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July 29 2019 Board Meeting

Ordre du jour

Formalities/Ordre de Jour - July 15th 2019

Board Meeting


Present are Gregory, Bailey, Guillaume, Keith,

keithgoldstein: We have quorum with 4 out of 7.


keithgoldstein: Mike indicated that he cannot make it. Etienne indicated he might be absent for a period as he is busy. Dan also indicated that he cannot make it.


Chair and secretary


Approval of the Minutes

<a href=""></a>

keithgoldstein: Gregory abstains, Keith approves, Bailey approves, Guillaume approves
keithgoldstein: 3 out of 4 approve, and hence it is approved.

Next meeting July 29th:

August Meeting time

Approval of Today's Agenda

Temporary Leave of Absence, ROP for Alternate Replacements
Economic reports
UN ECOSOC Working Group

Any Other Business
General Assembly 2019: Discussion, GA Motions
Nomination of Additional Vice Secretaries
TT4 dates and tasks
Our Paypal Problem, Contact with Koen (also regarding the website)
Upcoming Meeting

keithgoldstein: I would like to request that we reverse the RoP to approve the agenda and just ask if anyone would like to add anything. My reasoning is that the secretary has to prepare the agenda before the meeting, and it takes a bit of time. Hence, the time to oppose the agenda is before the meeting. Any objections?
keithgoldstein: We need to push back the financials as Mike is not present.
keithgoldstein: We may not get far with only 4 people

Board member reports



10th anniversary of Swiss PP. Turned out to be a good event. Got press. Looking at the organization of GA. Will propose timeline and set of tasks. Awaiting the meeting tomorrow with the Dutch board. Bailey will also be there. It starts at 8, but they requested us at 8:30. Keith will write them back to let them know that you guys will be there.


German coordination meeting invitation. It was proposed that I become their attache for the US and Canada. That would mean that I would go to their meetings and talk about what is going on.








The last 9 or 10 days been at the Pirate Summer Camp in Poland for the first time. It was a nice program with people from Germany, Poland, Netherlands, and the Czech republic. There were a lot of nice meetings. They discussed setting up structure for the UN work and what to do next. We will talk about this later. We set up some structures and some tools. We went over the UN delegation job application on FB. There were 9 candidates. We rejected half of them and kept 4 of them who look very promising.


Temporary Replacement of Board Member

Ray has asked for a temporary leave of absence. In so doing, it became apparent that we are missing a rule of procedure for this scenario.

Proposed by Keith and Thomas

Alternates are ranked from each election, but Gregory and Cedric were elected in separate elections, hence there is no rank <a href="" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; white-space: pre-wrap; cursor: pointer !important;"></a>. However, it seems that seniority is the rule in practice.

According to the minutes of the GA, Cedric was elected in the last GA, while Dan and Gregory were elected in the prior. Dan ascended having more votes in the prior, but it seems thus on seniority that Gregory would be next in line. I do not find a rule indicating seniority rules, but lacking any order for candidates and prior precedent it seems Gregory is indeed next in line. Having said that, we also have a rule that alternates should be treated as active members and never seem to have full attendance.
<a href="" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; white-space: pre-wrap; cursor: pointer !important;"></a>

Do we agree that it should be a rule that alternates are ranked by order of voting and year, such that the prior year's board members are always ranked above. This is actually a matter of practice, so we just need to clarify it in the rules.

keithgoldstein: For now Ray is just on a two week leave of absence.
keithgoldstein: The ROP is a small point. We should add it, because it was not brought up.

Economic reports

Budget and cashflow budget 2019

not discussed. postponed.

UN ECOSOC Working Group

*PROPOSED BY: Gregory and Keith (on request of the Pirate Summer Camp Committee)

*PROPOSED ACTION: We will form an official working group for PPI UN activities.

*BACKGROUND: PPI needs to prepare for its Quadrenial report and also to formalize our decision-making apparati for UN activities. Numerous pirates from around the world are interested in being involved and would like to take part as formal members in a decision

Motion: Are we in favor of establishing this working group, of which we already have declared interest from a contingent of Pirates, several of whom are already UN representatives: (Pat Maechler, Gregory Engels, Alex Kohler, Bastian, and others)?

