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January 4 2020 PPI Board Meeting


  • Board delegatives members :
    • Bastian
    • Cristina Diana Bargu
    • Svein MD
    • Cedric
    • keithgoldstein
    • BaileyL
    • MichalGill
    • DanPrazeresBR
    • Dichter
    • cal
    • Linda Tørklep PPNO
  • Board members :
    • Cedric (1.00)
    • keithgoldstein (1.00)
    • BaileyL (1.00)
    • MichalGill (1.00)
    • DanPrazeresBR (1.00)
    • Dichter (1.00)
    • cal (1.00)
    • Linda Tørklep PPNO (1.00)
      • 8/9
  • Alternate board members :
    • Bastian
    • Cristina Diana Bargu
    • Svein MD


  • Board delegatives members :
    • ThomasG
  • Board members :
    • ThomasG
  • Alternate board members :

Ordre du jour

January 4. 2020

Board Meeting





Chair and secretary


Approval of the Minutes

Pas de description


The last board meeting

<a href=""></a>

And the GA

And the orientation board meeting:

Do we approve the minutes? *1
The last board meeting

15yes.png Yes : MichalGill (1), Dichter (1), BaileyL (1), Cedric (1), keithgoldstein (1)
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain : cal (1)
Result: Motion passed

Do we approve the minutes? *2
The GA:

15yes.png Yes : Dichter (1), keithgoldstein (1), MichalGill (1), BaileyL (1), cal (1)
15no.png No : {{{No}}}
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: Motion passed

Do we approve the minutes? *3
The orientation board meeting:
15yes.png Yes : cal (1), MichalGill (1), BaileyL (1), Cedric (1)
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain : Dichter (1)
Result: Motion passed

keithgoldstein: I approve all three. Vote for me. Keith
MichalGill: Linda approves votes 2 and 3 as well. Verbally


Approval of the Agenda

keithgoldstein: Please reference the agenda in congressus. If it needs to be modified we can skip or add.
MichalGill: Approved.

Board member reports



Pas de description



Dichter: I was meeting with several pirate parties during the 35C3. I have done some preparation work for the TT conference and the municipal event in Prague.


keithgoldstein: We are in the midst of our third election campaign in Israel in a year. We are all quite worn out. I am sorry, but I will not have speaking capabilities much today. I am listening and writing by tablet. I set up one new motion to the agenda, about communication and other tools which Linda brought up with the zoom invitation. I also added bailey's request that we revisit the wiki abuse issue. Forgive the order. My editing ability today is by tablet, so I set up the meeting as best I could in advance.





MichalGill: In preparation to present PPI in the best possible light at next week's PPCZ's GA. The entire Foreign Dept. has one hour for our presentation, so there should be ample time to present what we do here in PPI.

Otherwise I've been busy with moving ans seting up my new place but it's right at the edge of Prague's city centre, 5 mins walk from the main train station, so if any of you ever need to stay for a night or two, you'll welcome to.


Cedric: Nothing to report


Cedric: Nothing to report




Cedric: Working for the IT



Linda Tørklep PPNO: Working on ECOSOC


Cedric: Nothing to report

Designating General Secretary and Treasurer

keithgoldstein: I will continue as secretary if you would like me too. I would like to train someone to take over for me in a year or so, as I believe we should rotate positions.
BaileyL: I'm happy to hear that
BaileyL: And I'm happy to have Dan as Treasurer and, even he's not here today, he still want to continue

{{motion|title=We, as the board, elect Keith Goldstein as Secretary of the PPI

We, as the board, elect Keith Goldstein as Secretary of the PPI

Yes (100%):cal 1MichalGill 1keithgoldstein 1BaileyL 1Cedric 1Dichter 1 No (0%): Abstain (0%):

{{motion|title=We, as the Board, elect Dan Prezeres as Treasurer of the PPI We, as the Board, elect Dan Prezeres as Treasurer of the PPI Yes (100%):cal 1MichalGill 1keithgoldstein 1Cedric 1BaileyL 1Dichter 1 No (0%): Abstain (0%):

Linda votes yes for both

MichalGill: Linda votes verbally in favour of both motions.
The board elected Keith Goldstein as Secretary and Dan Prezeres as Treasurer of PPI

PPFR proposal statute amendments

Issue: PPFR proposal revisions
Submitted by: Keith
Justification: There were language and clarity issues with the original proposal that need clarification before the GA can vote on them. There were also multiple clauses in the proposal, some of which need to be distinguished for multiple votes. 
Motion: See the draft of the revision on the etherpad. We need to go through and outline still each motion and how it represents a change from the prior statutes.
<a href="" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; white-space: pre-wrap; cursor: pointer !important;"></a>.
Cedric: There is a lot of job in it, we need to read it again and answer the questions to Keith
BaileyL: We can't go further today, so I suggest that PPFR speaks about until the next meeting with Keith and we will coming back to it

Reopenning the GA

BaileyL: It's an ongoing task
BaileyL: We can't go further because it's suppose the previous point is done
We shall get back to it once the text of the previous point (French statutes ammendment) is resolved by the board.

