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--- 24/04/2012 19:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting:


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Gregory, Lola, Ed, Travis, Nonnu, Jelena, Denis excused: unexcused:

1.2 - Others

Jaan Janesmae (PP-EE) SteffenO (PP-DE, PPI) Jerry Weyer (PP-LU) Matic Urbanija (PP-SI) Anders Bernard (PP-DE, PP-SE) Ivan Voras (PP-HR) Seelöwe Seele weh Kenneth Peiruza (PP-CAT) Charly Pache (PP-CH)


At the beginning it was decided to wait till everyone is arriving. (ETA 19:30CEST)

Meeting opened at 19:30 CEST by Gregory Engels (CoChairman) Meeting closed at 20:46 CET by Gregory Engels (CoChairman) Meeting chaired by Gregory Engels (CoChairman) Secretary for this meeting is Jaan Janesmae Quorum is established.7 Members out of 7 present, Jelena had technical difficulties, dropped out right in the beginning of the meeting. Streaming started: No, Not possible Recording started: Yes Postal votes: No RoP:

Jelena has technical difficulties and droppes out right at the beginning of the meeting, returning 19:42 CEST

2 - PPI Board Rules of Procedure

Discussion about rules of procedure. (At the moment 4 members need to vote "Yay" to get a vote). 4 votes is more than the half of the board and make the vote valid. Rules of procedures are kept like they are for now. The rules can be changed by the board at any meeting.

Formal vote: 6 yes, 1 not present

3 - Review of previous Board Decision

Lola taking over: According to last  : "The decision will have to be reviewed at the following board meeting." Approved: Lola, Gregory,Nuno, Ed


4.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.


Gregory has created accounts for everyone, old board used the system. Gregory: any recources to use Redmine? Lola: Google Ask Lola on how to use it. Issues talked on the next meeting. Have a look on the issues in Redmine. Can anyone email the DRAFT :) of issues that should be discussed? tnx(the Draft of what?)

6 - PPI WIKI Introduction to wiki, should be looked through. Frontpage outdated, wiki in general needs to be cleaned out. If someone finds outdated information, please update it. Travis: the whole website and wiki need to be updated, IT guys not doing too good with IT. Gregory: There are people working on the upgrade of the Wiki. Website should be updated, should be discussed in the next meeting. Idea is to find a person to deal with managing thr website. Will be a topic of the next meeting.

REDMINE: Create a Tech-team. Travis. 1 week (Congratulations on the first official task assigment)

7 - PPI Social Media - Jelena, Lola - Denis, Lola, Travis - Lola, Gregory

Jelena already active on PPI FB page. Proposal for Jelena to take over Twitter and G+ aswell: Jelena not happy with G+, Twitter will be fine for a trial of a week. Jelena: (Not G+ please I hate it :)) can someone join me on twitter?) We're used to share SM accounts, only one admin - its too much responsibility. Jump in! Gregory: likes to admin G+ tnx! Idea to have a social media coordinator. Denis & Travis would like to help with Twitter. Gregory: created a possible voluntary job opening for a social coordinator, no one opposes. Steffen offered to help with Twitter

8 - PPI Mailing Lists

PP-Leaders (106 members) Just a list for (really important) announcements PP-Leaders.disscusion (36 members) what is the purpose of this list? then we can decide about it when we have the basic info. We agreed about general email adreses? Question: who is allowed in the PP-Leaders list? There is a need to contact all members and also ther PP-s. Currenly no policy exists on, who can join the list. Lola: Idea: will send out an official email to a private list of PP-s, asking them to join and have another communication method from the PPI Proposal: at least one member (email) representing the local PP joined PP-Leaders Lola: Lola's duty: dealing with the email issues. Jelena against limiting the amount of representatives. Jelena proposed a different PR list especially for promoting PPI announcements. PP-Leaders list should not be open, because of some information being a bit sensitive in time of communications. Will be opened up as a task and created as a proposal in Redmine. REDMINE: Lola 1 month

9 - Treasurer and Chief Administrative Officer elections

"(News) XII. Board of PPI statutes: (4) The Board elects among the Board Members a) a Treasurer and b) a Chief of Administration No Board Member shall fulfil more than one office."

Treasurer (responsible for account, budget): Travis, Denis and Nuno declined - Postponed until next meeting (will be elected in the next meeting) CAO (responsible for administrative tasks, hiring people): Denis declined, Travis volunteered - Travis voted, everyone supported

options: postpone to the next meeting, if no volunteer will be found, a "forced voting" will happen. Treasurer to be elected on the next board meeting

10 - AOB

Date and time for the board meetings: Next week, Tuesday 19:00 CEST Transition meeting: 01/05 19:00 CEST, Lola to invite ex board members PPI GA 2012 minutes and statutes updates missing REDMINE:Gregory update the Status PP-CZ GA report - postponed discuss about the next internet-GA that the COA has asked us to do. how to handle alternate members?

I would like to put my VPN idea to be a topic to be discussed next meeting

Meeting Closed: at 20:46 CEST by Gregory