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Board Meeting January 14 Template


  • Board delegatives members :
    • Cedric (1)
    • keithgoldstein (1)
    • BaileyL (1)
    • RayJohansen (1)
    • MichalGill (1)
    • Ladislav.Koubek (1)
      • 6/9
  • Board :
    • Alternate board members :
      • Cedric

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    • Board members :
      • keithgoldstein
      • BaileyL
      • RayJohansen
      • MichalGill
      • Ladislav.Koubek


  • Board delegatives members :
    • kittyhundal
    • DanPrazeresBR
    • Etienne
  • Board :
    • Alternate board members :

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      • kittyhundal

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      • DanPrazeresBR
    • Board members :
      • Etienne

Ordre du jour

Board Meeting




2.1.1 Chair and secretary

2.1.2 Quorum

keithgoldstein: Michal and Ladislav are on their way
keithgoldstein: Attending: Ray, Bailey, Keith, Ladislav, Mike

Alternates: Cedric

Excused: Etienne,

Unexcused: Guillaume

Visiting:Faro, Koen,


keithgoldstein: [Previous minutes 2018-12-17](
keithgoldstein: The original Congressus is here:
:Approval on the minutes
The minutes of the last meeting are approved :
Yes: MichalGill (1), BaileyL (1), RayJohansen (1), Etienne (1), keithgoldstein (1)
Minutes approved

keithgoldstein: The minutes are approved with 4 voting.





keithgoldstein: Ready to work in the new year. Monthly membership meeting is on Saturday.


keithgoldstein: I am working hard with ECOSOC, enrolling new reps, reenrolling old ones, writing reports, etc.


keithgoldstein: Contact with Keith about ECOSOC paper and UN meeting in NY


RayJohansen: Health reasons for lack of progress. I still do social media like always. Here is the sketchf for the standing committee I will present in the next board meeting.


keithgoldstein: Sent the affiliation fee emails.
keithgoldstein: Organizing a donation from PPCZ for TT4.
keithgoldstein: Prepared an invoice. Needs information on prior invoices.
1) E-mail on the topic of affiliation fees sent to the full mailing list (just before NYE, I believe). So far I'm collecting responses to it. 2) PPCZ donation towards TT4: I'm working with Markéta on having the money wired.


keithgoldstein: Sent an email about the statutes of the PPI.
Cedric: Report : nothing new. I received one answer for the statutes revisions from Muriel (PPCAT). So wait and see for the rest of our members...
keithgoldstein: He has a meeting that is scheduled for 21/1.
keithgoldstein: The meeting is at 20:00 CET.





keithgoldstein: We were informed that Kitty is resigning.


Cedric: Upgrade an congressus and HTTPS stuff


2.4.3 Functioning of the mailing lists (MO-5 2016 GA)

The link at the bottom of pp-leaders does not function. There is no unsubscribe option:

Request to delegate out further to our working group on emails to try to revive and expand use of pp-leaders email list.



The reference in the wiki at the moment to the 2019 budget is here:

PPI Minutes 2018 11 03 - PPI PPI_Minutes_2018_11_03#9.1._Budget_2019

It should be added to here:
keithgoldstein: We have NOT discussed the budget in the board. It has not been presented, discussed and voted on.
RayJohansen: - Until a budget is presented and decided on I will not allow us to spend one single Euro.

- Until we have a cash flow budget, same thing

- Until there is a budget for projects or conferences I will not allow us to vote on going ahead with them either.

- By law I am responsible for our use of money, like the rest of you

In conclusion we do not start by spending money before we know whe have the money and nor before suggested projects explain how that is the best use of that money. If you want to spend one Euro do not come to a board meeting with one sentence and expect us to be able to make a decision.

This goes doubly for the IT part of the budget. Before there is a contract and we agree that it is the best and most economical way of spending our money we wont pay anyone.

This is how the world works and there is simply no way you can circumvent my thinking here.


keithgoldstein: Let's check the veracity of this proposal for a joint written statement on Tamils Genocide in Sri Lanka.

For Next Human Rights Council we want to make a joint written statement on Tamils Genocide in Sri Lanka.

And we need the support of your NGO as supporter please let me to know if we can associate your organization to this appeal.

This appeal is an resume of Resolution which was passed at Nothern Provincial Council in Sri Lanka, which chief Minister is a Sri Lanka former Sri Lankan Supreme Court Judge.

Justice Canagasabapathy Visuvalingam Vigneswaran, is a Sri Lankan Tamil lawyer, judge and politician. He was a magistrate and a judge of the District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. He is the current Chief Minister of the Northern Province.

