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November 6 2019 BOD


  • Board delegatives members :
    • Cedric (1)
    • Etienne (1)
    • keithgoldstein (1)
    • BaileyL (1)
    • RayJohansen (1)
    • MichalGill (1)
    • Dichter (1)
      • 7/9
  • Board members :
    • Etienne
    • keithgoldstein
    • BaileyL
    • RayJohansen
    • MichalGill
    • Dichter
  • Alternate board members :
    • Cedric


  • Board delegatives members :
    • DanPrazeresBR
    • gsaouli
  • Board members :
    • DanPrazeresBR
    • gsaouli
  • Alternate board members :

Ordre du jour

November 6

keithgoldstein: We are starting at 17:12.

Board Meeting


Are present : Gregory, Bailey, Keith, Mike, Ray.

Update:Etienne joined us at 18:15. Cedric joined as well soon after.


Are absent : Dan, Etienne, and Cedric. They may join us later.

Update:Etienne and Cedric joined us at 18:15


Chair and secretary

Chair is Bailey. Secretary is Keith and everyone.

keithgoldstein: If anyone wants to chair a meeting or has some comments, you can step up to chair a meeting. Bailey is happy to do it. You can always say that I want to chair today.


Approval of the Minutes

Oct. 22

<a href=""></a>

Do we approve the minutes?
Do we approve the minutes?
15yes.png Yes :
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: Motion rejetée

keithgoldstein: Minutes are approved with 4 votes, 1 abstain.

Approval of the Agenda


*Calling the GA

::Statute Amendments
::New member applications
-Other parties
::Other Motions
::Setting up Discourse or another venue for pre-GA information (response to <a href="" class="rcmContactAddress" title="" lucida="" grande",="" verdana,="" arial,="" helvetica,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 11px;="" font-weight:="" 700;="" white-space:="" nowrap;="" background-color:="" rgb(249,="" 249,="" 249);"="" style="color: rgb(102, 102, 102);">Marco Confalonieri</a>)
::Affiliation fee invoices
::Emails by board to parties
::Zoom for the GA
::Zoom GA Pirate Beer

*PPI HQ register update

*Inquiry into the membership status of some Members

*Kick-Off of the Standing Committee on UN relations.

*Economic report
:Formal vote on change in bank cashiers

::ECOSOC Statement for CSoCD59 submitted, follow up with speaker for Feb. event in NY
::Announcements on our website ; Chile; Catalan; Transparency Movement
::Upcoming Board meeting dates
::Relations with new board of PPEU. Send greetings.

Board member reports



BaileyL: Wants to see the survey results for the GA to check if people responded. Got an email from Italy, and saw that I was nominated for chair and other positions. I am happy to accept the nominations in whatever position. I want to know if you all are ok with that. I am open to all opinions.


Dichter: I did some couple of things - some of them are reflected in todays agenda, so later to those.

beside: I have communicated a couple of times with Bailey and Pat and others to solve some administrative issues. I added the GA to the Wiki, I lack yet the admin right to be able to edit the Sitenotice.

I have registered PPI HQ with, the belgian branch of - the application is successfully approved today and subsequently I signed up PPI HQ with Google for nonprofits. The application for Google Ad Grants is still outstanding (may take up to five days). Our YT Channel has now the rights to live stream.

I talked to Pirate Parties of Italy, Czechia, Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine.

I had a meeting with David Wagner regarding TT20 and other events.

I asked Bstian about different IT systems - I try to get access to the old password database.

RayJohansen: I worked with a few Google Grants experts for two months in the US so I have ideas you might wanna hear. If you get us accepted I think it will be the biggest thing economically for PPI since our birth.
Dichter: We can sell t-shirts and other things to generate income.


keithgoldstein: I wrote to several parties and updated responses from them if any to the spreadsheet, including invoices. Submitted CSOCD statement on homelessness for ECOSOC. Received report on government transparency and request to collaborate with Pirate parties around the world.



RayJohansen: Business as usual. Activism and social media plus GA coordination/planning.
keithgoldstein: It is good to give feedback about those who are running for the board, especially Bailey as she has been nominated for chair.


MichalGill: Visited the Slovak Pirate Party for the 101 anniversary of Czechoslovakia. We moved forward with their PPI application, which should be ready for the GA. I have also contacted various parties about the GA, and we had an interesting meeting with the foreign department of PPCZ about running PPEU and PPI. There is a lot of enthusiasm leading up to the GA. I am looking forward to it.
MichalGill: - contacting members on fees and GA

- visiting the new Slovak Pirates for 101st anniversary of Czechoslovakia

- enthusiasm

C'mon, Keith! :D




Cedric: Still working on Congressus for special capabilities to Congressus especially for Bailey ;) and the GA
Cedric: By the way, PPFR has finished to vote its service proposal :

- 40€/month to access of the hosting service

- 5€/month for a VM

- 5€/month for a monitoring of a VM


- 10€/month for a bunch of services like galette (a member management system), congressus, discourse, discord bots, redmine


This is a link to the live one that we must all save somewhere we can
find it immediately. Thank you all.
<Google link not shown>

keithgoldstein: If you speak with a party or do something, please go in to this system and make sure it is documented. Someone may have made a delegate list somewhere else, then we should put that information here.

