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--- 08.3.2022 14:00 UTC/15:00 CET ---
Big Blue Button Room:
Audio recording: PiratesOnAir Streaming, recording

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Mike, Keith, Bailey, Gregory, Alexander
excused: Manuel,

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members:
participating: Bastian,
participating: Numero6, Svein Dahl


Meeting opened at 14:06 UTC by Bailey
Meeting chaired by Bailey
Secretary for this meeting is Everyone
Quorum established with (7 out of 9) board members present (incl. alternates and proxies)
Streaming started: started
Recording started: 14:06 UTC
Postal votes: none
Notes on meeting process:


Do we approve the minutes?
* Minutes of the last meeting:
15yes.png Yes : Mike, Bastian, Keith, Bailey, Manuel, Alexander
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: minutes approved


4.1 - Short reports of the board members


  • Bailey Lamon: Pirate Beer repurposed on Ukraine. We had some heavy debates. Meeting with PPEU on a joint statement on Ukraine.
  • Gregory Engels: I have done some continiuing work, had a second study module last week in Brussels and learned some things about finances. Preparing currently for the next module that starts this Friday. I also attended the SC Night meeting. The UN Ground passes for Geneva also got sorted out.
  • Mike Gill: Aside from a few social media posts and the joint statement on Ukraine not that much done. Having my hands full at our town hall with our UA refugee crisis. Also, as Veronika recently resigned as the head of PPCZ's foreign dept., I just got elected as her successor. Didn't schedule the TT4 meeting yet, will get to it after today's decision is taken. And a short report on PPCZ: when we got it, the foreign ministry was considered a fairly weak office (minister for EU affairs being way more important under normal circumstances). Since we have some very abnormal circumstances now, I would say that Jan Lipavský, our foreign minister, might now be the second most visible politician in the country after the PM (if not the most visible). I was against our participation in this government but it's impossible not to be proud of him in this time of crisis.
  • Carlos Polo:
not present
  • Keith Goldstein: I created the DAO for PPIHQ on Soonaverse. We will have to have a working group meeting with the board where we pass out keys and use it. I resubmitted our request to speak at the cybercrimes committee at the UN, but they have not confirmed a speaking time. It is going on now. I still have to finish our multi-sig wallet, create the interns sign up, and follow up with our UNHQ groundspasses. These are all on my list of things to finish before the next board meeting.
  • Alexander Isavnin: PPRU made statements on Russian attack on Ukraine and including freedom of information spreading into "antisanction" package
  • Manuel Caicedo:
  • Dario Castane:
not present
  • Mauricio Vargas:
not present


  • Ji Yong Dijkhuis:
not present
  • Veronika Murzynová:
not present
  • Adam Wolf:
not present
  • Sebastian Krone:
All the financial information I have is on the PPI wiki (Bank - 05.02.2022 - PayPal 08.03.2022). I have been missing the bank account information for a few weeks now.
I have looked into the PPI tech as I do every day.
All patches are up to date. Docker is also working fine.
All systems are running fine.
Attended the last Pirate Beer - it was very exhausting to listen to. ;-)

5.1 - Proposals

Issue: Think Twice 4 Delay and Announcement CfP

Submitted by: Mike, Gregory, and Keith
Justification: Are we going ahead with TT4 in Prague in April or do we need to delay it?
We need an academic call for papers and speakers.
September would be better. I think we need to request short position papers, 1000 words. Even for that we need to make the CfP public and send it everywhere.
If we like to get submissions for sessions from people in academia, we should delay it. If we push for an event that is about to happen in 6 weeeks, we will be "pirate only" event and may see not enough buzz
I suggest we schedule a meeting for this and come up with everything necessary there. Mainly the dates and format. In September and judging by the current situation, travel shouldn't be problematic, so hybrid is a good choice.
We need a proper timeline - CfP, Selection, Speaker notification, final presentations, technical, etc...
We need to pick a date, format and go with it. The venue's patience won't be endless.
We can certainly shorten it to one day, save 500 EUR and make it a hybrid one day and online the other.
Let's revive the website and everything. We can send the call for speakers and so on.
Proposal: Delay TT4 until September and issue an immediate CfP.
Proposal: To have TT4 around the Pirate Summer Camp Dates: August 7-21, perhaps at the end of the event.
Mike: I suggest start of the SC would be better, so I can organise the final details from Prague with good internet instead from Poland with crappy one.
We need to make a decision soon, so Mike will confirm with the venue and we will confirm among ourselves on Wire, so we can publish the call for speakers.

Issue: Donation for Ukraine

Submitted by: Veronika and Keith
Justification: We have funds in our accounts, including crypto that has been sitting idly. We should consider making a donation for Ukraine refugees or relevant causes. UNHCR would be a good option, or perhaps we know of a more local organization that is connected to Pirates?
Proposal: Make a donation to an organization.

