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'First joint meeting of the PPEU and PPI boards
--- 17.05.2020 20:00 CEST' ---
Jitsi Meeting
Audio recording: By PPEU
Video: No video recording By PPEU

Record of the meeting


Members of the PPEU Board

C: Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ, PP-DE) \\ present VC: Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PP-IS)\\ present VC: Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)\\ not present BM: Gamithra Marga (PP-IS)\\ present BM: Oliver Herzig (PP-DE, PP-CAT) - Exile present\\ BM: Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir (PP-IS)\\ present BM: Florie Marie (PP-FR) not present\\ TR: Alessandro Ciofini (PP-IT) present\\

Members of the PPI Board + three alternate board members

C: Bailey Lamon (PP-CA)\\ present VC: Gregory Engels (PP-DE)\\ here - jitsi is not working for me (no audio and no video), i am watching the youtube stream and can type here or in the jitsi chat. OK. Participate within the minutes and I will make sure your comments are mentioned if needed. GS: Keith L. Goldstein (PP-IL)\\ present TR: Daniel Dantas Prazeres (PP-BR)\\ not present BM: Michal Gill (PP-CZ)\\ present BM: Cédric Levieux (PP-FR)\\ present BM: Linda B. Tørklep (PP-NO)\\ present BM: Thomas Gaul (PP-DE)\\ not present BM: Giuseppe Calandra (PP-IT)\\ present ABM: Sebastian Krone (PP-DE)\\ present ABM: Carlos Polo (PP-CH)\\ not present ABM: Svein Mork Dahl (PP-NO)\\ not present

Meeting opened at: 20:07\\ Meeting chaired by: \\ Mikulas Secretary for this meeting: \\ Keith Recording: PPEU YouTube channel Link:

Participants: Tally taken above. Not excused: \\ Guests: \\ (Please help fill in guests. Exile, fellow jitser, Solibo, and there are a few others.)

Pad: \\ last meeting (minutes): \\ YES: \\ NO:\\ Abstain:\\


Reports from the teams:\\

Media - overview of activity Social media + web - media team on mattermost A new podcast of European Pirates is coming from PPIS - look forward to share

Tech - overview of activity PPEU:

   European Pirate Gitlab
   Email infrastructure

Admin - overview of activity PPEU:

   Preparing budget, current financial reserves - 11630 €

Any other business\\ PPI would like to share its GA sign up and needs assessment:


    • 0. Approval of the agenda**

YES: \\ (The conversation flowed) NO: \\ Abstain: \\

==1. Reports from the teams==

Updates from PPEU

They are currently starting to operate in the past few months with growing activities in social media. The activities are being coordinated on Mattermost. This is a system where the European pirates who are interested in collaboration. There are about 150 members. There are about 60 discussing the activity. That is what we are using. Apart from that we set up a Gitlab, and a Matomo analysis of the web traffic. We are pushing European citizen initiatives and we are strongly collaborating in the EU parliament.

Updates from PPI

We had our last GA in December, and we are having another one a week after the PPEU council meeting, which will take place on May 30. It is a chance to finish last finished business since the last GA, and for our members to provide feedback and understand what they want to see out of PPI. We are registered as an NGO in Brussels. There is some talk about changing that to Geneva, which is something that we did not go through with. There may be some discussion with our members about which is better. We have been looking at how to make PPI usual for its members. Right now we have ECOSOC status at the UN, so people can actually go to ECOSOC events and present statements. Keith can talk more about that, but we have a very strong crew of people who are involved with activities at the UN. We are looking at how can we benefit our members. Our members have asked for services from us, and there have been issues where PPI was not servicing members enough. We have a standing committee that focuses on interparty cooperation, in terms of tech support. We have a graphics vault that came out of that. We are looking at providing tech packages for new parties that need website and email hosting. PPI should be able to provide a lot of these things, so we are looking at ways that PPI can do that. There is another standing committee on campaigning on how people put together there PR campaigns. We have had actual projects, like the graphics vault. Linda just finished a needs assessment survey that has been sent out to the members, asking them what you need from us and what you want from us. We have to show how do we make that worthwhile for our members. PPI was created for a purpose, and we are working to get people collaborating.

