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--- 28/08/2012 19:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating:Gregory, Lola, Jelena, Denis ,Ed, Travis
excused: Nuno

1.2 - Others



Meeting opened at CEST by Lola
Meeting closed at CEST by
Meeting chaired by Lola
Secretary for this meeting is Jelena
Quorum established with 5 out of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: NO - Not possible due to technical constraints
Recording started: YES
Postal votes: NONE


3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

  • Gregory: I had an lengthy interview with Economist, had a meeting on the Image Bank project, did some tasks for the techteam (mainly redmine and piwik), also had a meeting with Ed regarding the budget plan and the bank. Oh, and I have sent out the 1/3rd of a year report
  • Lola: Interview, updating pp-leaders what is quite finished, was on holiday
  • Travis: passed month: trying to figure out how to get better internet (still working on it) - was doing some news interviews, stepped down from deputy leader in PP-CA.
  • Denis: Tried to get an overview on the treaties administered by WIPO. Gregory and I will work on the applications after the meeting. I started a Google docs spreadsheet with an overview (will add summaries): I also called the bank to get information on the status of our accounts and how to get access to the money.
  • Ed: Had meeting with Gregory regarding the budget plan and the bank account. Been active on the situation regarding Julian Assange and "Pussy Riot" in the UK media - talking with Birgitta Jonsdottir on the formation of PP-IS
  • Jelena: Active on social networks with Pirates of few countries and journalists (covering decentralisation and digital revolutions, i.e., Montenegro Pirates and journalists, and newly founded group from Israel (I will need some help to understand what their problem is). Updated Facebook page, monitoring PP news and making content viral as much as possible
  • Nuno: excused from the meeting

3.2 - Report on open Redmine Tasks

3.2.1 - Streaming

Redmine task #53, due date: 08/28/2012 ***

Lola reports - no news yet - will send out an email REDMINE +2 Weeks

3.2.2 - Tech-team

Redmine task #130, due date: 08/28/2012

Travis reports - I was working on it, but not much to report there - I am trying to set up an online convention, difficult because everyone is in different timezones

REDMINE +2 Weeks

3.2.3 - Pirate VPN

Redmine task #139, due date: 08/28/2012

Travis: I am looking for a different provider or to build up our own vpn. The old one stopping offering the white label VPN, only offering an affiliate program for us. Reconsidering VPN idea and looking for other options and providers. Additional help is welcome - Travis to speak with Ed and Jelena; Gregory has forwarded on an interested person from the 1/3rd Year Report, Travis to contact and confirm

REDMINE +2 Weeks

3.2.4 - Recover the MyPirates files

Redmine task #153, due date: 08/28/2012

Gregory: So far not recovered. Opened 2nd ticket with the person who was getting the back up of My Pirate machine and moving it to the person who has the backup access to MP machine.

REDMINE +2 Weeks

3.2.5 - Internet GA and Remote Delegates

Redmine task #132, due date: 08/28/2012

Lola: no progress yet. Discussion about resources and assistance is scheduled for the next meeting.

Redmine task #153, due date: 08/28/2012

3.2.6 - Call for hosts PPI GA

Redmine task #195, due date: 08/28/2012

Gregory: I won't sleep until it's done today

From Redmine:

REDMINE +2 weeks

3.2.7 - Select a SMÜ

Redmine task #141, due date: 08/28/2012 Gregory: since Jelena reapeared she can help with this (JJ agreed)

REDMINE +2 weeks

3.2.9 - Bank account access

Redmine task #161, and #162 due date: 08/28/2012

Ed: Denis was able to contact the bank - the main PPI account is blocked, because the bank decided, that the people who are written on it do not have legitimate access to it. There is surprisingly a second account that is on the PPI HQ - as soon as the PPI HQ transition is done, the old people need to initiate the transfer of the funds to the new account.

