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--- 11/09/2012 19:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"
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Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Gregory, Lola, Nuno, Denis, Jelena (from 19:15)
excused: Travis, Ed

1.2 - Others

Yuval Adam - Pirate Party of Israel Jerry Weyer PP-LU Pat Maechler PP-CH


Meeting opened at 19:15 CEST by Lola
Meeting closed at 20:40 CEST by Lola
Meeting chaired by Lola
Secretary for this meeting is Gregory
Quorum established with 5 out of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: No - Not possible due to technical constraints
Recording started: Yes
Postal votes: Yes -Recieved comments on diferent agenda points from Ed.


3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

  • Gregory: I has attended the preparotary meeting of PP-EU in Barcelona - had a conversation with Rok Andre about the api for looking up the information on pirate parties that could be used to include in various other websites. Also we got the PPI GA RoP improved to include various points that are helping to conduct the meeting (including a paragraph on remote delegates). Later I was visiting Aktau in Kazakhstan as an observer to a court proceeding over leaders of opposition. Besides that I had conversations with potential sponsors for PPI servers, have found a designer that would like to help on the CI project (directed him to contact Jelena), and was busy to bring in support people to help to solve the recent instabilities of the PPI webservers.
  • Lola: Agenda, Redmine, e-mails; Finished working on PP-Leaders list update, just got 2 new articles published:

  • Travis: not present.
  • Denis: I sent the ad-hoc observer state requests to WIPO. And I was Gregory's dead man's switch ;).
  • Ed: At Gregory's request I got the UK's server guy on the case to do some re-configuration of the PPI server to try and stop it from falling over. PPUK is on the final push for our (their? :) ) up-coming conference.
  • Nuno: I had some hectic work weeks on my job so the only thing I could do with my scarce spare time was legal work on PP-PT in order for it to become a formal association.
  • Jelena: Started to work with the slovenian designer. Managed social media accounts.

3.2 - Report on open Redmine Tasks

3.2.1 - Corporate Identity

Redmine task #41, due date: 11/09/2012

Jelena: We will see first results in a couple of weeks.

REDMINE: 2 weeks

3.2.2 - Streaming

Redmine task #53, due date: 11/09/2012

Lola: Need to get input from other people, as previous experts got out of comunication.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.3 - Tech-team

Redmine task #130, due date: 11/09/2012

From Redmine: Travis: got in contact with a lot of people from a lot of countries. The Techteam is established, so we can close the redmine-task, no need for it anymore. Lola: please update the Wiki page with contact information, on how to reach it. From last meeting: Travis reports - I was working on it, but not much to report there - I am trying to set up an online convention, difficult because everyone is in different timezones

Travis: not present

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.4 - Internet GA and Remote Delegates

Redmine task #132, due date: 11/09/2012

Gregory (it was my task, but Gregory was more active on it, so I reassigned it to him. Lola):

Ed: I am basically happy with what's on the pad, let me know what help you need with the Lorem Ipsum bit at the top (I am willing to proof-read that bit, too)

Gregory: Conducting the Internet GA has some open problems, that need to be clarified upfont, so, we agree to ask pur members (and applicants) what proceeding is acceptable

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.5 - Find the place for hosting files

Redmine task #134, due date: 22/05/2012

Gregory: already found the solution (owncloud), now in wait for additional server with larger capacity to be able to install this on our premises. For now there is nothing to do, it will be reopened as a task with the Tech-Team as soon as we get this new server.

REDMINE: close.

3.2.6 - Calendar and Parrot

Redmine task #135, due date: 11/09/2012

From the last meeting: Stefan is repsonsible (Gregory reporting): technical solution to restart with the Parrot is tested and new solution will be based on WordPress plugins

Gregory: postponed in the last two weeks due to server load - now, as we get server optimization, we are ready to start implementing, and will have someting to show in the next board meeting.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.7 - Pirate VPN

Redmine task #139, due date: 11/09/2012

From the last meeting: Travis: I am looking for a different provider or to build up our own vpn. The old one stopping offering the white label VPN, only offering an affiliate program for us. Reconsidering VPN idea and looking for other options and providers. Additional help is welcome - Travis to speak with Ed and Jelena; Gregory has forwarded on an interested person from the 1/3rd Year Report, Travis to contact and confirm

Ed: I have not spoken with Travis, which is as much my fault as anyone's. I should be meeting him in London this coming weekend so I will speak with him then about the VPN.

Travis: not present

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.8 - Select a SMÜ

Redmine task #141, due date: 11/09/2012

Gregory: was traveling and not able to do the work.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.9 - India

Redmine task #144, due date: 11/09/2012

Gregory: The URL is now changed

REDMINE: Task closed.

3.2.10 - Nepal

Redmine task #149, due date: 11/09/2012

Gregory: I am pretty sure, this is already all settled, but since the redmine is not updated, i will reconnect with them and see, if everything is still allright.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.11 - Recover the MyPirates files

Redmine task #153, due date: 11/09/2012

From the last meeting: Gregory: So far not recovered. Opened 2nd ticket with the person who was getting the back up of My Pirate machine and moving it to the person who has the backup access to MP machine.

Gregory: got ticket number with Hessen-IT, no answer yet.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.12 - License of the PPI Wiki

Redmine task #163, due date: 03/07/2012

Gregory: done weeks ago.

