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Special Meeting on the 2018 GA
  • Any issues besides the GA will be added to Section 6 AOB
--- [00/00/2018 09/24/14:00]h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"
Audio recording: 14:06 CEST
Video: n/a

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Bailey, Ray, Keith, Koen, Thomas, Etienne
unexcused:Guillaume, Adam

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members
participating: Etienne
participating: PiratesOnAir


Meeting opened at 14:06 CEST by Keith
Meeting chaired by Keith
Secretary for this meeting is Group
Quorum established with 6 out of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: started/not possible
Recording started:
Postal votes:
Notes on meeting process
  • [HH:MM] CEST: (name) entered the meeting [=> Quorum not established with X out of Y board members]
  • [HH:MM] CEST: (name) left the meeting [=> Quorum established with X out of Y board members]
  • [HH:MM] x-minute break by initiated by (name)
Meeting closed at HH:MM CEST by (name)


Minutes of the last meeting

YES: Bailey, Ray, Keith, Koen, Etienne,Thomas NO: ABSTENTIONS:

Minutes approved.


4.1 - Short report of the board members 1)

  • Board:
  • Guillaume:
  • Bailey: My main focus has been on speakers. I'm not getting responses as fast as I had hoped but we do have 4 confirmed: Barrett Brown, Markétka Gregorová, Adam Wolf and Naomi Colvin (who I'm hoping will be part of a panel on whistleblower protection along with a few others that haven't confirmed a couple maybes though).
  • Keith: Arranged reps. for the UN ECOSOC High-Level Panel on Migration and Structural Transformation in Africa, which is happening right now. I will prepare a summary with our reps. for a post on our website. Arranged a meeting with Pirates in Tokyo. Also, I have been contacting or trying to recontact other Pirate groups that were interested in joining PPI, such as Mexico and Australia. Working on our election strategy in Israel as well. Also, please note that I prepped today's minutes with quotes from our Wire chat, as there were numerous requests to add. Some may be less relevant or no longer relevant.
  • Koen: Been very busy on the local elections in Belgium that are coming up on the 14th of october. Brought back online. For submissions contact Josef Collentine or Andrew Reitmeyer.
  • Adam:
  • Raymond: Half my time since the last board meeting has been about organizing the GA. I have focused on setting up the tools we have decided to use. Discourse, Poll Everywhere and Zoom. In addition, working with Bailey I have attempted, and failed, to get in touch with our member parties and their representatives. In the coming period I will, the board permitting, attempt to contact every single party using emails and direct messages in social media accounts and continuing to prep the tools. For my work to be successful my first challenge is that I need an exhaustive agenda. Etienne and his colleagues have been very helpful. I hope that continues, and feel certain that it will.

The following is the document i hope will be central in our coordination efforts:

  • Thomas:

Nothing to report

  • Alternates:
  • Etienne : I configured the GA Discourse with the help of Cédric. The connection with the server is not good. I hope it will make it through the discussions. (+Our contact is Stefan T in the Swiss Pirate Party and its running on his private server which might explain why its a little bit slow. It also tells us that it might not be possible to make it work better. - Ray)
  • Daniel
  • Gregory:

5 General Asssembly Preparations

  • Finances Update
Coordinating with lay auditors for budget
Collecting affiliation fees
Current balance we can use for the GA
CF campaign for event. Using Paypal/Gofundme.
Thomas would like to use a webpage with the Paypal.
  • Costs for GA
Facilities (internet, etc.?)
Whether we will be charging a nominal fee at the door to pay for the costs, perhaps 25 euros.
Whether it will be a mandatory fee.
We are going to need a certain amount of money to be able to purchase necessary things.
Asking for volunteers if they can't pay.
Perhaps we will want to have two fee tiers.
  • List of Speakers

Barrett Brown, Markétka Gregorová, Adam Wolf and Naomi Colvin


A whistleblower panel is attempted being put together Adam: "Mediterranian Refugee Rescue" (my words, not Adams) <Indicated willingness to speak> giuseppe.maiello of PPCZ Lukáš Lev Červinka PPCZ Koen DeVoegt PPBE Ladislav Koubek PPCZ Matthijs P PPNL Elbert Kaan PPNL

<We should also ask them if they would like to speak> Yassin zlima PPTU Amenallah chaabane PPTU Jo Booth NZIN Vojtěch Pikal PPCZ


Koen DeVogt Guillaume/Bailey

Local Hosts


We can ask PP Bavaria to open the meeting.
Online Speakers


Perhaps premature at this moment about putting out too many names, as we are still contacting people. Please contact Bailey and Ray if you have recommendations to include in the tentative list.
  • Roles for the GA
Meeting Chair

Vojtěch Pikal

Online Coordinator

Ray Etienne

This will include moderating in Discourse and people with good knowledge of the statutes.
We will also be asking Jo Booth and others to assist.
Local Coordinator

Alex K.

Moderators who help people stay on topic, fights trolls and ends or opens discussions.


People accepting or declining proposal of motions from members .


