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Minutes of the PPI GA 2017 (Geneva 25./26.11.2017)

Saturday, 25. November 2017

TOP 0 - Keynote & Opening of the General Assembly

  • 11:04 Meeting opened by Guillaume Saouli
30 People in attendance
  • Chair of the meeting: Guillaume Saouli, Vice Bailey Lamon
  • Secretary of the meeting: Thomas Gaul, Keith Goldstein
  • Ballot Counters: Raymond Johanson, Thomas Gaul
  • Approval of the minutes last GAs:
No objections
Minutes of the 2017 1st GA

Minutes of the 2016 GA  
  • Keynote by:Bailey Lamon

Present are:

Bailey Lamon, vice chair of ppi.
Belgium, Koen De Voegt (not present, Koen is not listed as a delegate)
Brazil, DanPrazeres, general secretary of PPBr
Czech, Marketa Gregorova, head of the international department, vice chair of PPEU, they have 22 MPs from the last election.
France, Etienne Evellin, three participants in total.
Germany, Gregory Engels, Thomas Gaul, Sebastian Krone, coalition negotiations are failing and there is a possibility of new elections soon. They are preparing for this possibility.
Greece, Dimitrios Sapika, they are preparing for their own general assembly
Israel, Keith Goldstein, expecting elections in the spring, and organizing Think Twice also in the spring.
Italy, Aram Gurekian
Netherlands, Rico Brouwer, Jonathan van Dijken and David van Deijk, three total, municipal elections in March with referendum
New Zealand, not present, but delegated to Internet Party Suzie Dawson personally
Norway, Raymond Johanson, international coordinator, board member of PPI, activist
Portugal, Nuno Cardoso and André Rosa, preparing for elections in a month or so. Nuno has participated on the board and other functions with PPI in the past.
Russia, Nikolay Voronov, international coordinator, two in attendance, Vladimir Savelev, had municipal elections in Moscow, good experience but no success. Presidential elections are upcoming.
Switzerland, Guillaume Saouli, he is not the representative but we are waiting on the representatives who are working on a net censorship bill. They will be attending later. New law being presented on transparency of political parties.
Turkey, Mehmet Safak Sari activist campaings on digital security and trainer, there are three representatives present. Sevket Uyanik, activist campains on censorship and Arda Cetin IT Consultant
  • 14 Member Countries Present (13 discounting Switzerland)

Table of Parties present (Number presents the voting power)

  • Austria Pirate Party Austria 0
  • Belarus Pirate Party Belarus 0
  • Belgium Pirate Party Belgium 0
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 0
  • Brazil Partido Pirata do Brasil 1
  • Bulgaria Pirate Party Bulgaria 0
  • Catalonia Catalonia Pirates de Catalunya (1/2 vote) 0
  • Croatia Pirate Party Croatia 0
  • Czech Republic Pirate Party Czech Republic 1
  • Estonia Pirate Party Estonia 0
  • Finland 0
  • France Parti Pirate France 1
  • Germany Piratenpartei Deutschland 1
  • Greece Pirate Party Greece 1
  • Hungary 0
  • Israel Pirate Party Israel 1
  • Italy Partito Pirata Italiano 1
  • Japan Pirate Party Japan 0
  • Kazakhstan Pirate Party Kazakhstan 0
  • Latvia Pirātu Partija 0
  • Luxembourg Pirate Party Luxembourg 0
  • Morocco Pirate Party Morocco 0
  • Netherlands Pirate Party Netherlands 1
  • New Zealand Pirate Party of New Zealand 0
  • Norway Piratpartiet 1
  • Poland Pirate Party Poland 0
  • Portugal Partido Pirata Portugues 1
  • Romania Pirate Party Romania 0
  • Russia Pirate Party Russia 1
  • Slovakia Pirate Party Slovakia 0
  • Slovenia Pirate Party Slovenia 0
  • South Korea 0
  • Spain Pirate Party Spain (1/2 vote) 0
  • Switzerland Pirate Party Switzerland 0 (NOT COUNTED - delegates are not present)
  • Tunisia Pirate Party Tunisia 0
  • Turkey Pirate Party Turkey 1
  • Ukraine Pirate Party Ukraine 0

Sum 13

  • Quorum is established with 13 present votes out of 35 votes, 12 needed.

