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--- 6.1.2021 13:00 UTC/14:00 CEST ---
Big Blue Button Room:
Audio recording: PiratesOnAir Streaming, recording

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Mike, Keith, Bailey, Bastian, Gregory, Manuel, Dario, Carlos (arrived at 13:40 UTC)
unexcused: , Dan
Quorum: Reached

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members
unexcused: Ji Yong, Svein, Thomas


Meeting opened at 13:05 UTC by Bailey
Meeting chaired by Bailey
Secretary for this meeting is Everyone
Quorum established with 7 (out of 9) board members present.
Streaming started: started
Recording started: 13:05 UTC
Postal votes: none
Notes on meeting process: none


Do we approve the minutes?
* Minutes of the last meeting:
15yes.png Yes : Mike, Bailey, Gregory, Keith, Bastian, Dario, Manuel
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: minutes approved


4.1 - Short reports of the board members 1)


  • Bailey: paraphrasing: "Haven't done much. Embraced the holidays."
  • Gregory: I worked on a meeting calendar for this year. Also I started clean up of the redmine tasks and continue working on the t-shirt shop. Board Meetings every three weeks, Wednesday 13h - 15h UCT
  • Jan 27
  • Feb 17
  • Mar 10
  • Mar 31
  • Apr 21
  • May 12
  • Jun 02
  • Jun 23
  • Jul 14
  • Aug 04
  • Aug 25
  • Sep 15
  • Oct 06
  • Oct 27
  • Nov 17
  • Dec 01

Discussed with Bailey different formats for the "pirate beer" meetings, that should be onece per month this year (as oposed to every three weeks that it was last year) the first meeting beeing on 29th of January, alternating Fridays and Saturdays - possible formats could be "Pirate Breakfast, Pirate Coffee, Pirate BookClub, Pirate BarCamp, Pirate SpeedDate, Pirate Dinner, Pirate Cook-Out". Also started planing a series of events on "Pirate Governance Codex" - inviting experts to talk on Governance for NGOs and Internet related topics - dates are:

  • 26 March 2021 - 15h UTC
  • 09 April 2021 - 15h UTC
  • 23 April 2021 - 15h UTC

Next SCENE on "Campaigning in the time of pandemics" is on 03 February 2021 19:00 CET

  • Dario: I've been busy with local pirate work, as our regional elections are very close (February 14th) and we had to work on the coallition candidature. I also did some pirate-y work with Assemblea and Vocdoni.
  • Bastian:
All the financial information I got is on the PPI wiki.
I have taken care of the technology of the PPI as every day. All systems are running fine. Except for the management of our mailing lists, there was an urgent security update that has now locked us out. We will fix this overnight.
  • Manuel: Nothing substantial done since last meeting. My absence at the last meeting delayed me in the transition into the Board, which I'm now making up for it. I have extracted the PPI Statutes and Rules of Procedure into .pdf and .docx documents for offline access. I'm preparing my resignation from an executive role at PPCL, to avoid schedule and focus conflicts.
  • Mike: We met with Keith on the GS switch; done some registering to the system I didn't have rights to (thanks, Bastian), slowly wrapping my head around this. Got stuck on school stuff over the holidays and the grilling of parliament nominees is in full swing in PPCZ. The coalition agreement will be voted on over this weekend (we have an online GA on Saturday). Now we're fixing the party bylaws so they are on board with the coalition (probably) taking place.
  • Dan: not present
  • Keith: We have elections coming up again in Israel! That's 4 national elections in about 2 years! 6 national elections for PP Israel since 2012. I investigated ECOSOC a bit. There are still no groundspasses that can get in, but I think they can be issued. We should investigate online events, and keep our quadrennial report in mind to submit in June.
  • Carlos: not present


  • Svein:
  • Ji Yong:
  • Thomas:

5.1 - Proposals

Issue: Website blogs Submitted by: Keith Justification: There has not been a post since late November Motion: Nominate Olivia and others to be secretaries of the website

Update a simple announcement post was made yesterday
Bailey: Olivia is stepping back for a while. Maybe in the future she can come back. We can nominate other people though.
Keith: We should ask our members to post about their countries.
Bailey: It would be beneficial to have a call for our members, and also a call to have volunteers.

