMINE: Lola > closes the task

5 - Action plan and work distribution (proposed by Thomas)

From the previous board meeting Thomas set up a doodle and sent it to the board members Discussion:

  • Thomas: new doodle necessary, will set up a new one by Thursday this week if agreed
  • Marcel: How does it relate to the organizational structure
  • Thomas: only partially, because this is related to the main responsibilities within the board
  • Marcel: so you suggest to setup a separate meeting for the work distribution within the board?
  • Thomas: yes an informal discussion, so we can come to a conclusion there.
  • consensus
  • Thomas will setup a new Doodle

6 - PPI Statutes - Mandatory req. / CR for Belgian legal req. (proposed by Samir)

Redmine task #39, due date 2011-05-25. Postponed from the previous board meeting. Discussion: Marcel: I assume this is on the agenda, because this task has no assignee. It has been created by Samir with the description to be announced. Samir: Still to be announced Marcel: Do you wanna be the assignee of this task? Samir: Do I have a choice? Marcel: You got the point :-) Any date to set? Samir: No; I'll just do it ASAP. Marcel: Should I put it on an agenda for the next board meeting. Samir: Not really; will show up at the next GA for sure 'though. Marcel: I somehow feel that the progress should be coordinated within the board. Samir: The thing is that it overlaps with so many things that I don't know where to start. Marcel: well...(...) Samir: Assign it to me and set it to 4 months. REDMINE: change to Samir (change to 2.12.2011)

7 - clear separation of pp-Leaders list and discussion (proposed by Pat)

Proposal: The pp-leaders list shall be moderated by the PPI board (i.e. messages are not to be sent out automatically to the list). All non-announcement mails will be redirected to the pp-leaders-discussion list, where subscription is optional to pp leaders members. The PPI board will use further mailing list configurations to assert that replies to announcements are to be directed automatically to the discussion list. Reasoning: The pp-leaders list is intended to be a place where important and official announcements are made. To much messages on the list are likely to lead some people to ignore the list. Discussion:

  • Pat: (explains the idea)
  • Marcel: I agree on the basic idea
  • Samir: I tend to agree as well.

Consensus REDMINE: Pat and Marcel (16.8.) > create clear separation between lists

8 - pi2pi.{us,org,net,mobi,info,biz} (proposed by Thomas)

Hello to all, in a while (2011/7/20) the pi2pi.{us,org,net,mobi,info, biz} will expire. They were intended for use of the international Pirate Party newsletter (pirate 2 pirate). Due to several reasons which I'm not going to discuss now we never launched the newsletter. However, if you still on planning to have a newsletter and wish to use the pi2pi domains please let me know. and will expire respectively on 2011/12/7 and 2011/7/31 If you are not interested I will drop the registration and the domains will become available again. Cheers, Wesley Discussion:

  • Thomas: The only thing I know is that some of these domains already expired. Some of them will expire later. It's up to us to decide upon them.
  • Samir: Why not giving it to Collentine? He might wants to become the newsletter guy in the future & already is doing a good jobat propagating pirate news.
  • Collentine is the one involved in the Newsletter for the future.
  • Consensus to pass this one to Collentine

REDMINE: Thomas (16.8.) > pass the issue to Collentine

9 - (proposed by Pat)

I paid renewal for 5 years on 23rd April; sorry that I forgot to notice the board here. It's booked as transitory liability towards me (as we do not have access to the bank account yet). You can actually see it in the notice I wrote towards pp int general and pp leaders in the CSV attachement regards -pat Discussion: The present board members notes it. Samir: I would like to see the current registrar changed in the future. Agreed as transitory liability towards Pat by the board? YES: Thomas, Lola, Marcel, Samir NO: ABSTENTIONS: Pat Result: approved Note: Samir says to be /against/ the use of GoDaddy & Paypal. Strongly suggests to change registrar and payment method. Will be discussed in future board meeting.

10 - digital money (proposed by Marcel)

The PPI board has been contacted and asked for help with finding volunteers to help with programming of the software. Discussion:

  • Samir: ( I'm commercially involved in various Bitcoin projects ) Can you provide some more details?
  • Marcel: I can resend the mail
  • Thomas: Please resend it to the board; can't recall that one at all.

Postponed for now.

11 - AOB

-- Marcel:

  • I guess you noticed the PP-CZ "linking is not a crime" project
  • I won't be present at the next 2 board meetings due to vacation (will be completely offline)
  • This weekend some PP-CZ pirates will head for Berlin to support them in elections. Me and Lola will join them.

-- Pat:

  • Will have limited time within the next month. Not eager for long meetings.
  • Try to adapt the Swiss accountings scheme for PPI (investigating AISBL regulations at the moment).

-- Samir:

  • Some Anon ( International ) cells organize a RL meeting and I'm invited and likely to go there. I can't disclose further details 'though for obvious reasons. I will try to represent us as good as possible, but also be cautious of course.

Meeting Closed: 22:35 CEST by Marcel