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August 12 2019 PPI BOD


  • Board delegatives members :
    • Cedric (1)
    • Dichter (1)
    • Etienne (1)
    • keithgoldstein (1)
    • BaileyL (1)
    • RayJohansen (1)
    • MichalGill (1)
      • 7/9
  • Board members :
    • Etienne
    • keithgoldstein
    • BaileyL
    • RayJohansen
    • MichalGill
  • Alternate board members :
    • Cedric
    • Dichter


  • Board delegatives members :
    • DanPrazeresBR
    • gsaouli
  • Board members :
    • DanPrazeresBR
    • gsaouli
  • Alternate board members :

Ordre du jour

August 12th 2019

Pas de description

Board Meeting

Pas de description

keithgoldstein: All members are here with the exception of Guillaume. Dan indicated that he would arrive 10 minutes late. All other members are there. We have several guests.


Pas de description


Pas de description


Pas de description

Chair and secretary

Pas de description

keithgoldstein: Etienne will chair for the moment in place on Bailey, who requested an alternate chair.


Pas de description

keithgoldstein: We have a quorum.

Approval of the Minutes

<a href=""></a>

The last minutes are approved
15yes.png Yes : RayJohansen (1), keithgoldstein (1), BaileyL (1), Etienne (1), MichalGill (1)
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: Motion adoptée

Next meeting August 26th

Approval of Today's Agenda

Economic reports
  • Budget and cash flow budget
  • Paypal?
  • Bank Account
  • Affiliation fees
Any Other Business
  • General Assembly 2019: Discussion]
  • IT
  • Nomination of Additional Vice Secretaries
  • TT4 postponement
  • UN ECOSOC Working Group
  • Redmine
  • Upcoming Meeting

keithgoldstein: There are no objections to the agenda. There is just a comment that a proper proposal is lacking for the economic reports.

Board member reports

Pas de description


Pas de description


Pas de description


Nothing specific to report.


Etienne: Preparing videos for upcoming elections wich are a month away. I'm going to NY in one month and visit UN again.

Side event on May


Pas de description


Pas de description

RayJohansen: Nothing to report. Have had two weeks leave of absence. Will have limited time due to illness in close family.


Will talk about TT4 later. Otherwise, not much else.


Launched a document to help start the GA, and to help avoid drawbacks from last year.


Pas de description


Registered to participate in IGF Nov. 29 in Berlin. Together with PPDE and other parties, part in PPEU to participate in council meeting. This will be with the Internet Governance Forum. I have been approved. Keith asked me to get involved with the Think Twice, and I am looking into this. I created a travel board, and did some activities that related with the original TT conference. 

Dichter: I have registered to visit the Internet Governance Forum in Berlin November 25-29th and have received my confirmation.

With the Pirate Party of Germany, Berlin and Brandenburg we are currently preparing a bid for a PPEU Council Meeting in one of the adjacent weekends.

Keith have asked me to get involved in the organization of the ThinkTwice conference. I have created a Trello board for managing it and filled it with some tasks.


With a lot of discussions about Congressus, there was a decision taken 2 weeks ago. There is another tool to make delegations and so on. The decision that was made was a fusion between Congressus and Persona? In about a month you will see a new process in Congressus, which will be a big step for Congressus. Everyone will have access to the Persona part. There is a relation with Liquid Democracy. There is a discussion about some new functionalities about the meeting mode. I will enable functionality with simplified mode for the meeting, which shows only the agenda points and the motions. This is a request from Guillaume. This mode will be very mandatory for the next GA.

Economic reports

How much money do we have, have we spent too much, how does the next two weeks look. Are we on budget? etc etc.
Getting access back to our Paypal.

Budget 2019 and Cash flow budget should be sent to the board members well before the meeting for reasons so obvious I will not word them here. We should go through every line, ask all the questions and then vote. Right after that we should start the process for a Budget for next year. Not the day after the GA like last year. Just saying.

Be prepared for the fact that we will have to work to secure the income side of our budget. Sending emails does not work. We might choose to give each member 3-4 countries to contact using other channels. The result of that work will tell us if we have to revise the budget later on. I think we might have to based on experience.

Budget and cashflow budget 2019


The board shall, after being presented with budgets, vote on accepting/implementing them after discussing the details.... 

===> needs more details including links to the budgets themselves...................... Correct ----> ? <a href="" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; white-space: pre-wrap; cursor: pointer !important;"></a>

*PROPOSED TEXT: "Insert text/actions proposed here"

:a) Unknown:
:b) Unknown:
:c) Unknown:


: Motion passed/failed

*RESPONSIBLE: Guillaume, (proposed) will....
MichalGill: There is a bit of frustration. I give up on the treasurer post. I don't have access to any of the numbers, and I find it impossible. I have been trying to get numbers for half a year now. I have no idea what the movement on the account is. Also no one has access on the Paypal now. And we also postponed TT4, somewhat as a result. I don't see how to do the treasurer details.
RayJohansen: It is understandable that this is difficult to do without the numbers. You need to understand what the numbers are and the income. We have to do something formally as a resignation. So, I recommend that you send a mail to the board. When it comes as budget, I will try to prepare something at the next meeting.
RayJohansen: Correction: **before** the next meeting*


We need to get access to the PayPal account. We need to get in contact with Koen.

