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--- 21.10.2020 15:00 UTC/17:00 CEST ---
Big Blue Button Room:
Audio recording: PiratesOnAir Streaming, recording
recording due to shutdown of BBB is not complete!

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Mike, Keith, Gregory, Cal, Linda, Bastian
excused: Bailey, Cedric
unexcused: Dan
Quorum: 6/9, quorum established

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members
participating: Carlos
excused: Svein, Thomas
participating: Olivia, Dario


Meeting opened at 17:10 UTC by
Meeting chaired by Keith
Secretary for this meeting is Mike and Everyone
Quorum established with 6 out of 9 board members present.
Streaming started: started
Recording started:
Postal votes:
Notes on meeting process


Do we approve the minutes?
* Minutes of the last meeting:
15yes.png Yes : Bailey, Keith, Mike, Bastian
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain : Linda, cal, Gregory
Result: minutes accepted


4.1 - Short reports of the board members 1)

  • Board: absent
  • Linda: Nothing to report; just a PPNO GA will take place on November 14th and 15th. PPNO has candidates for board for the next GA
  • Cedric: absent
  • Gregory: Invitiation to the PPI GA sent out; in PPDE we have the GA in November - invite sent to all the intl Pirates as well. 17th November Pirate workshop at the IGF and preparing for it.
  • Bastian (filling in for Thomas):
  • Cal: Nothing to report, just some more pp-it shenanigans going on.
  • Mike: Just at the SCULL (tried to present how the hierarchy in PPCZ works) and currently home with COVID; stay away! :-)
  • Dan: absent
  • Keith: Been trying to communicate with various parties to get them more involved. Received positive and negative feedback. I would like to emphasize that the Board should be addressed and not me personally. I'm hopeful that we can find some more people to volunteer as board members and otherwise. Apologies that I am unable to attend Pirate beer, as I am 7 hours past CEST, 8 hours past CEST. If anyone is up for Pirate Beer Breakfast, let me know...
  • Bailey: Hi all sorry I couldn'tbe here, have to prioritize sleep this time as I'm between night shifts. SCULL meeting was pretty good. GA announcement has been up for a couple of weeks now as well as the Discourse forum but so far we don't have any delegates registered, nor any motions/statutes/nominations submitted. It's still early though so I'm assuming members are still working that stuff out internally. I set up a technical test for Nov 6th so that we can test BBB and other tools and we can all decide together what we want to use for the GA. I hope each of our members send someone for this. Welcome Dario to the meeting!! I am totally in favour of using PPCAT's voting system even though I don't get to see it today. =)
  • Bastian:

I took care of the PPI technique like I do every day. All systems are running fine. The click numbers on our website are going up and down. We need regular new content e.g. announcements of our meetings.

I attended SCULL meeting.

I have set up the PP-CA website. Now it is online with some content. The rest we have to discuss with Bailey. Welcome back

The Pirate Times recovering project is progressing – we need authors and editors.

  • Alternates:
  • Svein: absent
  • Carlos: absent

5.1 - Proposals

Issue: Assemblea Submitted by: Gregory -> Dario (PPCAT) Justification: Need for voting system Motion:

Hello from Barcelona! I just wanted to chime in, and inform that I'm planning to attend this next board meeting.

My intention is to show you a tool that we have developed at PP-CAT to vote in decentralized General Assemblies like PPI's - it's called Assemblea.

The tool uses pseudoanonymous tokens for all the roles, from the GA's admins to the voters. Although it's not required here, it has a database design that guarantees the secrecy of the vote and by the time of the GA, additional countermeasures against tampering. In the close future we are planning to integrate it with, so it will be auditable too.

It has been already used with 50 concurrent users, casting 2000 votes. It's very flexible as it allows to prepare all the questions in advance, add or remove questions if needed during the vote, and control when and how long each question is open to vote.

Of course, it's free software:

With all of this, I hope PPI will adopt our tool, so the long times for voting, the hard logistics for the delegations, etc. will be a thing of the past 😉

Dario showing everyone present Assemblea presentation. Eery delegate has a token, which can be shared, so we can do a single token per member party and its delagtes will share it amongst themselves.

We hope to have the app up and running for the PPI GA.

