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--- [07/10/2018 21:00]h CEST ---
Room: "/PPI_Board/board_meetings"
Zoom Room
Audio recording:

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Ray, Bailey, Thomas, Koen, Keith
excused: Adam, Guillaume
Guilaumes vote goes to Bailey

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members
Alex Kohler (PPBY)


Meeting opened at 21:08 CEST by Bailey
Meeting chaired by Bailey
Secretary for this meeting is Everyone
Quorum established with 5 out of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: started
Recording started: yes
Postal votes: none
Notes on meeting process
  • [HH:MM] CEST: (name) entered the meeting [=> Quorum not established with X out of Y board members]
  • [HH:MM] CEST: (name) left the meeting [=> Quorum established with X out of Y board members]
  • [HH:MM] x-minute break by initiated by (name)
Meeting closed at HH:MM CEST by (name)


Minutes of the last meeting:

YES: Ray, Bailey, Guillaume, Koen, Thomas, Keith, NO: ABSTENTIONS:

Minutes approved: Yes


4.1 - Short report of the board members 1)

  • Board:
  • Guillaume:
not present
  • Bailey:
We have a draft schedule for GA weekend. We also have a new post on the website with instructions for what delegates must do leading up to the GA (register with Discourse, etc). The website post is out on social media as well as emailed to our members.
  • Keith: Working on the UN Csocd57 statement that is due Oct. 22. Please let me know if you would like to collaborate with this statement. Please spread word that we need participation in UN events around the world, especially in Geneva.

  • Koen:
Working for local elections in Antwerp, nothing PPI
  • Adam:
  • Raymond:
Nothing to report vocally. Business as ususal. Also work directly related to the GA, which have taken most of the time.
  • Thomas:
nothing to report
  • Alternates:
  • Etienne
not present
  • Daniel
not present
  • Gregory:
not present

5 - Proposal No. 1

  • Timetable for the GA....

...can be found here. Please go through and comment, preparing for the board meeting.

  • This is a draft proposal from Bailey and Ray. We invite everybody to talk through it with us. It should then become the basis for a cohesive agenda we can then send to our members. Thursday evening all members, pp-leaders got an email with all deadlines and links to
  • No need to decide on it, will have to be changed accordingly to any stuff that arrives before and during the GA - A time table just shall help with having a smooth meeting. And finally it is up to the GA to decide. But nice work and it should just be updated.

  • Pirate Panel Discussion
Proposal: We allow each member to nominate one representative with a maximum of 6, first come first serve enrollment. Those who confirmed already that they will be physically present will be given precedent invitations. This will solve the problem of who to choose. It also allows our members to feel more included as participants and not just spectators.
We ask one basic policy question, such as: "What is one essential Pirate policy for social development that we can promote at an international level and what are feasible recommendations for its implementation?" 5 minutes for each speaker, then a 30 minute debate, answers/questions, etc.
Are there any recommendations about the question that we will ask? We will continue to discuss this throughout.
We decided not to vote on it, and just to go through with it and edit it along the way. Keith will organize and moderate the panel.

5 - Proposal No. 2

BACKGROUND: This year we propose that instead of reading the reports out loud at the GA we submit them for discussion in Discourse for two weeks. The chairs can then spend parts of their time mentioning the head lines, if they like.

The following written statements will be submitted and put up in Discourse (?) Report from the Board Report from the Treasurer Report from Lay Auditors Report from the Court of Arbitration

The reports will be submitted in Discourse and a summary will be presented at the GA, thus saving time for speeches and interaction. The reports shall be written by Oct 19th - which is when Discourse debates are opened.

From the statutes: X. Functions of the General Assembly The functions of the General Assembly are: e) to consider reports and recommendations presented by the Board,

Therefore I consider to have a report given by the Chair (for in general) and from the Treasuer at the GA itself as vocal speach in part is necessary to get awareness for our situation.

Keith: Regarding the above proposal, I think part of the chair report and vice chair report should be to summarize the written statements, "report of the board, treasurer, lay auditors, and CoA". I would not write that we are not presenting the reports, only that our chair and vice will be presenting an executive summary of those reports on behalf of the Board, Treasurer, Auditors, COA, a full copy of which is available on Discourse Motion changed to reflect this comment.

We decided that we didn't need to vote on this, and we will coordinate further along the way.

 == 5 - Proposal No. 3 ==
  • What are the things in a) statute amendments and b) motion.
  • What things, (can someone please list them), needs to/will be voted on. (We cannot prepare Poll Everywhere or plan anything unless we have a list.)

Statutes amendments just consider changes to statutes. It has to be way up front to any GA as the members need to know it. And for any other Statutes Amendments we cann

  • We have to write out an Agenda. Who does that by when?