REDMINE: Close #161, remove due date from #162 and put a dependency on #165

3.2.10 - Calendar and Parrot

Redmine task #135, due date: 08/28/2012

Stefan is repsonsible (Gregory reporting): technical solution to restart with the Parrot is tested and new solution will be based on WP plugins

REDMINE +2 weeks

3.2.11 - Budget Plan / PPDE Financial Request

Redmine task #173, and #169 due date: 07/28/2012

Ed: budget plan for the current year has been reviewed (cca 20.000 EUR); PPI events in the past were self sustainable and there is also large portion we can use for PPI HQ office intern (6.000 EUR per year). To ask PP DE to transfer the funds to the account in PPI (Belgian AISBL account), to prepare the letter for support and send it out.

REDMINE +2 weeks

3.2.12 - corporate identity

Redmine task #41, due date: 07/28/2012

Jelena: had lack of resources, now shifting to another designer. 2 weeks to review the material from now and discuss.

REDMINE +2 weeks

3.2.13 - India

Redmine task #144, due date: 08/24/2012 Gregory: REDMINE + 2 weeks

3.2.14 - WIPO

Redmine task #168, due date: 08/28/2012

Denis: tried to get an overview of the contracts administred by WIPO, hard to decide where we could go, not all documents are published Gregory: 200 pages of minutes per every country, thinks we should apply to go to the WIPO meetings

REDMINE + 2 weeks

3.2.15 - PPI HQ Transfer

Redmine task #165, due date: 07/21/2012 Gregory: GA of PPI HQ need to be held, the old and new board needs to be elected to PPI HQ, with 15 days of prior notice. Not everyone replied on Doodle and it was the obligation of the current PPI HQ President to invite people to the GA so everything is opened again. We need another date, earliest 2nd half of September. Notary said she will need to extend the due date to 4th Sept for notary registry (?) Prolongation not clear. To do: to contact Marcel and get him sending out invites to next GA Ed asks for earliest date confirmation possible - Last 2 weeks of September and first 2 of October are the busiest dates in the year for him.

REDMINE + 4 weeks

3.2.14 - PP-Leaders Update

Redmine task #128, due date: 07/21/2012

Lola: have a couple of people there but she will do it soon, task can be closed, couple of updates and reminders and she will finish it.

REDMINE task closed

4 - Stepping down as CAO

Travis: difficult to participate, always can come to meeting but no CAO duties, needs to be someone else to take the role of CAO Gregory: Travis performed well and there was no big issues. Maybe Nuno should take it from now on, definitely should be sort out before PPI HQ is set. Asks Travis to carry on with the duty of CAO until the next PPI meeting? Lola. also to ask Patrick, mentioning that PPI HQ scanning passports.Asks Travis to wait with the final decision for 2 weeks. Travis: no problem with staying with CAO role if it can create a big issue with PPI HQ, just to be aware there are difficulties.

5 - Financial Report from the Prague GA

Gregory: surplus of 1.734 eur, open questions to resolve until the next PPI meeting

REDMINE + 2 weeks

6 - Letter to PPI from Penguin Group about

"I received a letter from the Pinguing Group for the PPI. They request you take down your site and remove the links to various downloads of their works."

  • Domain is registered to Travis as an individual
  • This is not associated with PPI as an organisation

7 - Question from PP Switzerland

Dear Board of the PPI,

To be able to go on court against the Court of Arbitration of the PPI
and the PPI as its legal personality the PP Switzerland kindly requests
the board to clarifiy which is the proper juristiction.

One of the judges of the court of arbitration told me that belgian law
was not used:

And we most certainly are not bound by belgian law

The swiss pirate party sees basically 2 possible viewpoints:

1.) Foundation and Headquater are in Belgium, therefore the proper
juristiction is belgium.
2.) Every Member nation can file the complaint in their own
juristiction, in our case we would file the complaint in Valorbe,

The PPI Board should get legal advice immediatly, to resolve this issue.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Bruderer,
President Pirate Party Switzerland

-> Move to next board meeting, we need to clarify this.


8 - AOB

Next Meeting: 19:00 CEST on 11/September/2012
Meeting Closed: 20:21 CEST by Gregory