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--- [29/08/2016 14:00]h CEST ---
Berlin (Germany - Berlin) Monday, 29 August 2016, 14:00:00 CEST UTC+2 hr
Wellington (New Zealand) Tuesday, 30 August 2016, 00:00:00 NZST UTC+12 hrs
Tokyo (Japan) Monday, 29 August 2016, 21:00:00 JST UTC+9 hrs
Vancouver (Canada - British Columbia) Monday, 29 August 2016, 05:00:00 PDT UTC-7 hrs
São Paulo (Brazil - São Paulo) Monday, 29 August 2016, 09:00:00 BRT UTC-3 hrs
Moscow (Russia - Moscow) Monday, 29 August 2016, 15:00:00 MSK UTC+3 hrs
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Monday, 29 August 2016, 12:00:00
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"
Audio recording:

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Ray,Keith,Bailey,Guillaume,AndrewThomasG (arrival at 14:55),

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members
participating: Adam wolf
participating: Chris McGimpsey-Jones


Meeting opened at 14:05 CEST by Guillaume
Meeting chaired by Guillaume
Secretary for this meeting is Keith
Quorum established with 5 out of 7 board members present. 6 in attendance by the end.
Streaming started: not possible
Recording started: 14:02
Postal votes:
Notes on meeting process
  • [HH:MM] CEST: (name) entered the meeting [=> Quorum not established with X out of Y board members]
  • [HH:MM] CEST: (name) left the meeting [=> Quorum established with X out of Y board members]
  • [HH:MM] x-minute break by initiated by (name)
Meeting closed at HH:MM CEST by (name)


Minutes of the last meeting:

MInor correction: it was the swiss equivalent of USToday, adjusting the minutes accordingly.

YES: Ray, Guillaume, Keith, Bailey



Minutes approved? Yes


4.1 - Short report of the board members 1)

  • Board:
  • Guillaume: Working on the communication plan, making a proposal. There are ammendments by Ray that we will discuss further on. Inventory of all Pirate Parties throughout the world: We are reaching a database with direct contacts, leveraging, and the CSM system, so that we can deliver messages to all parties at once.
  • Bailey: Ready to reach out to former members with questions re: PPI reform. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. I’ll be doing it today or tomorrow. Didn’t want to start before the weekend since it was a celebratory one for Sweden. :) Outreach to former members. There was a thread on Loomio. There are 5 questions there. She has a final draft, which she will do soon. After reaching out to former members, she will rework the questions to be relevant to current members and board members...
  • Andrew: I responded to 4 requests for supporting membership. I confirmed with Patrick that only one had paid membership fees and told the others that if paypal was a difficulty then they should wait until the bank account has been established.
  • Keith: Nothing special to report. I am still waiting to talk with Thomas about the budget, which I believe is being delayed due to other issues. I would be happy to help further with the creation of the response form that Bailey started.
  • Koen:
  • Raymond: Nothing specific to write here. I will save issues for the meeting itself. He has been working on Pirate issues everyday, and chatting recently about the social media and communication plan.
  • Thomas:

(entered the meeting at 14:55)

  • Alternates:
  • Nicolay:
  • Patrick:
  • Adam:
    • German GA with elections of Board 27th and 28th of August, elected new Chairperson of german Pirate Party: Patrick Schiffer.
      • Trying to make Refugee drama in the Med public, After Attack on "Bourbon Argos", Flagship of MSF on the Libyan coast,Refugges are now without protection of civil SAR Ships in this area. political pressure onto the responsible EU comissioners required. We have made a proposal with this item. See proposal No. 3 below.

  • Gregory:
  • 1) Very short and brief. For important issues add an agenda item!

Thomas had some busy time with an issue over the server that expired. Which course of action should we pursue over the servers. Thomas paid the costs of a contract extention for 3 months out of his own pocket. We need to find a more long-term idea. He asked the current provider if they had a better solution, and they did not concur. At the moment, we will not last long to find a hosting solution. Ray may have some solutions. He will discuss this with Thomas.

5 - Proposal No. 1

  • Text

Decision #350: IT - Servers relocations and consolidation

Retain the current server, or seek a more cost effective solution and relocate our services?

There are two possibilites:

  • Retain the current service provider and extend the current contract
  • Seek a more cost efficient alternative and relocate our services

Which of the above course of action should be taken?

In any case, the board mandates Thomas Gaul to pursue the matter and submit at the next meeting the relevant business proposal for financial engagement approval.

What are the costs today? It is 30 euros for 3 months, 10 euros a month.


More cost effective solution yes: unanimous

Relocate our services yes: unanimous

Motion passed

Motion carried forward until we discuss with Thomas about what the other alternatives might be.

5 - Proposal No. 2

Is Keith OK if we start a budget over the next month to start a running budget until the end of 2016? There hasn't been a formal budget for 2016, which became delayed due to the bank account. We only had the paypal account. This is why we didn't ask for the fees, because there was nowhere to put it. The only ongoing expenditure is for the servers and registration for the urls. Do we know how many domain names have been registered for PPI? It is probably only PPI International. There is a pad, which Andrew put together and will try to find, but we will need to talk with Gregory who has all of the technical information. The pad is called 2014 IT (shows who to contact)

  • Text

Decision #349: Minimum Budget contingency 2016

There are expenditures that need to be identified and handled, such as servers, DNS.


