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Mar 24 2019 bod


  • Board delegatives members :
    • Cedric (1)
    • Etienne (1)
    • keithgoldstein (1)
    • BaileyL (1)
    • RayJohansen (1)
    • MichalGill (1)
    • gsaouli (1)
      • 7/9
  • Board :
    • Alternate board members :
      • Cedric

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    • Board members :
      • Etienne
      • keithgoldstein
      • BaileyL
      • RayJohansen
      • MichalGill

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      • gsaouli


  • Board delegatives members :
    • DanPrazeresBR
    • Ladislav.Koubek
  • Board :
    • Alternate board members :

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      • DanPrazeresBR
    • Board members :

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      • Ladislav.Koubek

Ordre du jour

Board Meeting


Cedric: Present are Mike, Guillaume, Cedric, Bailey and Ray.

Excused: Keith, Etienne

Meeting started at 14:08

Cedric: Visiting: Macburns, PiratesOnAir
Cedric: Quorum is obtained with 5 out of 7 present.


keithgoldstein: Ladislav is absent. He warned that he may not be able to make it.


2.1.1 Chair and secretary

2.1.2 Quorum


Do we approve the minutes?
15yes.png Yes :
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: Motion rejetée


The minutes are approved

keithgoldstein: Minutes were approved. There was a discussion of whether the alternate board member is automatically promoted to vote, but alas we need to make sure that excused members nominate someone to take their vote.
Do we approve the minutes?
Description de la motion
15yes.png Yes : BaileyL (2), gsaouli (1), RayJohansen (1), Etienne (1)
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: Motion adoptée

keithgoldstein: The minutes are passed.




gsaouli: Activities for Save the Internet in Switzerland. Next week there will also be save the internet in Switzerland.

- Adminstration - accounting reviewing current accounts - sharing with Mike the overall bank documents

- Administration - change in treasurer organisation - preparing the motion for the upcoming board meeting to execute change

- Save the internet day in Switzerland

- Preparing GA

- Discussions on federal elections 2019


RayJohansen: Press release re #SaveYourInternet and #StopACTA2

Ongoing Catalonia Op Political prisoners on trial

BaileyL: Catalonia. Save the internet. Press release on our website about the protests for save the internet. We support people protesting, whether you do it or in another format. That was published. Yesterday was the big protest day. The final number was that there were 250000 people around Europe.


keithgoldstein: We have elections coming up soon. We just submitted our radio and tv commercials. If anyone would like to send us a video, either of yourselves or some other video, we are putting together some collage videos. Other than that, same old, same old...



RayJohansen: Business as usual. Nothing more to report, other than having taken part in coordinating information flow re: #SaveYourInternet protests on the 23rd. Next!


MichalGill: slovak pirates wanting to join ppi, acta2 yesterday in Ostrava, CZE (some 50 people and maybe my speech was recorded, not sure), Guillaume downloaded the account statements, so I can finally get to it and match payments. That's just in case I won't be here for the Finances part of the meeting (I'm at my parents' for the first time since xmas, so I really should pay attention to them as well :-)).
MichalGill: To elaborate on the situation in Slovakia at the moment:

The Slovak Pirate Party (not yet a registered political party) has been a PPI member for some time now. Sadly, at the end of the last year they split into two parties. The one bearing the original systems, name and PPI membership is somewhat dormant at the moment. The other one that split from the original one is well alive now. They had a GA last weekend. I was there, Vojta Pikal was, they seem to be enthusiastic to work towards registration as a political party. And I should say WE'RE enthusiastic, since I joined as a member as well and became a local coordinator for the Czech Republic expat Slovaks. This newer PPSK really does want to join the PPI and I'm all for that.

The current Czech Pirates' situation towards Slovakia is waiting and seeing which of the PPSK's will actually manage to get registered as a political party, which is quite hard in Slovakia (10k signatures). On behalf of the PPI I would do the same: work with both of them and seeing whether any of them will be ultimately successful. I root for the newer ones, as proven by me joining, but both should be given a chance.


Etienne: Has been working on the statute revisions. Almost the same as before. There are some small modifications. Less rights for observer members. Detailed some procedures, but there will be more modifications. An additional document is forthcoming.







keithgoldstein: Our pp-leaders email self subscribe does not work. And there is no unsubscribe.
Cedric: Cedric and Etienne idea of replacing the email list with Discourse.
gsaouli: We have an issue that many of our email lists are not open and must remain secret. It is not just an open discussion that we need to be careful about. We need to have a robust solution. Some of the problems are not a surprise, as there are people who target this type of venue. We need to be cautious.
keithgoldstein: Perhaps these are denial of service attacks. A simple mail address to subscribe option which should be moderated. And an unsubscribe option needs to be added. We should add an unsubscribe. Let's ask the IT team if they can help us with this.

Email issues


Guillaume will send Mike the bank statements in a matter of days.