Northern Provincial Council (Tamil: ?? ????? ??? Va?a M?k??a Capai; NPC) is the provincial council for the Northern Province in Sri Lanka. In accordance with the Sri Lankan constitution, NPC has legislative power over a variety of matters including agriculture, education, health, housing, local government, planning, road transport and social services. The constitution also gives it powers over police and land but successive central governments have refused to devolve these powers to the provinces. NPC has 38 members elected using the open list proportional representation system.

For more question please feel free to ask me


- Phone, Viber, Whatsapp : 0033623491406

- Skype : boscomm

- email :

2.8.1 Request for Inputs for Older People Paper, 4 topics, 800 words each.

keithgoldstein: It is due Feb. 1
RayJohansen: It has been spread everywhere on social media.

2.8.2 Annual Membership Passes for UNHQ - New York

keithgoldstein: Everyone who was on the list last year can also be assigned again this year.
keithgoldstein: We are looking for new members, people who live in Geneva and/or NY and want to represent us at UN events.
keithgoldstein: Adding Ladislav to the list of groundspass members.

Speech at CSOCD57 in NY in Feb., registration from Jan. 11.

keithgoldstein: who is thinking of coming to NY for the upcoming CSOCD event at the UNHQ, Feb.11-21.
Cedric: not me


2.9.1 PCS

keithgoldstein: Is anyone from PPI going to that event who would speak on behalf of PPI?
keithgoldstein: Czech Pirates are going. They could speak perhaps.
keithgoldstein: Ladislav organized a speaker who is an expert in security.

2.9.2 TT4

get out a call for speakers and submissions.

keithgoldstein: Fundraising for the event: 1000 EUR will be provided by PPCZ. We should start a crowdfunding to promote.
keithgoldstein: We need to have a meeting to organize the event, get the ball rolling with the committees that we proposed.
keithgoldstein: We need to set a date for a working group conference.

MichalGill: TT4 proposal so far:

keithgoldstein: For the next meeting, so everyone can make an informed decision, we should post the texts.
keithgoldstein: Before the next meeting, we should have a meeting about TT4.
keithgoldstein: We will need to make sure that we get official replies from PPCZ.
RayJohansen: There needs to be a formal decision.
MichalGill: PPCZ Board decision from December 17 2018:

1) PPCZ welcomes the PPI's initiative to host the TT4 conference in Prague and agrees to take auspices over that conference.

2) PPCZ approves for a use-specific donation of 1000 EUR towards the organisation of that conference.

- both proposals were carried unanimously


keithgoldstein: Etienne organized a meeting on 21/1.

Can we add the link?

keithgoldstein: Monday 21th January - 20h CET



keithgoldstein: We will continue to work on social media and everything else.
keithgoldstein: Every month, we are trying for the third Sat. of the month.
keithgoldstein: Anyone that wants to work with Pirates. It is to coordinate and facilitate activism.
keithgoldstein: It can be about supporting during elections, anything.
keithgoldstein: A lot of information about the Catalonia project. There is a worldwide protest happening. We are trying to get people who attended protests to attend our meeting.
keithgoldstein: It will take place at 20:00 CET.
RayJohansen: Ray does social media continuously. There is a plan for Acta2 demos. If you visit our PPI at PPI activism, you will see that the world has been informed that they are trying to coordinate efforts of Acta activists. They are making a lot of noise and helping pirates to get active.
keithgoldstein: It would be great if we collaborated the monthly meetings with the PP-leaders mailing list.

Ongoing Issues that may not have updates

2.7.1 PPI Newsletter

2.7.2 Article on Using Online Democracy Tools

2.7.3 Video Campaign

2.10.1 Subgroup for revamping the language of the PPI statutes

2.6.1 Rules of procedure Change to Board RoP # 1 - Deleting §5 - point 3 Change to Board RoP # 2 - Adding minimum criteria for agenda items

2.6.2 Members Inventory of PPI members and pirates parties Nonmember Contact

2.6.3 Monthly outreach meeting

keithgoldstein: There is an update for this. See above.

2.6.4 Tools Board Decision, Tasks, Voting Organization Tool

keithgoldstein: In the next meeting we will be ready to make a decision on this.
keithgoldstein: This is the third test of Discord and Congressus. One of the ongoing issues is choosing tools. We are not ready to test, but we will make some documents describing the different tools and make a decision. Board meeting location : test Discord Updating Decisions of the Board on our Wiki

2.11 AOB - Any other business

RayJohansen: We have tested numerous tools. The larger picture is IT in general.
RayJohansen: We have not made a formal decision on the IT.
RayJohansen: A presentation needs to be made with an offer.
keithgoldstein: There was a request to change our meeting times. Will we do that today or wait till the next meeting?


keithgoldstein: Next meeting is 27/1. Sunday 27.01.2019 21:00 CET Minutes
keithgoldstein: We will meet on Discord again.
keithgoldstein: Meeting closed at 22:48 CET.