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--- 25/06/2013 20:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2013-06-25

Record of the meeting

Audio recordings:


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Azat, Thomas, Marc, Gregory, Vojtech (Server disconnected)
excused: Denis

1.2 - Others

Alternates: Yasin


Meeting opened at 20:08 CEST by Gregory
Meeting closed at 22:03 CEST by Gregory
Meeting chaired by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is All of us
Quorum established with 5 out of 7 board members present
Streaming started: not working today, service will have to be taken over by some other responsible person/team
Recording started: ye
Postal votes: No


3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

Thomas: Presentation of GA 2014 offers, some minor administrative stuff. Some meeting on PRISM.
Gregory: Participated in the meeting with PPI GA Offerors, had communicated with CoA regarding statutory meeting, have upgraded the debian on PPI list server (including Mailman, Wordpress and much more), have communicated twice with the Triodos Bank and a lawyer, had a tv interview with a russian station.
Azat: Contacted initiative to add Russian PP into list. Currently preparing translation. Participated in conference call with BY pirates ( Several questions from this conference call are listed below. (Item 7)

News: New "anti-pirate" law has passed in Russian parlament. More of pre-court websites blocking possibilities for copyrightholder. Blocking by IP and domain name, complicated unblocking procedure. Torrents and magnet links also become illegal. Law will start working from 1st of August.

Marc: At the moment we have some trouble with the governement in Luxemburg and I did some work on that, following all the metting of our parliment and so on. It migth happen that our governement will be disolved in the next few days/weeks. Therefor we are working hard on preparing ourselfs for earlier elections then planed.

I am also working on putting together our Tech team for the elections. I am also doing an interview with the guys from pirate times.


1- We have recieved some details about PPI-GA 's TR candidate and update them tonight. Rest we plan to make certain until this weekend (like the prices) 2- PP-TR are completing their application as an official NPO. We are also considering to have a independent parliament candidate for the general elections that will be in 1.5 years. 3- We created English translation team that will start publishing PP-TR's news and projects we support, including anti-prism campaign 4- Few pirates from our team including me created a website for Direct Participated Democracy, which we recieve support from NYT and WallStreetJournal. 5- Government started Social media operations and arrests, so as PP-TR we are starting online and live workshops teaching poeple how to secure internet 6- We thought of creating > a blacklist portal for the world, retrieving blocked websites from all around the world, with a multi-lingual UI

Nuno: The proposals by the BE party, on which PP-PT was also consulted, that open up DRM and the way it is handled in Portugal passed the first general stage and will now go into specifics discussion on national parliament. I and other PT pirates met with MEP Amelia Andersdotter during the Greens/EFA delegation to Lisbon event where we discussed a lot of issues and in particular the ongoing processes in both PT and the EU dealing with DRM and how we could create synergies to positively affect both.

Vojtěch: Making middleman in PP-CZ internal crisis (board revocation.) Make small part in AntiPrism preparations. Also cast an opinion in the CoA matter.

4. Bank acount

Status: The account is still locked. Gregory called and wrote an email providing the documentation with the new address on June 11th, wich was not answered. Today the followup confirmed, that the email was actually recieved, and that the address will be changed. The bank requires us to send us forms for all new incoming officers and the old officers. They promised to send in the forms as pdf, what they have not done yet. As a result, I have contacted a lawyer (pirate party member) in Brussels explaining him a situation, asking him to support us in the communication with the bank.

Yasin: If as PP-TR we got accepted to host PPI-GA 2014, what type of organization we have to be, and bank account will we need for application fees and so on.
Thomas: We should talk offline, as I can consult you on the turkish bank system.
Vojtěch: Should be somehow transparent - publishing bank report (partly anonymized for personal bank account information und so) afer the GA should be sufficient, but the more the better. I would suggest separate bank account for the GA only, so no nonrelated transactions would be there.

5 General Assembly 2014
PP-TR is still figuring out some items for their offering, shall be received by the board tonight
Yasin: PP-TR is waiting reports from 3 different hotel candidates that we will update the wiki tonight with the details we have now, and the rest will be in this week (hopefully until 27th of june) - and we seem to comply with all the requirements on CallForHosts document
On 2013-06-26 the board has to decide which applicants fit the criteria, on 2013-06-27 members involvement on the GA offers shall start
Nuno updates the board on the possibilities for online voting.
Marc: is there a system that allows for secret and public voting on the same time?

Nuno: dont really make sense to do that.

Gregory: What could we have set up and working in the next 24 hours. And than, how should we handle authorization.
Nuno: Authorization will be a problem.
Proposal by Thomas: sent around a very brief description of the systems availabable, as we could decide by tomorrow and which system can be set up w/in a few hours. (Invite adresses still have to taken into account)
Proposal from Azat: have every member to send an email with the vote to the board. This will keep the vote public and will provides contacts in case of any questions.

Gregory reports about a possible way by email. Send out email to pp-leaders and email to the board will contain the vote. Prove for sending this email as representing the specific party is needed. (written/PDF/minutes etc.)

no objections.

Shoudnt we also allow a discusion of members/delegates on the issue? (Described way seem to be only the postal referendum as it was in previous Statuses.)

6 Mailinglists

1. See above - thanks to Gregory as he did the work on upgrading the server
2 pp.ínt.general

Nunno and Thomas will discuss the forthcome on these subject. Addressing moderation rules, finding a moderation team etc. Discussing the subject on should be done, too.

7 Discussion on moving our platform to our own servers

I would suggest that we have a discussion on moving the official e-mail addresses of PPI and every service we have (webserver, IMAP/POP, SMTP, etc) to server that are under our control. This would calm some people down who scream pricacy, PRISM or whatever.