Calling the GA

Calling the GA.

Statute Amendments

keithgoldstein: PPIL submitted a statute amendment to increase board size. Are there any other proposals. Proposals are due in 3 days.
Dichter: There were no statute amendments proposed in 2017, just one in 2018 (similar to current). The statutes have worked for 10 years, so we assume that they are acceptable.

GA Announcements


New member applications




-Other parties

MichalGill: New Slovak Pirates - application finished, not the statutes though. I'll probably just fix it for the moment and send it as it is now - the negotiations with the Interior Ministry take forever.

Dichter: There is a 1 month indication before that they are interested. But they can finalize the application later.

Other Motions

Other motions or agenda items. These do not need to be decided until a week before and can also be presented at the last minute.

Setting up Discourse or other venue

pre-GA information (response to <a href="" title="">Marco Confalonieri</a>)

Affiliation fee invoices

Posting the invoices online. Alerting all countries to their invoices. We should not receive further requests for invoices. They should all be received or accessible.

Emails by board to parties

In addition to the emails to the national parties, we also need to invite the indivudual supporter members. Let's make sure to update that list, as well as the following list of national parties: <a href=""></a>

Zoom for the GA

We have not decided if we should use Zoom on top of Discord but I think
that among other things our member sand those nominated should be able
to speak with audio AND video. But I dont know really. Lets discuss and
decide among us. We need a decision today or there wont be time to prep.

RayJohansen: Some of us love Zoom. It would be great for people who are nominated, want to speak, to be seen and heard... I have been looking forward to running a GA fully electronically. We haven't decided to use Zoom with Congressus and Discord. We did not have problems with Zoom. Problems in the past had to do with the audio connection in a physical room.
Dichter: If we use Zoom, we don't need Discord. We also have a solution with Jitsi that we used with the PPEU meeting, and it worked quite well and comparable to Zoom.
MichalGill: Zoom is in my opinion for the better choice. It would also be good that we have a backup. We also have a Mumble server as a back up.
BaileyL: I have some worries about announcing that we will use Zoom when we have promoted Discord and many people are expecting us to use that. I just don't want us to appear to be changing things at the last minute.
Etienne: I don't think it is a good idea to have the GA on another venue, because we have announced to many people that we will be working on Discord and many people are expecting us there.
Dichter: I am totally supportive for Zoom. I think Discord is a privacy nightmare. I don't really care about that. I don't think anyone will be upset about a change of venue. I looked at the announcement that we made. It does not state that we will use Discord. I don't think there is any argument having it on Zoom.
Which software do we prefer for the GA?
Zoom, Discord, Both, Other
15yes.png Yes : {{{Yes}}}
15no.png No : {{{No}}}
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: Motion adoptée

keithgoldstein: Mike votes for Both.
keithgoldstein: We voted 5 for both. 2 for Discord. So our decision is that we will use both tools.
Cedric: I think this will be a technical mess. We need to choose one audio channel.
Dichter: We will need to update RoP and other things, but let's move on for now.

Zoom GA Pirate Beer

I propose we meet and drink beer in Zoom on Friday December 6th at 8 pm
CET. It is social and fun. Can I have a vote? (If Bailey says yes we are
more than happy to organize and help run it.) Its a great way to get ppl
calm and focused.

Shall we have a drink beer online social event on Friday prior to the GA?
Cheers toast night before the GA?
15yes.png Yes :
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: Motion rejetée

keithgoldstein: Mike votes "yes"
Dichter: I will be at the local Pirate Meetup in my city, but I can open up Zoom there and take everybody there.

keithgoldstein: We accept the proposal with 6 votes yes.

PPI HQ register update

submitted by: Gregory

justification: Thanks to the help of Pirate Party of Belgium we have found a volunteer who is willing to server as our registered office in Belgium.

Motion: The PPI HQ moves its registered office to c/o Florence DelbauveRue de la Bienfaisance, 337090 Braine Le ComteBelgiumThe old PPI HQ Board members BEN JEMAA , CHEMSEDDINE; CASEY , ANDREW; HILL , RICHARD; Medrano Gonzalez , Karla and Schiffer , Patrick are removed and new board members Lamon, Bailey; Engels, Grigorij; Goldstein, Keith L. ; Prazeres, Daniel Dantas; Johansen, Raymond; Evellin, Etienne and Gill, Michal are added to the record.

we approve the payment of 132.98 euro administrative fee to the filling register.
Do we agree to the motion above on PPIHQ registration?
Do we agree with the above text and to approve the change of members and location for PPIHQ registration in Belgium? The PPI approve the payment of the modification fee and new members...
15yes.png Yes :
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: Motion rejetée

keithgoldstein: If anyone does not want to be registered (specifically with their name), then we should know now.
Etienne: Don't want to be registered
keithgoldstein: Mike votes yes.
keithgoldstein: We agree to Gregory's motion with a vote of 6 yes, 1 abstain.

