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27/05/2014 20:00h CEST
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2014-05-27

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

  • participating: Gregory, Koen, Sebastian, Thomas, Stathis, Anders
  • excused: Masa (avail via Facebook),
  • unexcused:./.

1.2 - Others

  • Alternates:./.
  • Guests:
Andrew Reitemeyer PP-NZ/PirateTimes
Andy Halsall PP-UK
AlexVox (PP-RU)


  • RoP:
  • Meeting opened at 20:25 CEST by Thomas
  • Meeting closed at xx:yy CEST by
  • Meeting chaired by Thomas
  • Secretary for this meeting is: all of us
  • Quorum established with 2 vocally (3 present) out of 7 board members present
  • Streaming started: not possible
  • Recording started: yes
  • Postal votes: none

3 Short Reports

  • Gregory: I was immersed in the election campaign and could not do much for the PPI in the last weeks but only some activities. I have submitted a new application for WIPO observer admission as today was the deadline (17h Geneva time). Last week I have attended the public stakeholder meeting of the 5th negotiation round of TTIP in Washington and had very good conversations there, including an invitation from the EU chief negotiator on digital agenda for a meeting with him in Brussels to explain the pirate parties vision on what should be included in a "modern trade agreement". I also had an online meeting with the Pirate Party of El Salvador. I also have visited PP-PL in Warsaw last weekend.
  • Stathis: I was very much involved with local elections and euroelections in Greece as candidate and had the chance to go out in the streets and talk with people, trying to spread the pirate ideology and persuade them to vote for the Pirate Party. Although the result of 0,90% may seem poor (a 3% needed in Greece for a party to elect a MEP), PP-GR’s coalition with Greens Ecologists for the euroelections, gave Greek Pirates a lot of popularity (their logo appeared in TV bars, web, etc, also their candidate were invited in TV and radio channels) and experience. Fyi, GE & PP-GR ranked 13th among 42 parties that ran for the euroelections. Congratulations to Julia Reda on her election to the European Parliament, being now the only Pirate MEP we have in the EP. I think we should take advantage of Julia’s presence in the centre of decision making, to promote our principles and fight for our rights.
  • Bastian:
I work very hard to open a bank account - together with PPUK :)
Recording of all member data.
Also, I've hired a secretary, Eik Wassberg.
  • Thomas: something internationally concerning some very time consuming election campaign, beside this nothing of importance to report
  • Koen:
Election stuff, not much PPI.
started invitation to other boards for London if approved:
started agenda for London:
  • Anders: a lot of EU elections stuff. For PPI I prepared together with Masa the basics for a social media strategy. Been in contact with Arif concerning #2TT14

4 Real life meeting


Thomas up to day no formal decision has been taken. This shall be hereby corrected
  • London it is!
  • When:
4-6th July 2014
Yes: Anders, Koen, Thomas, Stathis, Bastian, Gregory

:11-13th July 2014

Annotation from Koen: Invite PPEU and Pirates without Borders to London, will propose this to the rest of the board via mail
Gregory: how bis is our meeting room in the SML? Also, by PPEU, is it PPEU board or the whole PPEU council?
Andy: The room needs to be confirmed, it is assumed to be for 12 people. It needs to be reconfirmed.
Annotation Anders: reserve a half day to a full day for PPI only business
Annotation Thomas
most of the time should be about PPI
Gregory +1 to Thomas

5 General Assembly 2014

  • Forth aftermath
Gregory: Just received the file of the cash registrer from Pat - had had no time to check it before the meeting, will work with Bastian to finish the final financial statement.

6 Press work / Social Media

Thomas: Nothing to report tonight. It have been a scheduled meeting with exactly one person (Thomas), this probably due to the election load of all the parties. More needs to be discussed in RL in London.

7 Second ThinkTwice conference

  • Message from Arif:
Lady and gentlemen now we have FULL approvement for thinktwice2 in istanbul by rector and the head of the board of trustees of university... Now we can work on it.. I am so sorry it took some more time that expected... Now i am building an academic board for the conference and prepare the PDF file with the info for call for everything except venue place..
Gregory: how should we formalize the work with the "academic board"? Should we appoint people to it 50:50?
Stathis: +1 to Gregory
Date: Weekend 31st August / 01st September in Istanbul
TODO: Anders to schedule a meeting with Arif and Gregory to discuss the details of imlementation.
TODO: sent a "save the date" email to pp-leaders and ppeu lists.
btw: is registrated for PPI use.