Bank account

Pas de description

MichalGill: I find the current situation stupid with no transparency. We should move to a transparent account as the PPEU has. That is how Pirate accounts should be done.
Etienne: I think we are overprotected now with security. We can't really act, and this is not acceptable. We need to try to set up a system that is secure, transparent, and can be used by the board members.

Any Other Business

General Assembly 2019: Discussion

PPNL proposal

Ray's Proposal: I think the board should start with voting over whether we should have a physical GA or a purely online GA. My position is that we should avoid to have ONE MORE GA where the remote delegates end up unhappy. It will be a massive failure and a stain on this boards whole tenure if we cannot learn from the past. Lets make everyone equal in Zoom and run a pure online. (If some of you absolutely wants to and can afford to meet and mingle, feel free to travel and meet, but the GA should be pure online.)

If the board choose to have a physical GA despite of the above it should be hosted by someone with experience. Not first timers. We cannot run one more GA where complaints  is the only echo we hear for another year. Dont make badly run GA's our legacy please. Ask the hosts that wants to send us a detailed offer. We cannot decide without having details.

keithgoldstein: Sign Up Form Draft:
BaileyL: The Dutch Pirates want to host the next GA in the Netherlands. They have not said an exact city or dates. Guillaume and I went to their meeting. A couple days ago they confirmed that they do want to host. The next steps are whether we want to go through the next GA. Is it better to do the online GA. And then if we go with the physical GA, then we need to figure out dates and stuff.
RayJohansen: I am highly in favor of an online GA. We need to have a full written offer though if we will have a full physical GA.
Etienne: If we can have one online and one physical, it might be more feasible for our members. If we have the event online we are all equal, and we can have one week and stretch to several evenings.
keithgoldstein: I am concerned about the dates. I think we can host a small physical GA with an emphasis on the online delegates.
BaileyL: I do like that the Dutch Pirates are wanting to host the GA. I'm not sure that there was a decision for a full physical GA. We can stay online.
RayJohansen: I also want to emphasize that I support PPNL. I am also concerned about a conflict with PPEU GA.
Dichter: I dont think that a "pure Online" GA would solve the complains of remote delegates of not being heard. Its not the technology, its the meeting design. Said that, I believe that face to face conversations are much more effective then virtual ones. Reserving several consecutive days for online GA sound quite stressful. So if there is a bid to host a GA, they should be supported and encouraged to create a set up that would take the concerns of the remote delegates into account.

Etienne: To summarize, we have 3 proposals: a full physical GA, full online, small physical and online.
Proposal for next GA: full physical GA, full online, small physical and delegate online
Description de la motion
15yes.png Yes : {{{Yes}}}
15no.png No : {{{No}}}
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain : {{{Abstain}}}
Result: Motion adoptée

BaileyL: We can talk a bit more and decide at the next meeting.
Dichter: I think it would be unfair to the Dutch Pirate party to decide on a full online GA.
RayJohansen: This should not be a formal vote. Rather, it is just a vote to see where the board is leaning.
BaileyL: I am in favour of all 3 options
Etienne: It seems the board is leaning for an online GA, and if it will be physical then it should be a small physical GA.

TT4 Postponement

keithgoldstein: Together with the PPCZ board members we came to the decision that it was best to delay the event. We were facing several obstacles.
MichalGill: We had several budget issues, and we needed to access funds, which was a problem.
Dichter: I agree that there was no time. I think that if we put it in the March time frame. If we publish the call for papers, and whatnot then we need a date, and we should agree on this.
Dichter: If we don't have a date for March right now, then we should aim for May. We will have the same time frame problems. It takes a half a year if we want to address academics. If we want to just address Pirates, then it is ok to have it shorter. For that we need at least half a year's time. I would suggest putting it in May or June next year.
MichalGill: It would not be a problem with the location. March is possible. But we need to have financing. The call for speakers will go down.
ThomasG: Just for March, another conference is already in the planing for Prague.

Dichter: If we can agree on a date in March and "the venue" is not a problem, then we can go forward with sending out the sponsor letter and CfP..
keithgoldstein: PPI and PPCZ will need to decide. Michal will investigate.
ThomasG: Will discuss it with David.

IT Contract

Ray indicated that there is a contract, and the document/agreement must be made available in the minutes and on the wiki for transparency reasons.

RayJohansen: Is there someone who knows the intricacies of this budget? I believe that Guillaume has the details, so we will discuss this formality at the next meeting. Because we never voted on this.


Nov. 22 Geneva Health Impact Fund, Thomas Pogge and Pat Maechler

Redmine Update

Pas de description

Vice Secretaries

- Vice Secretary for United Nations of Geneva Affairs
: Patrick
- Vice Secretary of Pirate Activities
- Vice Secretary for IT
(Board members not serving as vice-secretaries. I don't think they should, in order for us to delegate out more responsibilities.)

Upcoming Meeting

keithgoldstein: August 26th at 18:00 CEST

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