Creating a blog with videos/pictures from CSOCD57

New call for ECOSOC submissions

RayJohansen: Bailey has also volunteered to speak?
Who will speak at the UN ECOSOC meeting?
Description de la motion
15yes.png Yes : {{{Yes}}}
15no.png No : {{{No}}}
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: Motion rejetée

keithgoldstein: We will late till the last minute to add a name. Everyone is fine with everyone. Vote dropped
RayJohansen: Suggestion: If we end up putting in a name without it being settled whether board members or chairs will be in NYC we put in a Ohad. At the same time the Ohad gets informed that they may be swapped out. That way we manage their expectations and nobody gets sad.

UNOG upcoming visits

MichalGill: Hi. Sorry for the mic - it sucks for some reason. I said that at the least I'm going to Geneva sometimes during summer as I'll be in the parliamentary group visiting CERN. So during that I'll for sure visit the UNHQ if open. I hope to get there at least one other time for some event but I'm not really checking them yet. Quite busy as it is at the moment.


2.9.2 TT4

keithgoldstein: Call for Speakers for the Think Twice Conference on Online Challenges to Democracy

The 4th Think Twice Conference (TT4) will be held on October ??? 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic. The event will bring together academics, professionals, nonprofit and governmental organizations, as well as social activists to discuss Online Challenges to Democracy. Speakers are requested who will contribute to the debate about online challenges to democracy from four different perspectives: 1) government, 2) non-profit, 3) business or 4) activism. We will assess positive and negative consequences of online environment collaboration and propose policy solutions. Prior Think Twice conferences were held in Frankfurt, Istanbul and Jerusalem. The event is entirely non-profit and sponsored by the Pirate Parties International and the Czech Pirate Party. Participation is open to the public, and speakers will include leaders from a variety of organizations who seek to debate policies that target online challenges to democracy. The preferred language of the speeches is English. Below you will find a discussion of the themes for the conference and information about applying. Any inquiries can be sent to

Guests who cannot travel to Prague for the event are invited to participate and/or present online. Speakers are asked to either present in a panel discussion (“Online Challenges to Democracy”), organize a workshop, present a poster or graphical information, or speak at the lecture hall. Critical discussions should be presented on one or more of the following subfields: online democracy, the political challenges of governing a free internet, regulations and deregulations of online environments, Big Brother internet, Government spying, Fake news, Fake social media, Preserving freedom of expression online, Democracy interference, Media credibility evaluations and rating systems, Grassroots movements and activism, Political populisms, Risks online globalization, Local and global volunteer networks, or Promoting internet rights through multinational or supranational organizations.

A number of well-known academics, politicians, business representatives, non-profit leaders, and activists will be invited to speak. However, the call for speakers is competitive and open to the public.

Applications to speak should be made by filling out the following short form <ADD LINK> by July 1, 2019. Speakers are requested to provide a short summary of their intended discussion or presentation (up to 500 words). Decisions on speakers will be made by August 1, 2019. Opportunities are available to present papers, which may be published as part of the conference proceedings.

RayJohansen: May I suggest that it is normal and also quite smart to have a project description with budget and costs and dates. Details if you will. Such a document would be natural to present to the board and THEN ask for comments and decisions. Usually it would be good to have it BEFORE a decision to actually go through with it. (Goes without saying but.....)
keithgoldstein: We will add a more concise budget soon after conversations with the local team, involving the dates and whatnot.

Next GA


Etienne: For the end of the month, you will have the first draft
Etienne: He created a permanent general assembly, which would allow decisions throughout the year. It would be asynchronous. At the moment it is divided into segments of 6 weeks.
Etienne: Standing committees were deleted and a cruise working group was made. These are easier to create and dissolve, which creates a more flexible structure. This part and others will be added soon in writing. The board was divided into two parts, one with only 5 members, and then there will be new bodies which are called departments.
gsaouli: We need to have our statutes use a formal language and not a pirate language, such as words such as crew. It is important that we use language that is consistent with international norms.
Etienne: General rules of procedure document includes common procedures that might need to change. It is a more flexible document, which shows the tiers that were developed during the last GA. So we are looking for one document with tiers and another with other information... It should be easier for our board to find information.



Ongoing Issues that may not have updates

2.7.1 PPI Newsletter

2.7.2 Article on Using Online Democracy Tools Change to Board RoP # 1 - Deleting §5 - point 3 Change to Board RoP # 2 - Adding minimum criteria for agenda items

2.6.2 Members Inventory of PPI members and pirates parties

Member data stand comm. Nonmember Contact

2.6.3 Monthly outreach meeting

2.6.4 Tools Updating Decisions of the Board on our Wiki


Pas de description

2.11 AOB - Any other business


Sunday March 24 at 14:00 CET


keithgoldstein: 8TH OF April at 19:00 CEST DST

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