Does the board agree to prepare a running costs budget for 2016 in order to do at minima financial planning¶


YES:Keith,Bailey, Ray, Guillaume, Andrew
Motion passed/failed


Proposal No.3:

There was a recent incident where a boat was attacked and the rescue mission has become complicated and cannot rescue people. He is campaigning to put political pressure and hopes that PPI has an idea about what we can do. Ray can help getting word out to 2-4 million people. Details about the day and time of the attack and other information will be shared. Guillaume will do the initial translation. Bailey and Keith will help with the English translation.

Adam wrote a letter that was released around yesterday evening to the press. This was discussed on Saturday, and since it was urgent Guillaume reached out to the board members. It is for now only in German. If possible, he would like to have it translated and distributed to all PPI channels. Would everyone be in favor of doing this?

YES:Guillaume, Andrew, Keith,Bailey, Ray
Motion passed/failed


6 AOB - Any other business

Task #348: Plan board meetings until 31-12-2016

In order to enable everyone to have an equal opportunity to participate to theboard meetings, the meetings will not be scheduled at a fixed time or date. They will be held every 2 weeks.

1# September board meeting - Date: - Time:

2# September board meeting - Date: - Time:

1# October board meeting - Date: - Time:

2# October board meeting - Date: - Time:

1# November board meeting - Date: - Time:

2# November board meeting - Date: - Time:

1# December board meeting - Date: - Time:

2# December board meeting- Date: - Time:

In order to give the opportunity for everyone to organize themselves, the Schedule for the first half of 2017 will be done on the 1st board meeting for December

Shall we have it on alternating Sundays and Mondays?

Agree: Unanimous

Shall we have alternating times?

Some people are not happy with a set time perhaps.

Problem that the people who are not happy with this time are not here. There is no date and time that will meet everyone's needs.

Perhaps we can have 3 slots, based on 8 am CEST, 11 pm, etc.

PPI is a global organization and we shouldn't be eurocentric.

Shall we have 3 time slots?

Making sure the agenda is put in 48 hours ahead of time, so people who are not present can vote. We should use redmine to do this, rather than Loomio. Redmine aggregates the notes. Using redmine has been added already to the rules of proceedure. Proposals have to be full and unchanged.

8 am, 2 pm, 9 pm

8:00,14:00, 21:00 CEST/CET

Should we use UTC, problem though that it doesn't have a summer time. Perhaps we can use both, but CET should be the base. It will be easy if we list a city, London, NY.

So, the next meeting would be Sunday at 9 pm CEST (Berlin time)

We have made this rotating system, so that all Pirates can attend that is convenient in their time zones.

Jelena points out: "Regular board meetings will take place no less than once a month. At the end of each meeting the date and time of the next meeting will be announced."

Agree: Keith,Andrew, Ray, Guillaume,Bailey



Task #347: Communication plan development update

The following is an action plan proposition.

The challenges in terms of communication are threefold:

- Internal communication between board members (my proposal, to be discussed later - Ray)

- Internal communication between members of the PPI

- Internal communication regarding ops and projects

- Communication toward external stakeholders, such as institutional organizations, medias, NGOs

The priorities are:

- Maintaining high level of engagement and activity regarding ops and projects, as well as ensuring visibility of pirate parties around the world

- Improving the communication level within PPI to enable contributions and sound debates

- Gain a greater visibility outside the current realm of outreach and enable PPI to carry its messages further toward institutional organizations and medias

Approach: In order to respond to the above metionned priorities the immediate action would be to Set up 3 task forces:

Social Media / projects and ops communication task force

Public Relations / Media Communication task force

Internal Communication task force

The goal of the first task force is to maintain and develop the communication flow and content value toward all pirates world wide, this sustaining the current level and quality of communication

The goal of the second task force is to build and develop a PR capacity with apropriate dissemination tools

The goal of the third task force is to rekindle the communication within PPI and reach out toward all Pirate Parties around the world so as to share with them the work PPI does and enable them to participate and contribute.



Setup the tasks forces and staff them

Update contact database for all pirate parties

Month 1

Create a contact database with media outlet & journalists contacts

Find an appropriate dissemination tool such as civicrm

Develop a Newsletter/Internal Communication Schedule plan

Develop a debate modus operandi

Month 2

Publish first monthly newsletter

Disseminate first press release

Launch first workshop/virtual debate around projects

Ray points out that the only way to handle this is to have a really good database, which will enable us to do all of these things well. Guillaume is currently using CiviCRM. Working hard to identify the people (i.e. media organisations, and non government organisation, as well as members - not private persons, activists and hacktivists) is really important. It took Switzerland almost 4 months to create a half decent database. We should identify all of the contact inforrmation that we can find and feed some tool. Jelena points out that we work on the basis of zero knowledge about our tribe (organization) - we do not collect, retain and distribute data.

