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PPI General Assembly Ordinary session in Kazan 2013 is an Ordinary session of General Assembly, the supreme body of Pirate Parties International, and will be held as part of the Kazan Conference.

Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure


Just after (or before) accepting ROPs: Vote on

  • MOP-1,
  • MOP-2 and
  • MOP-3

Proxying votes and sending delegations



(9:30 - 20:00)

  • Presentation of candidates for new PPI members
  • Official discussion (statutes amendments, membership fees)


(10:00 - 17:00)

  • Admittance of new PPI Members
  • Reports PPI officers (board, court, lay auditors)
Report Lola Voronina
Report Nuno Cardoso File:Report-Nuno-Cardoso-2012-2013.pdf
Financial and personal report by Ed File:PPI-Financial-Report-2012-2013.pdf
Report Gregory Engels File:Report Gregory Engels - Kazan 2013.pdf
  • Elections of PPI officers (board, court, lay auditors)
  • Issue of statements

Things for agenda

Member applications

The deadline for Applications as ordinary or observer member for this GA was March 22nd 23:59 CET Some of the submitted applications date even before the Prague conference, since they have been to late to be considered there, they are included for this year.

List of submitted applications for PPI Membership

Statutes Amandementrs

Proposals for Statutes Amendments

Board candidatures

PPI Conference 2013/Board candidatures

Other proposal

General motions can be submitted preliminary here