<Please add list of organizations> <Please add list of amounts>


Svein is currently at the border, and he has some ideas about supporting Ukranian refugees. The financial decision is something that we will vote on today, but there are other things that we can do.
Svein: A week ago, last Tuesday I fillled my car and camper with equipment and drove to Ukraine border. Delivered it to Prezemysl on the Polish side and continued with the transport to Lviv, UA. I then ended up in Warsaw, PL. I'm no expert but how I see it for Poland the issue is the shere amount of refugees and the toll on its infrastructure. I've spoken to some people and gave them some money to get to Norway or Sweden. Some junior staff at the hotel hope they can get back home soon. No senior UA official are willing to say that. I'll be here at least until Friday and then get back to the border.
Mike: So can't we donate the money dorectly to Svein (via PPNO) instead to UNHCR or some charity, since he's already going back to the border? And also - is Svein willing to take such a donation and get the stuff that's needed?
Svein: Yes, I'd like to stay here and help. I think I'm more useful in Warsaw than at the border itself. I now know the people who manage things. I'm also in touch with PPDE who is bringing in a truck with material. The most needed is personal safety equipment for people who are getting people out of bombed buildings.
Bailey: So we have an option to go either with donating money to UNHCR or any other charity or we can go directly through Svein.
Svein: The donation doesn't have to be through me. UNHCR is fine, but we can probably do things they can't. There was a lot of interference at the border; the internet there is poor to nonexistent. I have a project now as there is a lot of female Ukrainians in Poland are we're using Tinder to get in touch and help them get to Sweden.
Bastian: If we donate is there any group that can't get money in any other way, either in Ukraine or Poland?
Bailey: I'm not aware of any effort by Pirates in Ukraine.
Gregory: German Pirates are having multiple things happening at the same time.
Bastian: We don't really have any budget for things like this. Maybe we should bring this up with the members.
Bailey: Yes, I agree we should consult our members and perhaps they'd like to chip in as well. I think more than anything it's a matter of ccordinating different efforts and play a coordination role.
Mike: We should act fast if we choose the Svein variant. Let's send an e-mail to members.
Bastian: I think our budget can take at most 500 EUR.
Mike: I'm now in the position to re-purpose the Czech 1000 EUR TT4 donation. So if you'll want I'm fine with half of it going towards this insted and I'll cover a bit more of the TT4 later from the PPCZ budget.
Keith: As we don't know yet what we want to donate the money towards maybe we should wait for the meeting on this.
Mike: I'm not really for waiting. We already have Svein on the ground and he knows what he needs and has a way to deliver it. Or we can do both, re-purposing 500 from the TT4 budget now for Svein and still do a meeting with PPEU and the members to donate to any other cause.
Alexander: I'd be careful with donations. We need a purpose with 100% clear purpose.
Gregory: I don't think we have the authority to repurpose the budget.
Bailey: I get it. Let's set something up for later in the week, invite PPEU and our members, we talk about coordination and also ask members for donations towards this donation goal.
Svein: We're thinking of using the Pirate Party as a vessel for the mission but it's too complicated and would bring many problems.
Bailey: As we have a budget voted on by the membership, we can't really re-purpose money by ourselves. We could be overstepping. We should set up the meeting, invite people and start working on this, including both money and coordination. We can encourage our members and their members to donate to this specific cause.
Svein: Fine by me. There are costs and money is necessary and asking for money is normal. I know at the moment that my credit card is maxed out. I'm getting so much positive feedback on this mission so it's definitely worth the money. There's a lot of things people can do even from home.
Bailey: When would you be available for a meeting on this? So instead of making decision here and now, we do this with our members instead.
Svein: We have PPNO meeting this weekend. Friday would be a good day for me, even the weekend and Monday. I'll probably be still in Warsaw. It's frustrating to be sitting here waiting for those trucks with medical equipment that were needed yesterday?
Bailey: How about Friday 12.03.2022 20:00 CET? Invite everybody and try to get as many people in as possible. We might also want to invite anti-war Russians suffereng simple for being against Putin.

Our joint statement with PPEU about Ukraine

5.2 - Working Groups Update

  • PPI Board DAO Working Group
I announce that I set up a PPI Board Soonaverse DAO. This is a closed DAO, so only the 9 members of the board and the 3 alternates will be able to vote.
This is the url of the PPIHQ ::DAO:
I would like for us to set up a working group meeting of the board where we learn how to vote using it.
Keith: You guys need to create a wallet on Iota; we should organise a meeting to set it up for everyone or I can do it. We can vote through it between board meetings or even sell NFTs. I shall schedule a separate meeting on this.
Bastian: There are only 3 alternates mentioned...
Keith: My mistake. I'm on it.
Bailey: We should set up meetings for standing committees and re-start their work.

5.3 Economic Update

There are still many membership fees missing. PP-NL has paid everything from 2017-2021. Many thanks for that.
We really need to find a solution for our place of business and postboxes.


  • Carlos updated us about the AI FOR GOOD conference series. It is going on right now, from March 9 to March 16:
Bailey: We should encourage Carlos to write posts on his UN participations.
  • Keith sent an official message to the UN about the cybercrimes speech. They have yet to respond, but it is going on now. 28 February to 11 March 2022 in New York. We should log on to see if there are opportunities to participate.
Keith: It's happening right now but it feels they're so disorganised they might let anyone to speak.

5.5 PPI HQ update

Mike: still waiting for Bailey's passport. :-)
Bailey: I called them to make it happen ASAP. They're processing it.

6 AOB - Any other business

  • Next Meeting: 29.03.2022 -21:00 UTC/22:00 CET
  • Meeting Closed: 15:52 by Bailey