Also about Pirate Times. We need to do a call out for writers and social media volunteers.

Manuel: About Pirate Times is the site under our control.
Gregory: is ours. we don't know (but they are most likely friendly). The Twitter account is under our control, as well as the FB page.
Bastian: We need content, but I can make it easy - just send it to me and I'll post it.
Manuel: The call for volunteers should include what kind of content is expected.
Mike: I will put together the call for volunteers. I would not like to restrict to much. I think we should just put out the call. We should just ask them what is interesting.
Manuel: We should have someone to be in charge of this, like "vice-secretary for media".
Bailey: Mike will you be on the role of looking that content is added and putting a call out for people to contribute?
Mike: No problem, until I head-hunt someone better. We need more content from members - I'll put out a call.
Manuel: Resolved: We agree on Mike heading the search for new PIC of media and in the meantime will keep an eye on the media output.

Issue: Social media posts Submitted by: Keith Justification: We should have routine posts Motion: Nominate people for Twitter and Facebook, such as Stefan Cristian, Pat Maechler, and other people to be official secretaries for various social media platforms.

Mike: Who has access to our Twitter?
Bailey: I am the only one at the moment who has access. If you want access, just ask me, as I will give everyone on the board access. What I have done is give people access on Tweetdeck. This allows people to post, without giving them access, especially for those without access.

current tweetdeck access:

Bailey, like the drink @UptheCypherPunx Bastian @bastianbb Gregory Engels Ⓟ @dichter Keith Goldstein @goldstein_keith Märt Põder @trtram Pat Mächler @Valio_ch Piratenpartij @Piratenpartij Thomas de Groot @ThomasDamsko Thomas Gaul @Thomas1G Manuel Caicedo @_ManuelCaicedo Mike Gill @MichalGill Dario Castañé @darccio

Gregory: Dario, Mike and Manuel added.

Bailey: Our TW account is quite strong, we just need to tweet stuff. Especially content from our members.
Carlos: The Swiss would like access and encourage its members to be more visible.
Bailey: For FB posts we have a Messenger group. Get added and post stuff.
Gregory: Access to the FB Page:
  • Admins:
    • Pat Maechler
    • Thomas Gaul
    • Gregory Engels
    • Alexander Kohler
    • Koen De Voegt
    • Keith Goldstein
    • Bailey Lamon
  • Editors
    • Sebastian Krone
    • Raphaël Blanco
    • Giuseppe Cal
    • Carlos Polo
    • Daniel Dantas Prazeres Amorim
    • Linda B Tørklep
    • Michal Gill
    • Svein Mork Dahl
    • Raoul Plommer
    • Thomas De Groot
    • Jay Emerson
    • Stefan Cristian
Manuel: We have quite a few (and new) people in the TweetDeck, so we already fulfilled the aim of this issue.

Issue: Pirate security conference Submitted by:keith Justification: it takes place every february and we have a standing decision to sponsor and support it Motion: get update on conference and ppi's role this year.

Gregory: The Munich Security conference will not happen in February, it will be moved to a later date and the new date announced at least 8 weeks in advance. At this moment it does not have a new date set.
Bastian: We're just waiting for the MSC; in the meantime we're contacting speakers and preparing for an online conference.
Keith: We have two conferences (PiSeCon and TT4) ready but can't orginise them due to covid.

Issue: Dates of meetings Submitted by: Mike Justification: We need to set dates for Pirate Beer and the SCs Motion: The board sets the dates...

Mike: Just wanted this settled so I can get the GCalendar and Wiki u to date.