Questions for each group

Does PPI know about parties outside of Europe

There are a lot of parties in South America. Chile has a new application for memberships. Brazil is very active with the grassroots movements down there. There is a Telegram group they use. They are very active. Would PPI support a new party appearing, or just to help the health of those existing.

What about parties that stop functioning, what is going on with them?

The Pirate Party of Romania I wonder if someone is checking the state of this paty.
One of the purposes of our needs assessment that is going out to our members is to determine if they are active and to update our registry. With the attention from the GA, we should have an update in the beginning of June that will be more accurate. It would be pretty useful that PPEU would also get this. We are posting the needs assessment everywhere, and we will send that to you as well. We are seeking as much information as possible. (A link to this survey is included below in any other business and will be presented again later.)

Previous you mentioned tech packages for emerging parties, what do you mean by that?

The SCULL Committee has been focusing on Pirates supporting each other in practical ways. The graphics vault came out of this. The first meeting was about IT. What do people need, they need tech support and hosting. So when new parties come up, they don't know how to start. PPI's job is to provide this support. We already have a lot of the things we need, such as getting people set up with Mumble, Redmine, and a package of tools that people can have. They don't need to necessarily new parties, but any parties that need tech support.
It makes no sense to set up a similar package or a power structure. We use a lot of Bastian's services. It may be good to integrate it. On the PPI website, how do we find a link to this package? It needs to get up on our website. (We do have the information in our Wiki though.) A special page on the website will be created. The following is the link to our WIKI:

We should share this link with our members in both organizations. This is a little out of date, but it is a little out of date.

    • The following are the Wiki addresses:
    • PPI Dashboard

How does PPI organize it's social media?

We have youtube, facebook, twitter. Some things we use more, and some less. We should be creating more content regularly. The majority of our social media activities are on FB and Twitter.
We heard some chat about a Pirate radio. We have been discussing this with members. Some are interested. There is Pirates on Air. It would be fun to have a central radio station where members could broadcast in different languages and having all of the channels connected.
Discord and Discourse we have as well, which the French Pirates set up for us as well. We have a number of places for people to discuss proposals. We have meetings on Discord. We use Discourse for the GAs, but not throughout the year. We don't have one central place for discussion, like Mattermost. Some of us are active on the global pirates Telegram. That is not a PPI channel. It is its own thing. Some of us are active on there. We are lacking that one place. Would PPI need something from PPEU? Their server is designed for about 2000 users, so there is a lot of capacity for PPI to join.

Who is coordinating your public outputs?

From PPEU's side, we would like to know who is preparing the broadcasts?
It would be great if we had someone from PPI's side who we could coordinate with when there is a press release. PPI does not have a central person in charge of social media. It is not just one person who is coordinating. I would say use the email address to the board. PPEU has a media group in Mattermost.
    • Mike is nominated to be the liaison for relations to PPEU and PPI.
Point of order about how we are coordinating the meeting participation, whether by raising hands in Jitsi or Mattermost, and there is a confusion.

Code of Conduct Council

We need to talk about the code of conduct council and the decisions that were made at the last council meeting in Milan, and how the council advised the board to get the issue ready by next week. I am worried that we are not going to be able to follow through with this council order. Is this issue on the agenda for the next meeting, voting on members? We need to update this proposal, it is written into Mattermost. It is included from the very beginning. It has been put in the statutes that code of conduct council is supposed to be under the organs. That should be put in the statutes because that was agreed in the last meeting. Does Mikulas want to assign someone? In the last board meeting, they agreed that Oktavio would provide information about this, so it is assigned to him.
Can you talk about what a code of conduct is, what it does, and why we voted for it?
This is a body that is independent of the board and the organization itself. 3 members are nominated by associated members. People are nominated that are not in any other organ within European pirates. You can seek council or advice or ask for someone to step in when there is indecent behavior, if there is bullyism, sexism, anything that


