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--- 11.03.2020 21:00 CET ---
Audio recording:

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Bailey, Keith, Mike, Cal
excused: Thomas, Linda, Gregory, Cedric, and Dan
We have quorum.

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members
participating: Bastian
Guests: Olivia
participating: 0


Meeting opened at 19:07 CET by Bailey, but we decided to delay the meeting till 21:00 CET so more people can attend.
Meeting chaired by Bailey
Secretary for this meeting is Keith and everyone
Quorum established with 5 out of 9 board members present.
Streaming started: started/not possible
Recording started: 21:07
Postal votes:
Notes on meeting process


YES: Keith, Bailey, Mike, Cal.
  • Minutes approved, yes!


4.1 - Short report of the board members 1)

  • Bailey: We had a fun Pirate Beer on Saturday that went for about 16 hours. Before that I met up with Bastian on Zoom and he gave me a demo of his ISPconfig site where he takes care of our tech and showed me how we can set up IT support for Pirates who want/need it. It was pretty cool to learn about it. I have a recording of the meeting that will go up on the Wiki after our update session on Friday (we need to add standing committees) at 19:00 CET. Now the IT working group, which came out of the first SCULL meeting, can make plans to present the things we talked about to our membership such as tech packages, etc. The second SCULL meeting was supposed to happen on the 15th, but we need to postpone until the 29th, which is 100% on me as I've been working nights for the past 3 weeks or so and I've had a hard time getting the invite finished. I talked with Dan, our treasurer, and updated him on financial stuff we've been taking care of with Pat like the authorizations. I am waiting on one more that I have to sign for the bank account and then when we know it's all good, Dan will be able to resume his treasurer duties and we talked about what that looks like in terms of having regular reports, etc. I have recently brought in a friend to help with our Twitter account, as a contributor through tweetdeck. She stays anonymous on the internet but we can call her Olivia. I have known her for years and I trust her. She has been making graphics for us and tweeting from our account about the board meeting, pirate beer, TT4 and in general keeping it up to date and is doing a great job. She will attend the BDSM (best name ever btw) meeting on the 18th. Yesterday the Dutch Pirates had their 10 year anniversary and I sent them a video congratulating them on our behalf, which I encourage everyone else to do too as they are collecting these videos to play at their celebration on Sunday. Next meeting I would like us to vote on a GA date for May.
  • Keith: Our elections are over. We have become an island nation due to the Coronavirus. PPI should put out a statement on the Coronavirus, and I have been working on it. I am also working on a transparency in offline elections report that we hope to also present at TT4.
  • Thomas:
  • Dan:
  • Linda:
  • Mike: Not much to report: Corona is slowly shutting everything down (at the moment elementary schools all the way to universities) and all events with expected attendance above 100 people - it will have impact on TT4 for sure (if it was supposed to be this weekend, it would be outright illegal; we hope the rules will relax hopefully, but who knows - decision on possible TT4 postponement to be made next week). Wiki Update meeting set for Fri March 13th 19:00 CET.
  • Cal: nothing to report.
  • Cedric:
  • Alternates:
  • Bastian:
I took care of the technology like I do every day.
On 03.03.2020 we did a major rebuild on the PPI servers and on 06. and 07.03.2020 we fixed some minor aftereffects. The error with the mail (Roundcube) was a little bit more complicated to fix, because it is a system bug which is not fixed yet. We must wait for a bugfix. Until then we have to work around the problem manually.
On 07.03.2020 I demonstrated ISP-Config (Internet Service Provider Configuration), our powerful tool to maintain servers and applications.
  • Carlos:
  • Svein:

  • 1) Very short and brief. For important issues add an agenda item!

5 - Proposal No. 1

  • Issue: PPI Statement on Quarantine Victims
Submitted by: Keith
Justification: We should put out a statement that provides guidance. PPI should develop a disaster relief unit, which incorporates online support for those living under quarantine.
  • Motion: Put up the following statement. Draft is here:
This statement may not be finished by the time of the meeting.
  • Vice Secretary Roles, Revisions
For future reference we need to go over our vice secretary roles. Keith will review the list and update.
  • Social Media Vice Secretary
Bailey has requested that Olivia serve as our vice secretary for social media.
Justification: We need someone to take over social media and activism announcements.

6 AOB - Any other business

  • Issue: Use Webex (for video conferences)
Submitted by: Gregory
Justification: It's free and looks good. Will it stay free?
  • Motion: Use Webex
In the meantime - webex offeres for free the equivalent of our zoom subscription
We have to discuss it!
Discussion of using Jitsi, but counter discussion of crashes with more than 2 people. We wish it would work. Jitsi is more in line with our values as Pirates.
We discussed alternative chat messenger applications that we might use instead of Wire. We also discussed additional applications.
We are going to have a Wiki update session this Friday at 19:00 CET.
A week from today on Wed., the 18th, there is going to be a BDSM, social media session.
On Sunday the 22nd is the SCUBA meeting at 20:30 CET.
The Skull meeting is on the 29th. Pirate beer is on the 27th.
All other meetings are taking place on Zoom. Standing Committees in general take
The following calendar link can be imported to your calendar. This way you can stay up to date with PPI events.
final comments about staying involved in UN activities, especially now that there will be more opportunities to participate online.
  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, 2020-04-01 19:00 CET
We are open to changing the meeting time, but we will discuss this further.
  • Meeting Closed: 22:04 CET (21:04 UTC)