BaileyL: We have to be careful, to be patient and not trying to get ride of the issues to fast
Bastian: Is the GA was not closed, and for final results ?
BaileyL: This a language misunderstanding, the previous GA was closed
Bastian: Maybe we can call it "new GA" cause we will call for a new one

Standing Committees

Send our invitation for a standing committee meeting on inter-party support and cooperation, because I’d like it to happen in late January
Submitted by: Gregory
Justification: we probably do not need to vote on this anyway. I just like to collect some input
Dichter: I want to invite Standing Committees Inter-Parties Empowerment for the 20 January 2020 to speak about IT Best Practice
Dichter: And invite them 3 months later on april and next july, octobor and january again
Dichter: In february, topic for SC Finance and Fund Raising
Dichter: In mars, topic on Press, Elections, Campaigning
Dichter: We spoke in the past to put the Political Manifesto into the statutes
Dichter: It seems that there is standing committee every two weeks
Dichter: ![Overview of PPI Meetings]( "Overview of PPI Meetings")

Wiki harassment issue

It was brought to the board’s attention that a user on the PPI Wiki, ‘Numero6’, has been using the wiki to harass and insult French Pirates. Several graphics created by this user were shared with the board at the end of the last meeting which proves this. The PPI wiki is not a tool that can be used for such purposes and while the board cannot decide on its own to ban a user, this is an issue that can and should be brought the Court of Arbitration. Submitted by: Bailey

Dichter: How do we make policies on moderation ? what is our dispute process?

Dichter: How and in which tool ?
Linda Tørklep PPNO: We need to be consistant on these issue
BaileyL: We can seek help from the CoA on this topic (moderation)
The PPI board is in favour of contacting the Court of Arbitration for help in deciding the appropriate actions regarding harassment on the PPI Wiki
15yes.png Yes : BaileyL (1), DanPrazeresBR (1), cal (1), Dichter (1), MichalGill (1), keithgoldstein (1)
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain : Cedric (1)
Result: Motion passed

The PPI board is also in favour of requesting assisatance from the CoA in developing policies and procedures to deal with harassment of Pirates in PPI settings.
15yes.png Yes : BaileyL (1), Dichter (1), DanPrazeresBR (1), Cedric (1), keithgoldstein (1), MichalGill (1)
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain : cal (1)
Result: Motion passed

Linda votes yes on both

Communication and other organization tools for this board

keithgoldstein: **Discord, Zoom, Wire, Redmine, Congressus, etc. etc...

How do we wish to organize ourselves this board. When will we use which tools and how?

Bastian: I'm really against being on discord there is no reason to be on it

Economic reports

Budget and cashflow budget 2019


This item is on the agenda to confirm that all paperwork has been sent and received.

Registering 2020 ECOSOC representatives

keithgoldstein: Please send an email to Keith with requests for main reps. or temp. meetings. for UN passes.


The following is the link for the UN CSOCD registration in NY. The deadline is Jan. 20. The event is Feb. 10-19. Again, I will try to get us the stage to make a statement, but we have to register our president, secretary, the speakers, and whatnot. So, I will have this issue as high on our agenda Jan. 4.   I warn that Jan. 6 is the deadline for side events, but I just don't see the feasibility of us organizing one this year. The urgent question is who will make the speech. @bailey, this would be a good opportunity if you can make it to NY. I'l be in Italy then. <a href="" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; white-space: pre-wrap; cursor: pointer !important;"></a>   

Designating vice-secretaries

keithgoldstein: Send keith a mail if you would like to be a vice secretary or know someone who would like to be.

Any other business

orientation and registering new members with tools
Submitted by: keith
Justification: we have a lot of new members without access to our tools
Motion: let's register everyone, no vote needed.  Potential votes needed if we choose tools (will probably be voted on next meeting with everyone present).

We had a more in depth orientation meeting, Giuseppe, Diana, and Keith as a review of the last meeting.

Issue: TT4 announcement, TT5 discussions

keithgoldstein: Please contact Keith if you have a y questions about logging in,

Upcoming Meeting

keithgoldstein: We will make a doodle. There is a question if whether we have a meeting in 2 or 4 weeks.

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  • 17 - Dichter
  • 5 - BaileyL
  • 1 - Cedric
  • 4 - keithgoldstein
  • 52 - cal
  • 10 - DanPrazeresBR