Issue: Number of board members to be elected Submitted by: Keith Justification: We have asked that 2 board members and a chair are to be elected in our announcement. WE should review this finding.

Bailey served one year as a replacement chair, and then when she was reelected that was for 1 year. Cedric served 1 year as a replacement board member. Linda though in our GA minutes was not designated as a replacement board member, but rather a new applicant. Cal was the only board member designated for a one year term. We specifically stated: "All of the board members were elected. Cal is elected for one year. The other board members are elected for 2 years." Motion: Vote on whether we need to revise terms written in the last GA or remove inactive board members in order to meet the voting criteria in the statutes. - Motion withdrawn.

Issue: Treasurer position Submitted by: Keith Justification: The treasurer has been absent and not done any of the membership fee or other duties required. We said in the last meeting that we would try to see if Dan is still interested in and capable of serving as treasurer. Pending further lacking correspondence, we should consider a replacement.

Nominate a new treasurer. Bastian offers himself as an interim treasurer.
15yes.png Yes : Mike, Keith, cal, Linda, Gregory
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain : Bastian
Result: Bastian elected interim treasurer.

Issue: IGF Submitted by: (Gregory) Justification: It is coming up soon, and we need an update on our workshop and content for our stand. Motion: It starts Nov. 9. We need content for our virtual booth. We are having a meeting with the organizers for a seminar. There has been a preparational seminar on what will be used. We didn't have specific meeting for seting up the virtual booth. From next week we should start working on it more specifically. The whole IGF is virtual. We can have meetings, present stuff etc. There will be a break for networking, which I'm curious about, finding out how that works. We are up the day before the end. Now we need to settle ona text to put on our booth. So far it's some general PPI stuff, nothing specific. We should discuss that.

5.2 - Working Groups Update

How parties manage their internal business.
motion; revise working group names

5.3 Economic Update

Invoices Update
PPFR indicated that it would not pay fees - they want everyone to pay and then be able to vote, otherwise they refuse to pay.
Bastian needs to check what has been paid and by whom.


Keit: There was the Globa Leadership Conference.

6 AOB - Any other business

PB this Friday! Usual time, usual place.

Issue: new member applications Submitted by: Keith Justification: We must collect these a month in advance. Motion: Tally the countries that are requesting to be new members. Try to make sure that they show up (online) to the GA or that they record a video introducing themselves that we can play.

:(Questions from Carlos): 
How can we make countries from the Google?
What is the mechanism that parties can use?
Are we taking concerns for elderly people? Maybe there is an opportunity for pirates to make a statement on this. We should take a position on this.
GA information and the pre-test test November 6th.

Issue: Passenger Pigeon > Manifesto Submitted by: Keith (on behalf of Adam Harangozo) Justification: See discussion below. Motion: Do we support it? Postponed to next board meeting

> Dear Board Members,

> I would like to share news about a publication that is very relevant > to copyright and cultural heritage: > > "Signed by a large number of professionals, the Passenger Pigeon > Manifesto is a call to public galleries, libraries, archives, and > museums to liberate cultural heritage that has already been > digitised." > > The Manifesto: It was published by > multiple platforms online and will appear in print publications too. > > Please consider these notes to the text: > > * the manifesto's call concerns already digitised items, it is not a > call for instant digitisation > * the text acknowledges the lack of resources and budget cuts of > archives > * the issue of culturally or ethically sensitive images is addressed > ('open by default, closed by exception') > > Please do share it on your social media channels and consider acting > on the call if you can. Twitter posts for sharing are available here: >, > > > Best wishes, > Adam Harangozo

Issue: Set up and advertise an Aragon DAO? Submitted by: Keith Justification: I would like to follow up on the use of Aragon. Is it worthwhile for us to invest in this system? Some members expressed concerns about using blockchain, but it was not clear why. Motion:postpone until next board meeting

Issue: AI For Good OnThursday, 22 October,AI for Good will be partnering with Monash Data Futures Institute to present "Human collaboration with an AI Musician", an interactive showcase of art and technology.

Regarding the websites: Olivia gets access as an editor ufn. No votes against

  • Next Meeting: 11.11.2020, 16:00 UTC/17:00 CET

Linda unable to attend on 11/11.

  • Meeting Closed: 18:37