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--- [08/01/2013 19:00] CET ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting

Audio recordings:


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Gregory, Lola, Denis, Nonu, Ed
excused: Jelena is in the meeting right now, might not make it back
unexcused: Travis

1.2 - Others



Meeting opened at 19:27 CET by Lola
Meeting closed at 20:15 CET by Lola
Meeting chaired by Lola
Secretary for this meeting is Ed
Quorum established with 5 out of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: Yes ( )
Recording started: Yes - Link to recording
Postal votes: [Yes]

"The EC have published a call for public consultancy on copyright and intellectual property

Amelia's office has published a guide on how to answer it.

I would suggest, that the PPI as an NGO would respond to the consultancy.

Since we are all under stress - I propose to find some outside person responsible to draft up an answer and manage the process. I have written a call here

please go over it, and write back if you agree to send this out. Consider this to be a postal vote. "



3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

Gregory: I was busy preparing the PPI GA - had an telco with all offerers and also consultations on that. Also send out the call for someone to manage the EC consultation on IPRED. Last couple of days I have not done anything, since I was on vacation skiing in austria, and have spent the last days of the year chasing some support signatures for the referendum in my city (it was successful \o/)

Lola: published the offers on Wiki, attended the PP-BE GA, agenda, e-mails

Travis: Not present

Ed: Was interviewed for a national newspaper in the UK, hoping it runs in the dead-tree and online editions this week Denis: I visited the WIPO meeting on 20 Dec 2012 (Advisory Committee on Enforcement). It was very interesting, I wrote a summary with the most interesting topics of the day: It was interesting, we should go there again.

Jelena: Not present

Nuno: I was on vacation for Christmas and New Year, and since then I tried to choose the best way with which to poll the PPI members for my vote today. I ended up choosing for the task and used the contacts registered at the LQFB instance.

3.2 - Report on open Redmine Tasks

[Motion to discuss this later in the meeting - Lola]


Gregory: held a meeting with those giving offers from Paris, Kaliningrad, Potsdam and later with Kazan, went through the offers, went through fees and cancellation fees - money for the venue must be paid up-front

Went through details of social events planning Paris venue has changed from original offer, slightly smaller and more expensive

Strongly believe that all parties are capable and we could go with any of them - thanks to all who spent time, money and effort in short notice to compile and present offers

Lola: As PP-RU international coordinator, most of you probably know about the troubles with registration in Russia, it is still in the process of being registered - it may not be registered by the time of the GA, but hosting this will really help them.

We didn't receive any offers from outside of Europe as we'd hoped, but Kazan is the most distant geographically

Gregory: I would like to add some further considerations for your vote: first, make sure that there is streaming at every location, we have the chance for remote participation and it is important that we don't have the same problems as have happened in the past

Piraten Streaming (from chat): btw: Piraten Streaming is willing to sponsor Streaming Server for the GA, no matter of the location :)

Gregory: we are an international organisation, not a European one - so far we have not managed to hold a GA outside of the EU - even though the two in Russia are still in continental Europe, it is outside EU and will show reaching out into the "wider world"

Lola: Russia is a very big country, many of the Pirates cannot attend all of the events - PP-RU has experience in streaming and remote participation.

PP-FR, PP-DE (present) asked to move to Speakers room to give us some words on their offer

4.1 - France, Paris

Maxime (PP-FR): May help PP-FR by hosting the GA, this is not an election year in France so should have a much higher media presence, should help the Pirate movement inside the EU, Internet access should be good for general browsing (ethernet and wireless) - free streaming service offered as part of the room but not guaranteed by the venue

4.2 - Russia, Kaliningrad

See earlier discussion

4.3 - Germany, Potsdam

Bastian (PP-DE): offered venue was used in PPEU and previous PP-DE conferences, no problems with streaming but unfortunately the date is not ideal - think the conference space is perfect and should be no problems

Thomas Gaul (in chat): I know the place presented by Bastian. It will suffice PPI needs on the whole.

4.4 - Russia, Kazan

See earlier discussion

4.5 - Board comments on offers

- Which is better to travel to in Russia?

Gregory: there is explanation on flights in an email distributed to the Board (see the wiki for explanation) - most people will need a visa to travel to Russia and may need to change flights

4.6 - Vote on conference offers

Gregory: Kazan Ed: Abstain Lola: Abstain Nuno: Member poll vote concluded: Paris, France Denis: Kazan

Primary result: Kazan: 2 / Paris: 1 / Kaliningrad: 0 / Potsdam: 0 / Abstain: 2

"Would you support that the next GA, 2013 could be held in Kazan, Russia" Gregory: Yes Denis: Yes Nuno: Abstain Ed: Abstain Lola: Yes

Yes: 3 / No: 0 / Abstain: 2

Vote is carried.

Lola: Congratulations to Kazan Pirates

Gregory: Again, thank you to everyone who submitted an application

Russian Pirate (as translated by Gregory): Thanked for the choice and hope to hold an excellent event, they will try not to break the trust given to them and invites everyone to see Russia.

Gregory: Should we agree on the date of the next GA now or later? Lola: Discuss with the organisers outside of the meeting Denis: We should announce at the latest within 2 weeks for early booking of flights Lola: Agrees, but we should discuss with the organisers.

5 - EC consultation

Proposed by Gregory

Gregory: Postal vote (see above) - we would like to find somebody to manage the consultation on IPRED - email went out to the members on this.

We received an application from a group of 3 with a single point of contact.

Vote: "We accept the offer from Markus Drenger, Patrick Schiffer and Oliver Hinck, with Markus acting as our main contact."

Y: 5 / N:0 / A:0

Vote passed.

Gregory: I will contact Markus and inform him on our decision, set up a kick-off meeting, and invite everyone to participate.

6 - AOB


Next Meeting: 7pm CET on 22/01/2013
Meeting Closed: 20:15 CET by Lola