(Comment in the chat from Cedric: In PPFR, we have the CRS, a council about statuts and RoP in the role of prosecution, we have the CVI, about moderation, conduct, acting as police, and we have the Pirate Tribunal which judges, if we need to go that far)
It is really great if there has been any abuse, or massive institutional or massive groups of people who go against the statutes. If anything happens that should not be happening, I think it is a great tool. It is a pioneer collaboration. If anyone has questions about a code of conduct please let us know. There is not yet a website for it, but we will be creating one starting with the next council meeting. You don't have to be a member of any European country to use this, so I think that anyone within PPI should be able to use this.


It is very easy for us in Mattermost to coordinate. We are able to easily communicate, and we have adopted it well. We have a big room. Being the treasurer of PPEU, everything is new. We should have purposes. Purposes are important. With a great purpose we can move forward. PPI as an organization has a great goal and purpose that we all, even within the PPEU. (Question whether PPEU is an observer member of PPI. PPI is observer in PPEU (and it took three Council meetings to finally to vote them in)). Leading by example is always a good practice, but we should focus our efforts on different ways.

Could PPEU become a member of PPI and should we do that?

Mikulas indicated that he would be a proud member.
It is great that we are here and all support each other.
There is a comment about the distinction of the Court of Arbitration in PPI. When we talk about certain grievences, they are involved. They could deal with these things, and it is there to work with these issues, but the Council sounds much more approachable than the CoA.
There are some good comments in the Jitsi chat.
There was a comment confirming that PPEU is not yet a member of PPI.
I have a question about ECOSOC representatives. Is it possible to receive information about being a participant in UN meetings?
Yes, it is possible. You should contact Keith for a guestpass. You can also contact with Patrick Maechler, who is a secretary for UN in Europe. Find an even that interests you. PPI has the SCUBA working group, where we coordinate UN relations. PPEU would love to coordinate.

Alternate Board Members

  • There are board members in reserve in the PPI board, how do the alternate board members work?
It does help if someone resigns that we have someone to step in right away .We include the alternates in our meeting with voting as well. You can pick anyone in the board to be a proxy, but we encourage it to be shared. Alternate members show up even if we don't need extra people. Bastian is always there taking care of the tech. Svein and Carlos are both always around, and they are active. Carlos is active in the UNOG stuff. PPI advises using alternate board members. PPEU should consider adopting this.

Any other business

this includes for non-members as well. Anyone who wants to give us feedback, please do, even if you are not coming to the GA.
Florie from the French pirates was the initiator of this meeting, but she was unfortunately not able to come here today. We will hopefully organize another meeting in the future.
Florie says that she will be happy that we can make another meeting another day. This was a first encounter, and we need more to see how we can create the future together. That was the main purpose of this meeting.
PPEU has regular board meeting every 2 weeks. It would be great if members of PPI will also come to our meetings, so we don't double our activities. PPEU could also do the opposite and attend one of PPI's meetings.
We should plan to do this again. A lot of people came. We are 20, and 30 ideas were created.
When PPEU becomes a member, it always participates. PPEU should be there. I consider PPEU as a party. It is actually acting at the European level. We should get in to the PPI. I like the idea that PPI members should attend our meetings, but I have some reservations as we have different goals. For example, I have to prepare the budget for 2020. People would just like us to spend our money, and then to collect money. If you add this purpose, we will be able to focus even money on the project.
Alessandro has highlighted these tasks well, showing the activities that we cannot do.
We are two different organizations but we want many of the same things, so let's build on that.
Regarding a question about assisting with policy papers for the UN, they could assist within Mattermost. Mikulas will share the link for Team Awesome:
    • Meeting closed at 21:33 hours \\

Next board meeting is set on in two weeks from now as usual May 31st, (20:00 CEST - DST - summertime)\\