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  • --- 25/03/2015 20:30h CET ---
  • Mumble:
  • Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2015-03-25

Record of the meeting

Meeting postponed to 2015-03-25 20:30h CET


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Bastian, Thomas, Koen, Gregory, Anders, Stathis (no mic, audio and text only)
excused: Marco,

1.2 - Others



Meeting opened at : 20:55 CET by Koen
Meeting closed at 22:58 CET by Thomas
Meeting chaired by Koen
Secretary for this meeting is: all of us
Quorum established with 5 out of 7 board members present
Streaming started: Not possible
Recording started: yes
Postal votes: none

3 Short Reports

  • Very brief
Assistance in the preparation of the General Assembly
Preparation of surveys
Financial matters (AOB)
Thomas: Cleared the forum from spam(accounts), took some time off.
Koen: Tried to reach out to Nicolas S. again...
Gregory: admin work for the preparation of oGA, have started working on IGF submissions (deadline March 30)
Anders: GA Norway, Talks with PP-DE, PP-SE, PP-IS and more about international cooperation. Scheduled a PP-IS meeting yesterday to prepare a possible visit in the near future.
Stathis: I am finishing an article for Piratetimes, we are working on organizing the meeting with the prime minister of Greece, Alexis Tsirpas.

4 UN / WIPO / ITU / WSIS / NGOs etc.

Gregory: I want to point out, that IGF's call for workshop is open until March 30th.

I am working on two submissions - one on "Whistleblowing" and one on "3D Printing". I am inviting everyone to work with me on those submissions.
For the rest, awaiting further anwers- we should wait till next week

5 pp-leaders and pp-leaders.discussion - Terms of Use

6 Online General Assembly

What about CET/CEST?
Event will be at time anounced but CEST, Bastian will notify the members.


No further comments from the members
transfered to wiki:


  • A mail from PP-CZ with a volunteer (Vojtech Pikal) for the vice-chair of the meeting of the GA.
Gregory: it is our task to present the proposal for chair GA (statutory duty)
Thomas: I propose Koen for meeting chairman.
Koen: I must refuse, I have the PP-BE GA the day before and have no time to prepare for chairing PPI GA.
Anders: What about Anton Nordenfur? - Anton is not available
Koen: who could be else?
Gregory: We could postpone this question till Saturday, when we have to do the technical preparations anyway.
We also try out to reach Josef Collentine - Not available for Sunday
Sven Clement (Voicebox reached, left a message)
Vojtech is accepted as vice Chair for the meeting - unanimously.

7 Financial Issues

no changes.
  • New Bank account: the account has been refused without any explanation.
We might have a "fraud flag" with the belgian banks.
  • Triodos
Nicholas could not be reached yet, and reportedly he is not at all interested in cooperating with PPI. As he was the Treasurer in time responsible for the Triodos Account, and also because he is owning PPI money (500 EUR of donation that was given to him in person by Ole Husgaard, and never was deposited with any bank). We should make a police claim against him now.
  • 1) action - sent an official request to PP-SE to help us to reach Nicholas for the last time. and make sure that we are going to authorities some weeks later.
  • 3) action - deliver this to the responsible bodies.
  • Gregory will take care of it before the weekend. Bastian will countersign if necessary. :)
  • We have to care for transparency and for privacy. So we will create a report and have a non public meeting where we will discuss it and create a public version of that report without calling names.
  • We will prepare the message for PPSE on short notice, after the report has been compiled we will agree on a date/time for a non public meeting to discuss further steps.
The amount of received donations on the LU account will be reported tomorrow via email. (the donation calls for PP-AU and Server)

8 Server

Gregory gives the history for the last month. The deadline for donation is not yet reached. (April 30th)
Gregory will create a pledge on pledgebank (pledgebank is now closed ) somewhere.
postpone to 31.03.2015 so even decisions from the online General Assembly might taken into account?

9 AOB (being urgent)

Koen left 22.36 hrs due to technical problems.
[22:44] connected.
[22:48] disconnected.
  • Thomas will pass over Q&A to PP-NL.

10 non public part of the meeting

Next Meeting: Tuesday 2015/03/31 20:30 CEST
Meeting Closed:22.58 CET by Thomas as CAO.