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--- 13/05/2014 20:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2014-05-13

Record of the meeting

Audio recordings:


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Koen (via Chat), Thomas, Bastian, Anders
excused: Maša, Gregory,
unexcused: Stathis

1.2 - Others

Alternates: Yasin
Guests: NinaPirate


Thomas: We have decided that tonight we won't be taking any decisions, instead, tonight's meeting will only be about reports for tonight.

Meeting opened at 20:16 CEST by Thomas
Meeting closed at xx:yy CEST by
Meeting chaired by Thomas
Secretary for this meeting is: all of us
Quorum established with 2 vocally (3 present) out of 7 board members present
Streaming started: not possible
Recording started: yes
Postal votes: none

3 Short Reports

Thomas:Let's continue with reports of tonight.

  • Treasurer (Bastian):
UK-Bank Account should be realized on short notice.
Draft for call for host PPI-GA 2015
Yasin: I will provide my board report for last term this week, including some suggestions on the new PPI administration.

There was a problem with your account 654769340026. We were unable to charge your credit card for the amount of $14.96 for your use of AWS services during the month of Apr-2014. We will attempt to collect this amount again. Unless we are successful in collecting the balance of $14.96 in full by 05/31/2014, your Amazon Web Services account may be suspended or terminated.

Bastian: We have no account which can be debited for any reason at the moment.
  • Thomas:
some minor adminstrative stuff, press meetings, preparation agenda etc.and worked on the draft for PPI GA 2015.
  • Koen:
Had minimal contact with Nicolas, explaned the situation to Josef (PPSE) he will try to make contact through people he knows in Goteburg.
Discussed proposal by PPNL top candidate for EU elections, great ideas not really enough time to implement any of then in time for the elections, is mostly PPEU business anyway
Still have not recieved the ID-card scans needed to unb from two

4 General Assembly 2014

  • Third aftermath:
no news tonight

5 Press work / Social Media

Report: see 11 May 2014

6 Second ThinkTwice conference

no news tonight

7 Next PPI GA

Thomas.: The draft is in draft area. We have to decide it soon, that can be done in two weeks time.

  • Call for hosts:
To be found in the pad area

8 Financial Situation

Thomas: I believe Bastian will give more info about the time.

Bastian: I think we can get money in 2-3 weeks.

9 PPI Headquarter =

any news on last meetings result?:
no news tonight

10 Real life meeting

  • London it is!
  • When:
4-6th July 2014 Maša, Anders, Stathis, Bastian, Thomas, Gregory, cbj, Marco
11-13th July 2014 Maša, Anders, Stathis, Bastian, Thomas, Gregory, cbj, Marco
Decision on which weekend:
postponed till next meeting

11 AOB (being urgent)

Thomas: Any other urgent business?

Yasin: I don't have any other urgent business.

Next Meeting: Ordinary Meeting 2014/05/27 20:00 CEST
Meeting Closed: 20:23 CEST by Thomas