Inquiry into the membership status of some Members

submitted by: Gregory

justification: according to PPI Statutes article VII. Termination of Membership paragraph (3) A Member's affiliation ceases automatically upon dissolution, disqualification, liquidation or in cases of temporary administration, court-ordered settlement or insolvency. If we keep the Members in the roll call, it is affecting the quorum of the GA (we need one third of the voting power present or represented at the meeting.) The Croatian Pirate Party was dissolved in 2018 - link to official register!stranka-detalji/swUBAAEBAQECAcC3SQABcGlyYfQAAAABzAMAAAABAQFyZWdCcm9qU3RyYW5r5QIA

Motion to be voted on: The PPI board kindly asks the Court of Arbirtration to decide on the membership statuts of Pirate Party of Croatia and Florida, as there are signs that they might be officially dissolved.

keithgoldstein: Do we wish to ask the CoA to review membership status? We are waiting to decide this as Gregory is AFK.
keithgoldstein: PP Croatia can reapply, but only the CoA can make this decision.
Does PPI agree to ask the CoA to review these dissolved parties?
Write to the CoA to resolve whether members are active?
15yes.png Yes : MichalGill (1), Etienne (1), BaileyL (1), keithgoldstein (1), RayJohansen (1)
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: Motion adoptée

keithgoldstein: The vote passes with 5 yes votes. Gregory also votes yes, so 6 yes votes.
keithgoldstein: Bailey will contact them.

Kick-Off of the Standing Committee on UN relations.

Submitted by: Gregory

Justification: I would like to invite our members and our team at the UN NY and UN Geneva headquarters to a kick-off meeting to December 1st 14:00 CET for a three (max four) hours meeting using the same technology as we will be using at the GA a week later. The topics would be to introduce our team, to reflect in detail on the past submissions to the UN, to lay out the roadmap that we have discussed in sommer and to gather feedback from our members. Also to discuss the future mode of committee meetings.

keithgoldstein: We are waiting to decide this as Gregory is AFK.
Do we agree to have the meeting for the standing committee on UN on Dec. 1st at 14:00 CET?
UN standing committee on Dec. 1 at 14:00?
15yes.png Yes :
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: Motion rejetée

keithgoldstein: Gregory's vote is also presumably yes, since this is his proposal.
keithgoldstein: The motion passes with 6 votes yes.

Economic reports

Etienne: Etienne will prepare a spreadsheet with a revised budget that we can vote on in the next meeting.

Budget and cashflow budget 2019

Need for 2019 budget/ revised budget.

Issues with IT contract. Clear position on whether there are payments due or a valid contract in place.
PPFR has a commercial hosting proposition
keithgoldstein: We have not spent any money, and we don't have any information.


Formal vote on change in bank cashiers

submitted by: Gregory

justification: We already have talked about this at the last board meeting, but we need to provide written documentation to the bank. The format of the minutes is not easy to read by bystanders, so I propose to have a formal vote that we can put as a decision and minutes excerpt into a document to provide to the bank.

Motion to be voted on: For our bank account IBAN: CH63 0900 0000 8901 9371 7 BIC: POFICHBEXXX at the Postfinanz Bank in Geneve, Switzerland we give the power of attorney to serve as cashiers to Bailey Lamon and Grigorij Engels, and revoke the past power of attorney of Guillaume Saouli and Rüedu Sommer.

Any other business


ECOSOC Statement for CSoCD59 submitted, follow up with speaker for Feb. event in NY

We did not succeed in writing the "Right to Work and Access to the Labour Market" and "Access to Justice" in the context of older persons Due Oct. 31 due to competing deadlines.

Collecting names for reps. to enlist for 2020.

Announcements on our website

Chile (done); Catalan (requested but waiting for the text); Transparency Movement

(received text that needs to be translated and summarized)

keithgoldstein: Our members should be encouraged to submit texts. Especially since Pirate Times is down, we are a good venue to set up.

TT4 announcement

Any updates, announcements?

Meeting times

Issue with voting rule

Issue: Keith

It currently states in our statutes that
# If a quorum of 4 present board members is not met, decisions require an unanimous vote. (At least 3 members of the board need to be voting for a decision to be valid.) (The Board voted against this rule in the Nov.19, 2018 meeting. It is slated to be replaced by a new rule that is pending.)

I don't think we ever slated a new rule. We may have forgotten to develop a new rule.

Upcoming Meeting

Next meeting at Wed. Nov. 20th at 19:00 CET.

Ayant participé à un vote

  • 3 - Etienne
  • 17 - Dichter
  • 4 - keithgoldstein
  • 6 - RayJohansen
  • 5 - BaileyL
  • 9 - MichalGill