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--- 15/04/2014 20:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2014-04-15

Record of the meeting

Audio recordings:


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Gregory, Thomas, Koen, Stathis, Bastian, Maša, Anders

1.2 - Others

Alternates: Chemseddine, Yasin

Andy Halsall - PPUK.

Nuno Cardoso - PP-PT

Tony Motakis - PP-GR


Meeting opened at 20:18 CEST by Thomas
Meeting closed at 20:42 CEST by Koen
Meeting chaired by Koen
Secretary for this meeting is: Anders
Quorum established with 7 out of 7 board members present
Streaming started: not possible
Recording started: yes, by Gregory and Bastian (link follows)
Postal votes: none

3 Reports

  • Gregory: Since the last report: I have prepared and run the PPI GA and the open space conference, created the mailinglists for pp-eu board and council on the PPI mailingserver. Since the GA I have created accounts for all newly elected board members, and updated the information in the wiki and website (have yet to update the statutes ammendment)
  • Thomas: nothing of relevance, just minor administrative stuff
  • Maša: studied rules of procedure and Statutes
  • Anders: Requested an email list of all the elcetoed positions in PPI (Fixed by Gregory)
  • Koen: reading up on statutes
  • Bastian: looking for a lot of logins. e.g. Wiki amended. :D
  • cbj: one social plate-forme for all PP with OpenID

Stathis: studying RoPs

4 General Assembly 2014

  • First aftermath:
Gregory: Expecting the last receipts from the conference to finish the financial aspects and calculations of the GA. The results of the Open Space will be scanned tomorrow so documentation will not be lost. It will be published thereafter.
Bastian: without being unfair, the organisation of the GA should be handled better next time.
Gregory: There had been a last meeting on the preparation in Brussels some weeks ago and the work to be done had been discussed and agreed upon. For unknown reasons some of it didn't work out as planned.
Gregory: Thanks to all who had helped at the GA
Maša: I think we can all agree that GA should have been handeled better. It wasn't all that bad and it was a good example for future meetings (what not to do in the same way).
What we can not afford ever again is a bad internet connection (I received more than few complaints from remote delegate!).
Koen: Internet uplink was insufficient

If I may add something, there was a chunk of time lost due to discussing the Rules of Procedures and how to do multiple rounds for Board elections quickly. This can probably be better prepared in the future with a new RoP proposal. Overall the existing RoP where a bit of a handicap at times.(tvelocity-listener)

Anders: Internet connection should be tested some time before the event.
Bastian: The election and official business should be handled on the first day of the event, so that there should be no time constraints.
Koen: if we do it like that, even less people will turn up on sunday morning.

Stathis: I agree for the election to be handled on the first day of GA

Lessons learned:
  • Don't plan TT and GA close together? 10 to 8 weaks in between
  • Make sure that all contact data of helpers is know by all organisers
  • The handling of remote parties worked very well this time (beside of the unstable internet connection)
  • better to have venues with native internet and not rely on the satelite link

Wolfgang P : Streaming Viewer Stats of the ga in paris

5 Rules of Procedure (RoP)

Old RoP:

Gregory: The current RoPs can be changed at any time with a simple vote. So, proposal to keep them for now and make changes as needed later. Anders: Agreed
Thomas (and Bastian): Never change a running system. :) Anders: Agreed

Maša: there's no need to change RoP,

Decision: Agreed to keep the current RoP

6 Election of Officers 2014

6.1 Treasurer

  • Candidates: Bastian (presented his candidature during the board elections in Paris)
In favour: Gregory, Thomas, Koen, Maša, Stathis, Anders
Abstain: Bastian
  • Result: Bastian is the new treasurer of PPI
Congrats, Bastian! I accept :)

6.2 Chief Administrative Officer

  • Candidates: Thomas, Anders
Gregory: We do not have defined an election method in the RoP, so I sugest to refer to the RoP of the GA, and use the approval voting.
no objections
In favour for Thomas: Maša, Anders,Gregory, Koen, Stathis,Bastian, Thomas
In favour for Anders:Gregory, Koen,Bastian, Thomas
Result: 7 for Thomas, 4 for Anders, Thomas is the new (and old) CAO
Thomas accepts the election
Congrats, Thomas! In particular from Anders who gave you the competition. :)

7 Financial Situation

Financial situation de-facto today (access to bank accounts as of today):
We have no access to none accounts today. To get access we need signatures from three people that had previous access to the account. Two of them are ready to cooperate, but one is not cooperative.
The proposal is to open a brand new bank account in UK (untill we resolve

the issues with old accounts)

- PPNO supports this proposal, but do not oppose HQ in Belgium (both possible and makes it easier to engage PPs in all countries in the world)
Exchange rates is an issue her and PPI can gain profit from using exchange rates as a mean for extra income. (PPNO- proposal)

PPNO proposal: HQ shoul be outside Europe, but UK is a profitable place to include more international PPs. We can still have a bank account in the UK and have the HQ in Belgium.