REDMINE: close

3.2.13 - PPI HQ Transfer of ownership

Redmine task #165, due date: 11/09/2012 From the last meeting: Gregory: GA of PPI HQ need to be held, the old and new board needs to be elected to PPI HQ, with 15 days of prior notice. Not everyone replied on Doodle and it was the obligation of the current PPI HQ President to invite people to the GA so everything is opened again. We need another date, earliest 2nd half of September. Notary said she will need to extend the due date to 4th Sept for notary registry (?) Prolongation not clear. To do: to contact Marcel and get him sending out invites to next GA Ed asks for earliest date confirmation possible - Last 2 weeks of September and first 2 of October are the busiest dates in the year for him.

Pat: we need the documents prepared by the notary, then we can have the GA, we can have it electronically. As soon as we will have had the meeting, the notary will send out the document then to the new PPI HQ Secretary General for physical signing. The 4th of Sep has passed, no notice from notary. Pat will get in touch with

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.14 - register subdomain

Redmine task #163, due date: 03/07/2012

Gregory: not an issue at the moment, as there is more tasks that this is dependant to.

REDMINE: move it to the VPN Project

3.2.15 - Feedback on observer membership application in WIPO

Redmine task #168, due date: 11/09/2012

From the last meeting: Denis: tried to get an overview of the contracts administred by WIPO, hard to decide where we could go, not all documents are published Gregory: 200 pages of minutes per every country, thinks we should apply to go to the WIPO meetings

From Redmine: Denis: Application for Ad-hoc observer status was sent.

Denis: I wrote the application together with Gregory, sent it with registered mail, got no answer yet.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.16 - Budget Plan / PPDE Financial Request

Redmine task #173, and #169 due date: 11/09/2012

From the last meeting: Ed: budget plan for the current year has been reviewed (cca 20.000 EUR); PPI events in the past were self sustainable and there is also large portion we can use for PPI HQ office intern (6.000 EUR per year). To ask PP DE to transfer the funds to the account in PPI (Belgian AISBL account), to prepare the letter for support and send it out.

Ed (recieved via mail): The text of this was written (complete with updated Bank details) - it has not been sent out because, frankly, it fell off my list of things to do. Mea culpa.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.17 - Call for hosts PPI GA

Redmine task #195, due date: 11/09/2012

From Redmine:

Ed (recieved via mail): I have spent some time on the body of the text, if you need any more help with it please ping me.

Gregory: almost finished (text finished , need to prepare the wiki page and publish.

Motion: Should parts of our next GA be conducted in the Open Space Conference format? Vote in favor: Gregory, Lola, Jelena Vote abstain: Nuno, Denis

Gregory: for now i will prepare the requirements for the hosts to include the needs of Open Space Conference. As soon as the text is finalized, it will be presented to the board to vote on.

Denis: It's important to see that discussion is an important part of voting so there must be the possibility to discuss points before voting on them. I'm not sure whether it is a good idea to do it with open spaces, so I abstain. If we do it that way this must be communicated clearly from the beginning.

Nuno: I also agree with Denis that discussion is an important part of voting, so none of the discussion/voting phases can overlap with each other, only with discussions on issues that don't involve voting. Doing otherwise would force multiple delegates to be sent for each country stressing the resources of those that can't send more than one, if any at all.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.18 - Financial Report from the Prague GA

Redmine task #212, due date: 11/09/2012

From Redmine: PP-CZ has compiled the financial report on the Prague conference

Lola: Sent questions to Tom, got no answer yet. Propose a conversation together with Ed and Gregory and Tom and Pat and Mikulas. We should open a doodle with dates from september 12th to 23rd. (-> Gregory will set up the doodle)

REDMINE: + 2 Weeks.

4 - Travis stepping down as CAO

At the last board meeting Travis informed us that due to the lack of the Internet connection he was unable to fulfill his CAO duties. He have been asked to postpone his final decision til the next board meeting.

Proposal to move the CAO duties to other board members (shared between Lola, Gregory and Travis) - Lola and Gregory agree, no notice from Travis yet.

We agree, that for this arrangement the ROP do not need to be changed.

5 - PP Switzerland e-mail and CoA resignation

We are not yet ready to send out the official response statement, Gregory will be responsible for drafting the official reply.

REDMINE: New Task : +2 Week

6 - AOB

Ed: I am probably going to be barely available for (at least) the next two weeks. I will be on the end of emails but my work is piling on right now and I have some other stuff going on generally.


  • I recieved an invitation to PP-FR GA on 21st of October in Paris. If anyone is interested, please get in contact with Maxime.
  • Tomorrow is the national election in NL, so we are excited to see first pirate party to enter a national parliament.

Gregory: I was to Barcelona to the PP-EU converence, several people have expressed me their concern regarding a possible competitive role of the new organisation regarding PPI.

Gregory: I was also invited to Kazakhstan by the Open Dialog Foundation to monitor the court case of Vladimir Kozlov, the leader of the unregistered opostional party Alga. I was concerned about the fairness of the trial, especially given the case, that we have a Member in Kazakhstan who could potentially face the same fate. I was interviewd by the opositional K+ channel and have appeared in their main news:

Next Meeting: 19:00 CEST on 25/September/2012
Meeting Closed: 20:40 CEST by Lola