TOP 1 - Admittance of new PPI Members

  • Internet Party New Zealand (ordinary membership)
Suzie Dawson is the representative. The Internet Party is very similar to the Pirate Party, with similar core values. The party was founded by Kim Dotcom. He is currently not involved in the party directly or its financing. Suzie Dawson is the current chair. Suzie Dawson as an individual has been delegated the vote of New Zealand.
their constitustion
Short break 11:46 -11:55h
  • Practice of polleverywhere system, experiment to see how it works. Change of plans that we will not use polleverywhere
Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Yes: France, Israel, Netherlands, Turkey (4) No: Brazil, Czech, Greece, Norway (4) Abstain: Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia (4) We have a tie!

Do the delegates want to admit the Internet Party as a full member of Pirate Parties International

Yes: No: Abstain:

(Recommendation that they present themselves personally or that they request observer membership) Portugal, France, Italy and Czech second the proposal by Norway to delay the vote until Suzie Dawson can present the application. Vote is suspended until later today or tomorrow. We will advance it on the agenda.

Point that the application needs to be submitted in advance. Application was submitted according to the statutes with paper work.

Decision is postponed until the Internet Party can respresent themselves


Has the party been vetted to see if it preserves democratic principles? As to the knowledge of Thomas Gaul, yes. According to Ray Johanson, they are a democratic party and fulfill this.

TOP 2 - Issues of Statements

Are there any concerns or proposals?
Question by Bailey Lamon- What types of technical assistance can PPI provide?

Important goal of starting Pirate parties in countries where there is not yet a party. After becoming a member, there are growing pains, and we can learn from each other. Helping countries grow their parties. Connect pirates around the world. There are established parties in some countries and then individuals. There are common issues. Build a solid base. The globalized world still has borders. Each country can have preferences. We should have a conception about what preferences should exist in other countries.

Discussion on the help with supporting the foundation of new pirate parties.

PPNO: Dmitry Bogatov campaign, #freebogatov

Guillaume: Looking at how to finance and fund projects. Possibilities that UN observer memberships brings with it.

PPFR: A common communication and decision making tool is necessary. In France they are using Discord, and Congressus and it works. Maybe this can work at the international level, and we can work together to establish a free tool that will allow organizations to synchronize their activities. Comment that Pirates are generally in favor of open source software, and so if there is an open source option that it will get further support.

PPCZ: If PPI could create a starter pack about basic principles and basic templates for registration. Can we create materials to help parties start a movement?

PPDE: PPI should create a database of political manifestos and election programs from Pirate Parties around the world. It should also include the collection of significant political motions brought up by pirates in parliaments. This database should be made available to general public, and the PPI Members should be given the possibility to autonomously update their own entries.

PPIL: It would be great to have a physical location (Geneva? or better place) where pirate could go to and do things together.

TOP 3 - Statutes Amendments

  • Discussion only
There was a proposal to make the statutes more understandable

We prepared the statute amendments. We need to present them to our constituents with sufficient time to review, so we will not vote on them in this meeting. However, we do want to bring everyone's attention to the proposed revisions that are available at the above pad. Revisions were proposed in regards to grammar and syntax, as well as content. These revisions should be voted on separately.

Break until 14:45

TOP 4 - Reports

TOP 4.1 - Board

TOP 4.2 - Court of Arbitration

  • Sebastian Krone:
The Court of Arbitration had been very lazy. No cases, no meetings no nothing. But we are still alive, hopefully.
My suggestion is that you would please respect this situation, because this is a good working atmospehre for the future.

TOP 4.3 - Lay Auditors

TOP 5 Elections of PPI officers

TOP 5.1. Board

1 Vice-Chairperson

  • Candidates:
Bailey Lamon (PPCA) - sponsor PPDE

2 board members

  • Candidates:
Raymond Johanson (PPNO) - sponsor PPDE
Keith Goldstein (PPIS) - sponsor PPDE
Gregory Engels (PPDE) - sponsor PPDE
Daniel Dantas Prazeres (PPBR) - sponsor PPBR
Etienne Evellin (PPFR) - sponsor PPFR

3 Alternate board members

  • Candidates:
Gregory Engels (PPDE) - Sponsor PPDE
Daniel Dantas Prazeres (PPBR) - Sponsor PPBR
Arda Cetin (PPTR) - Sponsor PPNO
Mehmet Şafak Sarı (PPTR) - Sponsor PPNO
Sevket Uyanik (PPTR) - Sponsor PPNO
Etienne Evellin (PPFR) - Sponsor PPFR

TOP 5.2. - 3-7 members Court

  • Candidates:

TOP 5.3. - Lay Auditors

  • Candidates:

TOP 6 Motions, Amendments

Sunday, 26. November 2017

10:00 Conference reopen

TOP 6 Motions, Amendments

TOP 7 Discussion about the results