Board Meetings every three weeks, Wednesday 13h - 15h UCT

  • Jan 27
  • Feb 17
  • Mar 10
  • Mar 31
  • Apr 21
  • May 12
  • Jun 02
  • Jun 23
  • Jul 14
  • Aug 04
  • Aug 25
  • Sep 15
  • Oct 06
  • Oct 27
  • Nov 17
  • Dec 01
Board meeting times discussion: conclusion: 13:00 UTC for the time being.
Pirate Beers - meeting being on 29th of January, then monthly alternating Fridays and Saturdays - possible formats could be "Pirate Breakfast, Pirate Coffee, Pirate BookClub, Pirate BarCamp, Pirate SpeedDate, Pirate Dinner, Pirate Cook-Out".
Bailey: Gregory and I had this talk about the PB. We could do this oce a month and do different things each time as we go along. We scheduled the first one for Friday 29/1.
Mike: I'll put the dates into the calendar, last FRI/SAT of every month, time to be decided; the first one: 9 PM CET with no specific theme.
Mike: One option - if there is like some interesting stuff happening (such as election results watching party or something like that).
Manuel: I would like keep the same tone as of the regular board meeting: if there's a good reason to move the date, we should do it (like special event).
  • Interesting events:
March 23rd 2021 (Israeli parliamentary elections)
October 9th 2021 (Czech parliamentary elections)
Working groups dates below.

Working groups and Standing Committees

5.2 - Working Groups Update

SCENE - next one on "Campaigning in the time of pandemics" is on 03 February 2021 19:00 CET
SCURVY - should discuss the e-shop that's being prepared.
SCUBA - for this one there's a Messenger group and Doodle will be sent out by Gregory.
PPHQ: there are no current board members registered; we pay for updating the new board members and we must renew the address. We also have to declare that we don't pay any taxes.
Gregory: We should currently submit as many people from the board as possible so at least some "survive" on the board for as long as ossible.

New PPHQ address: Pirate Parties International HQ c/o Florence Delbauve Rue de la Bienfaisance, 33 7090 Braine Le Comte Belgium

See in the Wiki now:

5.3 Economic Update

Bastian: Will get new bank statements; otherwise nothing new.


Bailey: Gregory will set-up SCUBA meeting

CAO for Vienna - Gregory CAO for Geneva - Mike CAO for New York - Keith

5.5 PPI HQ update

FROM LAST MEETING: We need to submit a board update for the PPI HQ as detailed out here:

Gregory: Describes the following:

New members that join the board need to be specified by their full name, place of residence, date and place of birth. ID's Of all board members that are not Belgian a copy of the front and back of their ID-card needs to be included. (for Belgians their national number needs to be filled in on Form II - section C) In case ones ID-card doesn't mention it's address, a proof of residence also needs to be provided. This can be something simple like an utility bill, it just needs to clearly mention both the full name and the address of the person in question. Payment of 133,58 Euro (according to the official website )

Proposal: establish the new board to be also the board of PPI HQ. Mike Gill is appointed as Secretary General of PPI HQ. (according to PPI Statutes XIV (2) sentence 3: The Secretary General shall be appointed by the Board and shall be the chief administrative officer of Pirate Parties International.)

Update registration PPI HQ
We appoint the current Board members as Board Memebrs of the PPI HQ. Mike Gill is being appointed Secretary Gerneral of PPI HQ. We approve the administrative fees of 133,58 for the registration update.
15yes.png Yes : Gregory, Dario, Mike, Bailey, Manuel, Svein, Bastian, Carlos
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: Approved

our new address in Belgium is Pirate Parties International HQ c/o Florence Delbauve Rue de la Bienfaisance, 33 7090 Braine Le Comte Belgium

6 AOB - Any other business

  • Next Meeting: 27.01.2021, 13:00 UTC/14:00 CET/08:00 EST
  • Meeting Closed: 15:13 UTC