A working group will provide us with the organization to conduct fundraising, reporting, attending events, setting up side events, promoting lobbying objectives, and other tasks that will boost PPI's global presence.

Small tasks: 1) To fix up the PPI UN page: <a href="" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; white-space: pre-wrap; cursor: pointer !important;"></a> (Bastian indicated that he was willing to help if we provide him access to do so), 2) Reestablishing a crowdfunding page (prior page was delinked from our bank account as we required Swiss citizen to vouge documents), 3) outline deadlines for statements and events, 4) Vet and Recruit candidates for events, 5) Outline Smart Goals for the organization.
Guest: We were trying to make it more structured, making smart goals that are specific and actionable. Some of the goals are internal. We should not be in a position that we would lose our accreditation, which is not probably a big danger, but we should fulfill our cornerstones. We need to involve more people and to involve PPI members in the process of consultations. Invite all the people who are already involved in the UN business, who have groundspasses, who went to meetings to the group. Have some more formalized discussion. Have more representatives so the next steps will be consultations with members, and also to define people who will publish reports and consultations on the website. Also to define projects about what we are trying to accomplish . One thing came to mind to set up a project about Crypto, because we have some experts in this topic. The former chairman Alexis Russo who lives in Geneva and is very invested in some crypto projects. We thought to get him involved again. There is a lobbying opportunity around that.
BaileyL: Getting members more involved in statements is great. Using Trillo. It is a task managing tool that is flexible and easy.
keithgoldstein: Messages should be sent to the UN group in FB. We will add all of the people on the FB group and then move them to Trillo. We will try to get as many people as possible to that group. Currently there are 11 people in that group.
keithgoldstein: We will add Guillaume and the Czech MPs at Vojtech's request.

Any Other Business

How do we decide who do we work with, what is in our interest. Is some of this derailing. Do we have any evaluation about requests for collaboration that we receive?
keithgoldstein: We don't have a formal process. We tend to discuss it if we support it or not? The India request.

General Assembly 2019: Discussion

keithgoldstein: July 30 at 20:30 can someone be present at the PPNL board meeting to discuss the possibilities of them hosting the GA?

keithgoldstein: Reaching out to prior applicants for board positions to get them to apply again, and offering alternative secretary position for those who are not elected. We need more volunteers.

PPNL Invitation

It is a bit early, but we will see whether we will have the event and how. It is clear that we will need to have the online GA working. We will need to work on the online segment, especially with a dry run. We will need to see which tool that we want to use. We will need to prepare everything ahead of time, so we should be prepared a month or month and a half ahead of time. We will need to have a venue for proposals and so on.

GA Motions

1) propose direct election of alternates based on the order after election of board members. It does not make sense that we have a separate set of elections.
2) increase board size
keithgoldstein: Contacting prior people who ran to be board members and those who might be interested.
BaileyL: We need to have something set up. People didn't get super active, but we had the Discourse. We need to do something like that again. The debates and everything can happen before and on GA day people can make final statements. It doesn't have to take up a whole lot of time. We need to do a lot better to include remote delegates, so they have the same opportunities as everyone who is physically present.
Guest: Involvement and board size are two different things. We need to find a way to get people involved without necessarily being board members.

TT4 dates and tasks

We set up the website and will be contacting the board in the next day or two with an urgent request to send the call for speakers.

Nomination of Additional Vice Secretaries

In order to get more people involved we will be nominating more vice secretaries. We will announce those next meeting.

Our Paypal Problem, Contact with Koen (also regarding the website)

We will contact him to try to gain access back. It appears to just be a technical glitch from logging in from different continents.
Guillaume will set up the Swiss Paypal.

Contact with PP Australia or other parties

The last couple of GAs we had an observer, Miles Whitaker. He was really cool, and it was good that Thomas was keeping that relationship going.

Blogs on our website

Social Media, access to Twitter for Pat

Bailey will get the log in information directly or make people contributors through Tweet deck.

Dichter: It would be better to give permission through Tweet deck, as we had situations before, and there were problems to recover our own account.

Pirate Times

Website is completely down. We will contact Joseph Collentine to try to get access.

Upcoming Meeting

Next meeting is scheduled for Aug. 12, same time at 16:00 CEST.