Lets vote (about opening a new account) - To accept the offer from PP-UK to open a bank account in the name of PPI in UK
Andy and Koen - Reports back to the board after Easter.(Bastian has the final decision on where to open a bank account)
Koen: why should'nt we just fix the HQ and have the account in Belgium.
Bastian: the offer of UK would be sufficient for us. But if we could get an account for PPI in Belgium, we should use that. But this has been tried for the last four years, so that may be not that easy as it seems at the first glance, so we should accept the UK offer.
Maša: Since our co-chair actually lives in Belgium, we should give him some time to sort out the situation and then decide.
Maša:Since the opening of the account in UK doesn't cost anything and it's doable in a matter of days, we should go for it! Afterwards, if we manage to open one in Belgium, we'll just have two accounts
UK: Anders, Thomas, Gregory, Bastian, Stathis, Maša
Belgium: Koen, Gregory (we shoud get for both options at the same time)

Agreed to open an account in UK and include a EURO account in the agreement with the

Bastian would be put in touch with the UK treasurer, Sam Clark, after this meeting and they would cooperate on sorting the paperwork needed for the opening a bank account in the UK.
Gregory: we do not know how much money is actually on the PPI account (the Triodos one) The last information we had 2011, that tere was about 7000 Euro on it at some point. Also, PPCZ agreed to transfer a surplus from 2012GA as soon as we open a transparent account (about 1250 EUR). We have a cach box with about 200 EUR, but we have also outstanding obligations for the PPI GA and ThinkTwice conference.
In total, we expect to have ca 8000 euros (?) - Eventually. Nobody really knows (except the bank)

8 Headquarter =

  • PPI Headquarters: Officially registered AISBL in Brussels, with the address shared with the office of Amelia Andersdotter (also with PP-BE and PPEU)
What we need is to held a GA of the PPI HQ AISBL to change the HQ statutes with the new board, and adressing the remarks from the analys of PP-UK on PPI HQ statutes (like creating a tighter dependecy with the "mother" PPI organisation)

PPNO proposal: To engage more global PPs next GA should consder establish the HQ outside EU.
Maša: We are pirates, we mostly meet/live on line so the issue of HQ doesn't have a huge influence on that international aspect. Anyway, we should emphasize that global aspect with our work, not with formalities. As far as formalities goes, we should keep things simple cause all the energy we spent on formalities can't be spent on actual work!
Gregory: we can open local dependencies if it is needed.
TODO: Koen will analize the statutes and find a lawyer/notary in Belgium, or organisational realted
PPNO: Keep away from any family related or organisational related lawyers. It will be perceived as corruption by the general public.
Maša: There's no harm in asking for a legal advice. If he's a professional, he will handle the case like one. I don't think that Koen would even mention him if he isn't one.

9 Transfer process

Nuno offered to contain managing e-democracy platform
PPEU and PPI is working to coordinate different liguid democracy projects around the world.
Social media administration: so far done by Jelena Jovanović (FB)
Maša: I would/could help with FB
Bastian requests a dashboard for the technical stuff  :)
Gregory - we have the redmine for that
Gregory: need to create accounts for the wiki, secrets database, redmine, pad, crm, owncloud, host access for technical people, manager accounts for social media (facebook, g+, twitter, etc)
PPNO: We need to create a branding and strategy strategy before we find people to admin the different social medias. Agreed with Koen on encourage people to continue admin PPI social accounts.
Maša:Yes, we need a strategy and branding but we need a whole team to execute that!
Stathis: Agreed with Anders, we should have a social media strategy, I can contribute to the team
Masa: we should not transfer anything, if people have done good work, they should continue to work with us.
Gregory: we have a list for social team and also a draft social media strategy, we should work form there.
Anders: I can create a framework for social media strategy, but i need input from four people.
Maša: Anders, count me in in the social media work group
Stathis: Count me in Anders

10 Second ThinkTwice conference

Cities proposed
Maša:Istanbul (Arif already offered his help 'cause he's in the academia circles)
Bergen (already confirmed for 2015, and almost free for PPI, NSE will finance the conference if I manage to get an agreement with them Thusrsday next week)
Tokyo Maša:(way too expensive trip for the majority of pirates, IMHO)
Maša:Rijeka, Croatia, (if we can't mannage the Istanbul)
Maša: Istanbul is by far the best proposal (IGF just a week before!!!)
Anders: It doesn't really matter where as long as we give long enough notice.
Today is the deadline for IGF workshop proposal: : (so far proposed workshops at IGF)

11 Next PPI GA

shall be called for hosts asap to secure cheap flights, assure the venue confirms with the requirements etc.
cbj: next GA out of Europe & welcome in Tunisia ;)
Maša: Great idea, cbj!!!

-> discuss in more detail on the next meeting.

12 Real life meeting

Maša: The afk meeting should take place after the EU elections
Maša: I can offer hosting a meeting in Croatia +1 cbj+42
Gregory: Everybody add their closest aiport to the contacts, and I look up where the most convenient location for the median of the board will be. The sugested time frame is "june"

13 AOB

  • Nothing :)

Meeting every 10 days an ordinary board meetings

Next meeting 29 April 20:00 - Time is flexilbel according to the members in every country.

Next Meeting: Ordinary Meeting 2014/04/29 20:00 CEST
Meeting Closed: 22:42 CEST by Koen