8 Next PPI GA

Thomas.: The draft is in draft area.
01.06.2014 - publishing the call for hosts
01.07.2014- deadline for applications
03.07.2014 - mumble conference with all offers./public offer opening.
05.07.2014 - discussion of submitted offers in the RL PPI Board meeting in London
07.07.2014 - begin of voting by PPI members after the offer approval by PPI Board
22.07:2014 - announce winners. (PPI Board meeting)
  • Decision:
Milestones accepted
  • Call for hosts: please check the prepared CFH asap.
Thomas will send out the "Call for Hosts".

9 Financial Situation

  • No news. :-(
Accounting software is ready (SKR03 english) - we can book all necessary items.
Gregory is still writing up the history and details about the money/bank accounts. Until 2012 is covered so far. He will continue and is still trying to fetch some yet unavailable information. Esp. we need to contact the office of Christian Engström for reconstruction of documentation from the EP visiting money during the PPI founding conference, as there seems to be conflicting numbers. Gregory will help on it.
Koen is still trying to be in contact with the "old" treasurer.
Opening a bank account with the support of the PP-UK is delayed due to the change of requirements from PPI treasurer (having the account in EUR and GBP, rather then just GBP). This have caused some additional paperwork and this is the source of the delay. Bastian is working close with Sam.

10 PPI Headquarter

The change of PPI HQ board members can be arranged without the need of notary with just one signature. Julia is planning right now to take over the former office of Amelia (the final decission will be taken in three days time), so we can plan to keep the address. Andy will pass on a summary of findings of the problems with PPI HQ statutes.
  • Gregory: motion to change the PPI HQ board members now, and to fix the statues of HQ in a later step.
in favour: Thomas, Gregory, Bastian, Anders, Stathis, Koen
  • TODO: Koen to execute.
Minutes of General Assembly
current statutes: :
  • to decide: to recomend the PPI HQ Board to admit new members to PPI HQ, namely the current board of PPI (Koen, Masa, Bastian, Anders and Stathis. Gregory and Thomas are already members of PPI HQ)


Request to appoint Richard Hill (member of PP-CH) to attend the WSIS+10 open consultation process meeting ( ) at WIPO headquarters in Geneva as an observer with no power of engagement. A formal letter should be sent to him appointing him as a formal PPI observer, so that he could push for the acceptance of the PPI WIPO observer application. Richard is already accredited for this meeting.
  • In favour: Gregory, Thomas, Sebastian, Koen, Stathis, Anders
  • 21.50 hrs.: Meeting interrupted until 22:05 hrs.
  • 22:05 hrs.: We switched to HQ-PPI-Meeting.
  • 22:48 hrs.: Continuing meeting.

12 AOB (being urgent)

  • Brief statement from AH from the PPUK.
It has been noted by PPUK that a failure to deal with past issues within PPI was raised on the European Elections, and whilst it had no real impact this time and the issues raised were inaccurate or misrepresentations to a large extent, they are not helped by an apparent ongoing lack of accountability and lack of clarity on past issues. PPUK would ask that this be taken into account and highlight the need for PPI to be more open and clear about its internal processes.
GE agreed that making it easier to find details on some of those issues would be beneficial and help to diffuse the issue
AH also noted that pre-election contact from the UK Green Party, specifically a discussion with PPI members was not passed on to PPUK which resulted in some confusion. PPUK wanted to reiterate that PPI can not represent Pirate Party UK on national political issues at any level.
GE has already been in touch with PPUK to explain that and suggested improvements to ensure that contact between parties is improved.
  • TTIP approach dates - When will gregory be talking to national parties about their approaches to TTIP and trade agreements?
GE made it clear there would be a consultation in advance.
  • Anders asked to close the meeting tonight: it is his time now: Allowed by the chair of the meeting.

Next Meeting

  • Next Meeting: Ordinary Meeting Tuesday 2014/06/10 20:00 CEST
  • Meeting Closed: 23:04 CEST by Anders