There is a difference between individuals and organizations. For press and NGOs for example, it is open data that is not violating anyone's privacy. We are not pinpointing activists. Differentiating between how we identify our people, members of pirate parties, and how we identify organizations (that are external). We need to distinguish between internal and external.

There is a list made by Josef Collentine of Pirate Times. ( )

An issue is raised about "how is this database stored? who has access to it? will it be stored securely through encryption? all these privacy issues need to be addressed."

Ray wants to clarify that we are not trying to collect information about activists, only about pirate party leaders, information which is public. It is not enough to know that a list exists, but rather that access can be made. It is beneficial to have a list of members of EU parliament and groups with public data who can be contacted when we need to make petitions.

This is only about public information. It has nothing to do with activists. It is information that Pirate Parties would have on their website. No information that isn't already public will be made available (twitter addresses, mail addresses, that's it.)

Would we have a problem when we do an op where every Pirate Party may not agree with the proposal, how do we represent ourselves? We need to be careful about getting approval from all of our Pirate Party constituents before we go forward with recommending a proposal.

The expression would be based on the board of the PPI. However, a policy statement would be a different thing. As long as the board is in agreement on an expression, then it would be fine. If there is a policy statement, then we would have to ask all of the PPI delegates and give them time to get back to their parties and make a position. There would have to be a majority decision. It would not be a decision of the board but rather as we PPI that includes a majority of PPI members.

Do we agree to engage in expression's by the board and policies by democratic decision of all PPI parties?

Agree: Ray, Bailey, Keith, Andrew, Guillaume, Thomas



Motion passed


Do we agree to the following timeline to implement the communication plan:


Setup the tasks forces and staff them

Update contact database for all pirate parties

Month 1

Create a contact database with media outlet & journalists contacts

Find an appropriate dissemination tool such as civicrm

Develop a Newsletter/Internal Communication Schedule plan

Develop a debate modus operandi

Month 2

Publish first monthly newsletter

Disseminate first press release

Launch first workshop/virtual debate around projects

Agree: Bailey, Ray, Keith, Andrew, Guillaume, Thomas



Motion passed

Do we agree to have a database that would use only public information of PP leaders and public figures who we would need to contact for petitions, and other information dissemination action (Media PR, Outreach)?

Agree: Bailey, Ray, Andrew, Keith, Thomas, Guillaume



Motion passed

Staffing of the task forces:

Social Media / projects and ops communication task force

Public Relations / Media Communication task force

Internal Communication task force

Guillaume proposes Jelena, Bailey, and Ray for the social media task force.

Bailey, Ray, Guillaume, Adam, Chris and Thomas for the Public Relations task force.

Bailey, Ray, Thomas, Guillaume, and Keith for Internal Communication task force.

Ray will be seeing what's up with Koen, whether he is still active, and send the board an email.

We will do a call for action for anyone who wants to be part of these task forces and wants to support them.

Bailey suggests opening up some of these positions to people who are not on the board and might want to help out. This is not a closed club.

Chris McGimpsey-Jones mentions that he is up for contributing with the public relations/media communication task force.

Ray mentions that they have a good task force now with Facebook. Jelena is running the Twitter, and will get the other media task force people involved. After a while they will open it up to others.

Does everyone agree with setting up these task forces?

Agree: Keith, Bailey, Guillaume, Ray, Andrew,Thomas





Task #346: Member and contact databases updates

Work is ongoing to collect and update contacts.

The sources used for the job comprise:

several files from PPUK

currently online available data via Pirate Parties web site

I thank Marie France Perroud (PPCH) for her support and contributions, as well as all of those who have volunteered informations and contributions as well as given feedback.

This is discussed previously.

It might be good to ask Pirate Times to update to https:

This is just information based on tasks that were launched several weeks ago.

Task #345: Execution of domiciliation - FYI

Meeting with Dimitri Tzortzis is set for 31.08.2016. Domiciliation contract will be presented then and executed on behalf of the board as per decision #333

They will formalize the hosting on Wednesday. From there, the bank account will be taken care of as well.

This is just information based on tasks that were launched several weeks ago.

AoB - Collab Tool for the board

There was a proposal from Ray about a tool that we can use to work together that would be less cumbersome than Mumble.

He will be updating us further, more formally by text.

In Norway they use This is from the same person who originally encrypted Skype. Wire allows chats and groups of up to 128 people. There is voice and video. It is just as good as Skype. The mic and camera works, on desktop and browser, as well as cell phone platforms. They use it everyday, and they are always logged on. They have one cchannel for all of the board members. They chat throughout the day, and everyone is informed continuously. They have had great success. Especially with the task forces, he will invite us in to use it. From there, we can decide if all board communication can progress with this tool. He will update us with an email that elaborate. We will do a trial by fire.


Next Meeting: Sunday,2016-09-11 21:00 CEST (19:00 UTC) / 00:00 GMT by 0

Meeting Closed:2016-29-08 15:54 CEST (13:54 UTC)