  • Registration
Zoom Registration https://t. co/ 2CUTGUPzrm
Confirming delegates
Responding to early registrants by Limesurvey and email.
Ray will start contacting the parties one by one.
Ray will also send an email with the Zoom registration to our member contact database and pp-leaders, and the Limesurvey database.
  • Emails and Outreach for the event
Problem of email responses
Perhaps sent too early (August 15)
Writing back to early registrants from Limesurvey and by Zoom
Mails to the Board, was the email issue resolved? to
  • Social Media Messages
text for tweets + FB posts + emails.

We have not added yet to PiratePartiesTalks and GlobalPirates Telegram groups.

  • Accomodations for the GA
Consulting with our hosts about a large shared location
Online search so far showed hotel rooms for two for under 50 euros.
Bailey and Ray have been looking on AirBnB for houses that could host large groups.
Looking for Nov.1-5, rates were about 1500 euros. Prices have gone up recently.
In the prior meeting with Alex, we asked him if he could talk with local people about hosting.

  • Press Release/Coverage
If we have something interesting, we should write a press release and share it.
We discuss the asynchronous nature of the GA as being something interesting.
Bailey would like to collaborate with others on writing a press release.
We might have some interesting guests, which could make a good press release.
It may take a week or so for us to get confirmations to include in our press release.
We should bring up the topic of local German press with Alex and PPDE.
Resolution of the GA, ad hoc resolutions, things that were prepared.
This happened in the first two years, but it stopped.
Making clear deadlines
Clarification of the tools used, the dates ...
information about the operation of the PPI during the rest of the year
Summary of past year's work and next year's plan.
  • Poll Everywhere
For testing purposes I would like the whole board to register a free user account with email, name and activated phone ASAP.
One delegate per country is allowed to vote.
They have to register, either with their phone or email.
The address will be changed to xxx/PPI.
We would like everyone in the board to register a profile, so we can administer it.

  • Tech Needs
"The server is really slow... I hope we won't have problems when several people will use it"
Which server? PPI: The performance of the server is excellent.
Which service is slow?
Answers please to PPI-Tech-Team
  • Discourse
Organization into categories,
Getting people to participate in advance. Reminding members to prediscuss and propose motions on Discourse, so we can vote on them quickly at the GA.
having text descriptions in Discourse that tells people how things work. When can you send in your motions, when is the deadline, what are they expected to do, what is to be discussed, when will there be a vote etc etc.
Updating this information from Discourse to the Official GA Outline, see below.
We will need an agenda, which needs agenda numbered items, which uniquely identify them. The names and numbers must be identical between Discourse and PollAnywhere. This way people know what they are voting for.
The basic agenda is in there, but it needs to be expanded upon.
Items needs to be chronologically numbered. Everything has numbers.

We will need to summarize the revisions in order to make them digestible during the GA.
We can call for small debates about detailed matters in the statute revisions.
We need a draft to know how much time we have to organize debates.
Keith will delete the first statute revision, and set up according to the template.
Etienne will create a new category for the grammatical revisions.
We need to Wikify all of the items.
  • Updating the Official GA Outline
rules and procedures for the items in Discourse. This will make it easier for people who come to Discourse understand what to do, assuming that they have no background.
timetable for the GA.
Formal Pad Information:

  • Congressus presentation at the GA
https://youtu. be/ 2zeYI4FsAuE Would France like to present? Yes, they do.
Would we like to have them present?
We will hold off on a vote, and work under the assumption that they will present. We will formalize all speakers and presentations in a future meeting.
  • Statute Revisions
Adding them to Discourse

  • Other Motions
  • Nomination of PPI officers (Board Applications)
Board members
We believe it was 3 board members and 2 alternates. We need to check.
The vote on the statute change will come before the vote on nominees for officers. So, yes, the vote would be for three.
Alternate board members
Court of arbitration
Lay auditors
Let's make sure to write the lay auditors and court of arbitration to make sure that they have a chance to submit reports.
Let's get nominations of officers in Discourse, so we make sure that we have enough nominations to increase the board size.
  • New Membership Applications
Deadline is October 6
Ray will contact 2 former members and ask if they will want to at least consider becoming observer members.

  • Media Set Up
Zoom, conference room, youtube, facebook live, sound from room to Zoom and vice versa - actual test with Munich too.

We will be trying to get a tech test set up for the coming weekend. In addition we will have a couple of days in Munchen to test. Ray arrives the evening of November 1st.

  • After the GA
Visiting Pirates in Berlin, Prague, and elsewhere.

  • Text
Motion passed/failed

6 AOB - Any other business

Swiss tv doing a 5 minutes on an ngo run bh a pirate https://youtu. be/ iuappwoKDvc

  • ECOSOC , today our representatives Liz and Ohad are at the UN attending the High-Level Panel on Migration and Structural Transformation in Africa


Next Meeting: Sunday/, 2018-07-10 21:00 CEST (00:00 UTC) Meeting Closed: 15:49 CEST