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--- 10/04/2012 19:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Pat, Lola, Thomas excused: Samir unexcused: -

1.2 - Others

listeners: Conny


Meeting opened at 19:10 CET by Thomas Meeting closed at 20:26 CET by Thomas Meeting chaired by Thomas Secretary for this meeting is Pat Quorum is established. [3] Members out of [4] present Streaming started: [No] Not possible Recording started: [Yes] Postal votes: [No] RoP:

2 - Review of previous Board Decision


3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

  • Thomas: no time due to problems within PP-DE which had had top priority
  • Lola: preparation PPI GA, social media, agenda, interview (not published yet)
  • Samir: -
  • Pat: busy with bookkeeping + lay auditors, contacted notary secretary (we're registered!) + bank, some FB changes

3.2 - Response to the conference letter by Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Australia

Redmine task #3, due date 2012-04-10

Report by Thomas: nothing - as I had not found the original. Bad luck for me

REDMINE close - as is oblivious

3.2 - Streaming

Redmine task #53, due date 2012-04-10

From REDMINE: Tests started. Single fork to mumble did work steady and stable for 4 1/2 days as far I could see.

Report by Thomas: no news responsibility transfered to the next board as there was a clear wish to provide streaming by PPI members

REDMINE: 1 month

3.3 - Apply as an observer member in WIPO

Redmine task #76, due date 2012-04-10

Report by Thomas: due, data had to be put in (to be elected board)

3.4 - Wiki page with the list of elected Pirates

Redmine task #110 due date 2012-04-10

Report by Thomas: still not finished, editing offline

3.5 - PP-Mauritius

Redmine task #118 due date 2012-04-10

Report by Thomas: nothing new

REDMINE: close

3.6 - Introducing Nepal

Redmine task #120 due date 2012-04-10

Report by Samir: not present

Keep for transition meeting

3.7 - Report for an european website

Redmine task #121 due date 2012-04-10

Report by Thomas: (can't remember the task)

REDMINE: 2 weeks

3.8 - PP-Lithuania

Redmine task #122 due date 2012-04-10

From REDMINE: Reply Lithuania mail when the information from Samir comes E-mail from Samir on March, 27th. Patrick, please update their details.

Report by Pat: just updated the web address by now

REDMINE: Close the task

3.9 - Moderators for PPI GA

Redmine task #123 due date 2012-04-10

From REDMINE: Lola asking Thomas to find moderators for PPI GA. Thomas sais he has a Martina Pöser, lawyer, willing to do that. UPD: Lola asked Jakub Michalek from PP-CZ and he is willing to moderate some parts too (to be discussed on Tue, 3 of April)

Report by Thomas: Sebastian Krone will there to help, Martina is confirmed

Report by Lola: Jakub (statutes), Thomas (membership), Tom (speakers and Q&A), Pat (elections), ??? (EU panel) Voting - Martina

Pat: probably Antonio Garcia from PP-ES (speaks many languages, willing to do remote participants)?

Lola: I will continue to take care of it and we can close it

REDMINE: close the task

3.10 - Voting procedure

Redmine task #124 due date 2012-04-10

From REDMINE: Lola sent an e-mail to Pat today asking him to take care of voting procedure. UPD: Jerry started to work on the issue. Pat, what about a mumble conference on Monday?

Report by Pat: Jerry worked out a very good proposal for the voting procedure (credits to him!)

Report by Lola:


REDMINE: Close the task

4 - PPI GA 2012

Report by Lola: Detailed timetable - Press release: (>please publish & send it out bynational parties to media!) Participants, that shouldn't pay participation fee Membership certificates - who should sign?

Thomas: Proposal - AFAIK are due on the agenda on Saturday morning; at this time the old Co-Chairman and CAO would be best to sign, i.e. Samir and Lola
Lola: (has reservations, but is agreeing after further discussion)

Board members to prepare their reports

Lola: The reports will be presented&discussed on Sunday

Thomas: Given that there is something important to be decided, I would propose to use the SMS system for short decision times (especially as I'm not on the PC all the time)

5 - E-mails

5.1 - PP International

02/04 from Juan Greyling

Report by Thomas: open task '(tomorrow, cc to lola)

5.2 - Interest and questions

04/04 by Seymour

Report by Thomas: open task (tomorrow, cc to Lola)

5.3 - Metro International­ press request

04/04 by Svyatoslav Tarasenko

Report by Lola: gave an interview, everything is fine

5.4 - Forming the Pirate Party of Malaysia

05/04 by Red1

Report by Lola: I replied

5.5 - Message from PPNZ to your board concerning PPI GA

06/04 from Mark Brown

Report by Lola: replied, delegated vote to PP-AU

5.6 - Pirate Party for India

06/04 from Jayesh Badwaik

REDMINE Pat 2 weeks

5.7 - The Pirate Party - This is México calling...

08/04 by Gabriel Gaytán-Ariza

REDMINE Pat 2 weeks

5.8 - chip - ethics

08/04 by Susana Primaz

REDMINE Pat 2 weeks

5.9 - Help call and discussion to be carried out inside pirate parties

09/04 by Sergio Augusto Ovalle Pérez

Pat: I think it's primary intended to post to social media. Backcheck and if it is sane, post it.

REDMINE Pat 2 weeks

5.10 - Anschreiben von W&L Pro Future

09/04 by tilo renke

REDMINE Pat 2 weeks (email reply saying it's not a PPI issue atm)

6 - Board transition

Proposed by Lola:

Lola: I want to remind that we should take care of this issues

7 - AOB

Pat: I'll try to fix the issue with the PPI HQ postal address, but it's probably not such an issue

Thomas: Thanks to you for all of the work done, we've been ambitious and we didn't achieve everything, but I think the future work will be going on as we now have a registered PPI HQ

Meeting Closed: at 20:26 CEST by Thomas