  1. Opening of the General Assembly (Formalities)
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Admittance of new PPI Members
  4. Reports
    1. Financial Report
    2. Board (Chair for the board)
    3. Court of Arbitration
    4. Lay Auditors
  5. Motions
  6. Statutes Amendments
  7. Elections of PPI officers
    1. Chairman, board members and alternate board members
    2. Court of arbitration
    3. Lay auditors
  8. Issues of statements
  9. Closing of the general assembly
  • Choice of meeting chair and informing them/preparing them
We have one volunteer. We need more people, perhaps a vice chair and helpers, such as minute takers. We should have someone with experience, who can deal with complications that come along the way. The people who are running the GA need to have some training on how to do so. Perhaps PP-Bavaria has someone who can take part in chairing the meeting? Alex will check and he will arrange with us someone who we can contact and explain the timeline beforehand. He needs to ask people in advance. This way we can have hopefully one local person and one international person to co-chair the meeting.
  • Technical test with Munich (Zoom etc.) needs to happen in the next couple of weeks
Perhaps we can do it tomorrow, around 21:00 CEST. Additionally, we can do tests next weekend. Alex will do an internal test tomorrow, and he will then connect with us to do an additional test around next Sunday.
  • A meeting with Munich needs to get set up so we can share our needs and get details from them
Alex will check if PP Bavaria can meet the board in Zoom once before the GA. He will check
  • We have to have a 2019 budget made for the GA so it can be voted on
under prep. some figures are still missing but as to my knowlegde they will show up the upcoming week
  • We need a status for our liquidity right now + a budget for THIS year
there is an decided common bugdet for 2017/2018. Decided upon in 2017.
We have 538,79 EUR in our PayPal. around 500 CHF in the bank account, some membership fees are due but not yet paid.
Affiliation fee emails need to be sent. Affiliation fees need to be paid before the GA.
  • Poll Everywhere is 79 Euros a month. I stupidly thought that meant our total cost would be 79. But it will be twice 79. I need to upgrade to paid solution now, and we will, on November 1st get deducted for 79 Euros more. I need for our GenSec to pay for this from PPI's money. Does the board approve?
The Treasurer is the one tasked with this I believe, not the GenSec.
Counterproposal: just do email plus voting cards - one secretary for it is necessary (for email) only, we do only have open votes. It needs a printer in addtition for documentation.(Tabulators are needed for documenting the voting cards)
  • How much money will we have to cover incidentals in Munchen?
Entry "fee" 30 EUR/Person for food/beverage etc. (PPBY)
We want to emphasize that discounts or no charge will be made for people who lack resources to enter.
Question of will we accept sponsors. In general, yes, we will, as long as the board is able to decide on accepting the sponsor. There should be certain standards regarding our acceptance of sponsors.
  • Accomodations in Munich, what is the status there?
Alex needs to know exactly how many people and who will need accomodations in Munich. So far we don't have any other people who indicated that they wanted accomodations. Several people have requested recommendations for budget accomodations.

  • Proposal
  • "PPI will accept sponsorship agreements related to the General Assembly (GA) 2018 and any upcoming GA in the future. Each sponsor will have to sign a contract and the board will vote on the eligibility of said sponsor."
Yes: Thomas, Keith, Bailey, Guillaume, Ray, Koen
Motion passed: Yes

5 - Proposal No. 4

  • Statute Revisions:
  • Revisions to Articles XII. Board and XIII. Functions of the Board.
  • Revisions to Article XIII.6 Functions of the Board
  • New Statute XXII. Formal Committee of the General Assembly
  • Revisions to Article VII. Termination of Membership
Text to read at the GA
We need to Wikify the statute amendments, so they can be split into numbers and decided independently.
We also need to write instructions for people who don't know how to use Discourse.
 == 5 - Proposal No. 5 ==
  • Statute Revisions:

Submission of Written Statements for CSocD57

The Division for Inclusive Social Development (DISD) at the UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) launched the call for written statements for the 57th session of the Commission for Social Development (CSOCD57). As one of the functional commissions of the ECOSOC, the Commission is the advisory body responsible for the social development pillar of global development. Submission is open from 1 October to 22 October 2018 via CSO Net.

Specifically, we want to suggest revisions to their policies on information and communication technologies, as well as discuss ways to promote social action and community development.

This is an opportunity for us to draft a statement that we can read from the floor. I would appreciate any opinions about the content.

This is the working pad for this discussion:

 == 5 - Proposal No. 6 ==
  • Affiliation Fees
We need to send the email right away to our members, so they can pay fees before the GA. It is important annually to approve the affiliation fees and discuss this at the GA.
Affiliation fees are the only thing that keep us running, so without them we will have no funds. The statutes indicate that every year there is a discussion about the affiliation fees. It can be covered with motions.
"XVI. Affiliation Fees

(1) The amount of the fee is determined annually by the General Assembly. (2) The affiliation fees and contributions shall be fixed in relation to the finances and membership of parties."

6 AOB - Any other business

Bavaria Election--Alex? (Not asked)

Check Pirates entered Prague elections as number 2 with 17.07%! Maybe the next mayor will be a Pirate!


Next Meeting: Monday, 2018-10-22 - 09:00 CEST (07:00 UTC) Meeting Closed: 22:56 CEST (20:56 UTC)