    1. Do we have servers under our control?
    -> yes, we do controll every server/service 
    2. How much/which and what can they take?
    Mainly we use two own virtual servers that host most of our stuff (one 

Gregory: I would save our resources for important stuff. I do not react to trolls, whose only desire is to bring havoc and destruction upon everything that is not of their oppinion. And as long as no PPI Members request it in an official request, I do not care for heated trolls. Most of the claims (of what we are doing wrong) are false anyway and coming from lack of understanding of technical details. All PPI services are under our controll, be at operated by us, or by a third party provider, as secured with service agreements.

   -> Yes, but for example our mail addresses are located on google servers. There might be some people who don't like it. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it yet.
   -> they are hosted by Google as a Google Apps Installation. We have a full service and administrative control over it. It is a service agreement signed with google sweden
   -> Ok I didn't know that. If that is the case then I'm fine with it. My 
   Can we get this information published so we can point people to it?

Gregory: We should put up a brief documentation and also the privacy agreement. Gregory: As a response to the privacy claims we do strongly advise everybody to use encryption while comunicating privatly with the PPI officers and we are installing the PGP/SMIME addon to the PPI Mailman installation.

Marc: Another point I was thiniking about was becoming as independent from other people/organizations then possible. Clearly that we can't become independent from ISPs or datacenters but for example we could use servers that we bought/rented in a datacenter to which 'only we have access' an which we control almost entirly. And I'm not talking about doing this tonight or in the next months/years but I ment it s a geneal idea. gregory: In the end there will always be some service providers (data centers, ISPs, Exchanges...) that will not be in our controll and could be used for spying. And if we would follow the argumentation that "google is bad, because it has been spyed on by NSA" then we should also shut down the Facebook, Twitter, G+ Page and Email completly. We should focus on educate people on how to comunicate securely, this is why we are installing the PGP/SMIE Plugin for mailman now. Yasin: PP-TR got to p2p encryption, getting ther own server and using commercial things (i.e. Facebook) only for anouncmenst Vojtech: We should use FB, twitter, G+ and so to reach the people there, but not to do our internal stuff.

Vojtech - than do it?!

Gregory: Suggestion - let set up a PGP key for "board@" and "co-chairmen@" and distribute it. -> TODO Gregory. Vojtech - agreed

8 Referendum of PP-UK on leaving the PPI

  • PP-UK has started the discussion if they should stay with PPI or leave it, see below.
So that you know, the vote question will be:
Should the Pirate Party UK remain a member of Pirate Parties International (PPI)?
The responses will be:
- Yes, the party should remain a full member
- Yes, but as an observer member only
- No, the party should withdraw completely
Thomas is monitoring the process
Vojtech - how is the voting system organized, can they vote for more options, how is the winning selected?
Thomas will inquire

9 GA list

Create list for the official things (one adress per PPI Member, things sent out of this adress considered official.) Its a list of Members as organizations (Members of PPI)

how is it different form pp-leaders? should it be official communication way from PPI to its Members, or vice-versa?

(If the second, why not just email the board@ )

first - its named as the coresponding PPI body (coa@, board@)

Discussion will continue offline as it involves technical stuff, including CRM+


10 CoA issues

gregory: Report - Thomas Bruder from CoA requested help on 1) inactive CoA members 2) uncertainyty of elections We will make official complaint, (someone) will be our advisor, and create the coplaint for the case (2).

Vojtech: Can we create doodle for them or something? Create them a place to meet or such? Gregory: They have a doodle open, and we have created a mumble channel for them on this mumble server. (and are operating a closed mailing list for them) Vojtech tren there is not much more ve can do as executive. Vojtech: There was request for RoP - should we help? Gregory: we could provide contact with lawyers, but that pretty much all. Nuno: As a board we shouldn't set up RoP or other things as to keep the organs and their functions apart and with no interference, we can still help by formalizing our request to have the CoA rule on the 2 extra members elected at the GA and not announced, which will give them a deadline to respond and as such will be an incentive as they will have to meet up. We can of course try our best to help them unofficially.

11 Proposals from BY pirates:

1. To have more information of how to help PPI
Gregory: we should restructure the wiki page and update it with all the teams we have and all positions where help is needed. On the web we should point to this wiki page, as it is easier to update the wiki for every team on their own, as the web page.
Vojtech - new position - web master/filler? (Yes)

Where ce can somebody find list of positions/responsible people? -> wiki frontpage

2. To create a manual for new PPI members with some best practices (how-to)
Thomas: everybody is invited to write down these things as it is formal stuff.
Vojtěch: History of member organisations should be on wikipedia, THE wikipedia (it should be responsibylity of that parties, not us as PPI board.)
Gregory and Thomas did some changes to THE wikipedia within the last months on the international scale.
Azat: it could be wiki manual
Gregory there is an old (arviced) manual:
3. To crowdsource money for PPI projects rather than create member dues

Vojtech: It means first creating the projects (and also the bank account, yeah). Gregory: -> we do have a proposed budget based on the last membership fees proposals, (including regional meetings, intern position at PPI HQ office, GA travel support) Vojtech: People would rather support concrete project than whole budget. gregory: Bitcoins, webmoney

Thomas an escrow account may handle this until we have full access to our bank account

Marc: I can put together a list of several possibilities of services we could use to collect donnations and stuff. I'd suggest to set up this list for the next meeting. TODO -> Marc go for it.

4. To create a platform for communication between pirate parties

-> pp-leaders.discusion@ Do a wiki page/web page of mailinglists and their purpose? TODO: Nuno.

12 AOB


Next Meeting: July 09 2013
Meeting Closed: 22:03 CEST by Gregory