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  • --- 27/12/2014 09:00h CET ---
  • Mumble:
  • Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2014-12-27

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Thomas, Bastian, Stathis,Koen, Anders
excused: Gregory (sick)
unexcused: Masa

1.2 - Others

Guests: Tehran nuclear guy ('Teheraner')


Meeting opened at : 09:12 CET by Koen
Meeting closed at 10:02 CET by Koen
Meeting chaired by Koen
Secretary for this meeting is: all of us
Quorum established with 5 out of 7 board members present
Streaming started: Not possible
Recording started: yes
Postal votes: none

3 Short Reports

Been in contact with Irleland - thx to Jelena - hopeful startup seems to be on its way. Produced them a ML at for further coordination. They seem to be eager to held a TT15 in late in Oct/Nov 2015 (very late in the year). Am considering to fly to Dublin in March/April
else: administrative stuff, some emails, allowed myself some short holiday
Stathis: Some work done for PP-GR, maybe there gonna be prematurely elections in Greece at the end of January! Read statutes and RoP of PPI and listened to the past meetings of the Board that I didn't attend
Koen: Pirate Times meeting, letter about bank account
Bastian: Calculations for the membership fees for 2014 are ready. Working on the quarterly reports. Still waiting for the rest of invoice documents of TT14 Istanbul.
Anders: had been on X-mas leave, done something just after the last meeting, the TT214 receipts prepared and sent to the board.

4 Request from Pirate Times

  • Pirate Times requested our view about the call for COA, who will deliver it?
Stathis will give it a start and will open a pad about it later today.
Koen will send Gregory a mail to pls add a link to Pirate Time on

5 Aquisations against the board

  • citing: It is an organisation that is fundamentally

corrupt, inept, and devoid of purpose or accountability.

  • citing: So, the question remains. Is PPI a 'pirate" organisation, or will it continue to act in direct defiance of the Pirate movement?
rem Bastian: I think that's not a criticism but a collection of insults without any substance.
We should give a reply to it. Koen will deliver a reply.

Simon Frew: More broadly on PPI accessability, there are issues with the lack of online GA and difficulty participating remotely at GAs in general. This is driving frustrations.

  • citing (mumble chat):

"we felt that emails were adequate to contribute to the planning of the online GA"

"We werent able to contribute at the previous GAs so we didnt see any point in trying again, it takes a lot of time and stress, and votes not being counted meant we were disempowered."

"we had our delegate wander off at the Kazan one and a couple of votes were missed."

Thomas: that is past stuff. Lesson had been learnt from it. See Paris GA
citing Simon (mumble chat) explaining historical context... will see what happens, if we can get an online GA happening, happy to help
Koen we shall all consider another fortnight about "online" GA.
citing Simon (mumble chat) we thought Andrew Nortons proposal for an online GA was pretty good

6 Request from PP-AU for Observer Membership

PP-AU requested a change of membership from ordinary member to observing member.
citing Simon (mumble chat): "I can address this, if we see progress we will be happy to wait. If not we may withdraw. I'm attending here to try and get progress..."

"we passed a motion at the last congress that if things didnt improve by end of January we will withdraw" "Was passed with over 90% support."

7 Second and Next ThinkTwice conference

  • Financial Report:
Anders: sent the a report with all that had been possible to manage to the board.

asked from PP-NO for a full report. As it seems the board has not receive it. I will check my email accounts.

8 Regions - Define Ideas about Regional/Continental Resonsibilities w/in PPI

Request for persons who like to fulfill roles for different regions in the world on behalf of PPI [Invent the title]
Koen will write down some ideas about it.



10 Financial Situation

Bastian: no changes. Content of the cash box: 358.06 EUR. Outstanding expenses: 120 EUR to Maxime for PPI GA Paris and 245 EUR for travel reimburcement for 1st ThinkTwice - so we are at minus 7 EUR.
The invoice from Maxime is missing. Gregory is clarifying the travel reimburcement.

11 AOB (being urgent)

none - Happy new year!
Next Meeting: Tuesday 2015/01/06 21:00 CET
Meeting Closed: 10:02 CET by Koen