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GA Board meeting, Mumble/Zoom, November 8 at 21:00 CET - 2018

--- [00/00/2018 08/14/21:00]h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"
Audio recording:
Video: made from Zooom

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board


Guillaume Saouli, Bailey Lamon, Raymond Johansen, Michal Gill, Ladislav Koubek, Keith Goldstein (joined after 15 minutes)




1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members
participating: Cédric Levieux,
Meeting opened at 21:10 CEST by _____
Meeting chaired by Guillaume
Secretary for this meeting is Everyone shares responsibility

Ray Johansen has Keith Goldsteins proxy

Who wil upload this to the Wiki afterwards? Keith will upload the Wiki afterwards

Quorum established with 6 out of 7 board members present and 1 alternate
Streaming started: started/not possible
Recording started: <NO RECORDING?>
Postal votes:
Notes on meeting process


  • ITEM A - Budget 2019
Presented by Guillaume -
For the new members of the board Guillaume presents Redmine and how it is to be used. We use it as our decision recording platform. We also use it to track work and responsabilites. Guillaume goes through the "budget"/FreeMine graphics - located in Redmine (Decision #391).

- Differentiating projects and our base costs Meaning that PPI is basically project financed apart from base costs defined in the budget presented in Redmine. Base operations are financed through membership fees, while individual project costs are financed by donations, grants, sponsorship and crowd funding.

- Discussion on the full registration as an NGO to easily get our hands on all kinds of grants. This would be treated as a project (not a base cost).

- Budget for bare minimum

- To support the preparation of delivery of strategic goals


Minutes of the last meeting: Minutes of the last meeting will be approved in the following board meeting together with these minutes.


4.1 - Short report of the board members 1)

  • Board: Reports were not made considering the special focused meeting.

== 5 - Proposal AGENDA for the GA Saturday Nov 10th No. 1 ==

- Opening formalities

- Budget 2019

- Financial proposal: Get rid of the 20% rule for affiliation fees

Comment from Michal Gill: My (Czech - as I feel the mood within our party) three problems with the current uncapping proposal:

   1) The PPCZ will with 90% probability vote internally against this proposal if it passes and won't set the funds for it aside.
   2) One member country will pay over one half of the base budget, which to me, from POV of the other members, might, and should, seem scary.
   3) The current model is based on sand as in every country the system of reimbursing the parties for their elected representatives differs widely. We now have about 400 elected representatives of which for only about, let's say, 50 we get money from the state, so the current system is based on really bad numbers.
   I feel that the PPCZ would be perfectly happy to donate money for specific tasks and projects to support the PPI on the side, but certainly not through this proposed uncapping.

The French point of view is that's a bit unfair to uncap, so I can only second your POV.

- Counter Proposal to capping removal (originating from the Board)

In order to simplify and acknowledge the realities of the pirate movement implement a 4 tiered model:

     T4  Mature     1000 CHF
     T3  Established  250 CHF 
     T2  Emerging countries  100 CHF   
     T1  Nascent    0 CHF
     Mature a member of PPI can be considered mature when he meets 2 or more of the following:
         1- He receives regular state funding
         2- He collects member dues
         3- He has elected officials at state or regional level
         4- He has elected officials at local level which recieve compensation
    Established, a member of PPI can be considered established when he meets one or more of the following:
        1- He is having paying members
        2- He is running for elections on a regular basis
        3- He has regular statutory activities - i.e. having general assemblies
   Emerging  a member of PPI can be considered emerging when he meets one or more of the following:
        1- He is collecting donations
        2- He has regular statutory activities - i.e. having general assemblies
        3- He runs activism project
   Nascent a member of PPI can be considered nascent when he meets one or more of the following:
        1- He has regular statutory activities - i.e. having general assemblies
        2- He runs activism project

- New vote tool : Congressus for PPI

- Any other business/open mic -- International coordination meetings, an information item by Bailey Lamon -- Standing Comittee for the revision of Statutes -- Standing Comittee for ECOSOC and International NGO activities

- Closing of the GA

ACTIONS DECIDED BY THE BOARD - The board will send the above proposed agenda to our members in front of the GA on Nov 10th. Responsible: Ray - Ray will cooperate wtih Cedric and Etienne to formulate and publish on Discourse the counter proposal to new voting tool + the counter proposal for affiliation fees. - Guillaume will be responsible for finishing the budget for 2019 and publishing it in Discourse. - The Board authorises Raymond Johansen to submit a proposal to the Norwegian Pirate Party to forgive PPS's outstanding debt.

6 AOB - Any other business

Updating minutes, editing prior minutes - Guillaume talks to Keith about this
Update board report to the wiki - Bailey
Archive old finance reports - Keith, (G will remind)
Upload lay auditors report to wiki - Guillaume, but only next week



Next Meeting: Monday, 19.11.2018 14:00 CET (00:00 UTC) Meeting Closed: 23:24 CEST (00:00 UTC)

For next board meeting

NOT GA STUFF BUT IMPORTANT (some items can wait but included for following board meeting)

update the board email, lay auditor and coa

get poi emails for everyone

update pp leaders

Uncsd presentation

psc collaboration

Setting up DOI for Pirate academic journal, contact gregory


Video some

pirate research (idea : governance in the Pirate movment)

minutes Review

UN page on website

Planning Transition from the ML to Discourse