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Today's meeting

Attending: Ray, Bailey, Mike, Ladislav, and Keith

Visiting: Koen

Cedric arrived later.

These are just informal notes, as we decided to have an improptu non-official board meeting.

There is a suggestion that we just meet to say hi and go around in a circle to discuss things for the next meeting.

We moved from Discord to Zoom.

Bailey: Catalonia self-determination campaign. Membership meeting delayed. Having problems with pp-leaders, sending emails. She can't send. Bastian knows about the problem. Going back on the Telegram pirates group, a little work on the UN paper and will do more.

Ray: Moving to the US, coordination with US Pirates, and opening space . Representing PPI on social media. Interview with Thomas Drake on podcast. Went to the statute revisions meeting, which Etienne will report about.

Michal: We were supposed to schedule a TT4 meeting, but we did not.

Ladislav: Concentrating on ECOSOC issues. Drafted a speech. We need to request to see if we can speek. The event is in less than 3 weeks from now. He will send the statement, only 350 words, by Wire later. It is due on Jan. 30. The UN paper on elderly, he reminded someone who is going to provide input.

Cedric: Possibility to copy the meetings, also to make a template button. In the process there is the possibility to create templates for the types of meetings that you want.

Koen: Collecting signatures for the next election, but there are European elections at the same time.