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--- 25.10.2022 09:00 UTC/11:00 CEST ---
Big Blue Button Room:
Audio recording: PiratesOnAir Streaming

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Mike, Alexander, Dario, Gregory
excused: Bailey
unexcused: Keith, Carlos, Manuel, Mauricio

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members:
participating: Bastian
unexcused: Ji Yong, Adam, Veronika
participating: Numero6


Meeting opened at 9:15 by Gregory
Meeting chaired by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is Everyone
Quorum established with (5 out of 9) board members present (incl. alternates and proxies)
Streaming started: started
Recording started:
Postal votes: none
Notes on meeting process:


Do we approve the minutes?
* Minutes of the last meeting:
15yes.png Yes : Mike, Dario, Gregory, Bastian, Alexander
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: minutes accepted


4.1 - Short reports of the board members


  • Bailey Lamon: not present
  • Gregory Engels: Busy with writing my master thesis and also was on holiday, so nothing else, really.
  • Mike Gill: Didn't get to put together the clean draft of the new statutes as of yet. Apologies. It won't be ready for the December GA, but I would at least like to have a discussion there on a clean draft, if not the vote. The Prague Pirate Centre is booked for the GA physical participants for December 10th and 11th. It's definitely big enough and won't cost us anything. I'll get some catering from my department's budget. On the situation in the Czech Republic: we had municipal (all assemblies) and senatorial (1/3 of the Senate) elections. We didn't get any senators (as expected) and lost quite a lot of seats in the local assemblies all over the country. Many city and town hall coalitions are now being negotiatied. We're still in the play for the Prague mayor but I'm not optimistic about it; any coalition resulting into us keeping the post will be really bad. My own job is now in the air, depending on the result of negotiations at Prague 3 district. We got weakened (7 seats got reduced to 4) and any coalition will be quite a bit worse than the last one. On a positive note, our Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský got to speak at the UN GA and the UN SC. For us certainly a big achivement. At least in Europe, Czechia currently presiding the EU Council, he's one of the most visible stanch supporters of Ukrainian sovereignty.
  • Carlos Polo: not present
  • Keith Goldstein: not present
  • Alexander Isavnin: Pirates in Russia are reacting on latests developments of war (as protests on freedoms restrictions), also we are running regular (close to weekly) streams on telegram/youtube etc with discussions on pirate-related news. Latest stream was on history of media-piracy from magnetic tapes up to torrents, and piracy as technology and society development driver.
  • Manuel Caicedo: not present
  • Dario Castañé: still working on Asembleo, expected to be used around mid-November/December for its first run. Catalonia's Government had a big disagreement and split up, but no elections in the horizon. New PP-ES is going to be signed today, it'll be probably approved in a few months. Spanish elections are expected to happen at the end of 2023, but before Local elections will happen on May. We may run in some small towns in Catalonia.
  • Mauricio Vargas: not present


  • Ji Yong Dijkhuis: not present
  • Veronika Murzynová: not present
  • Adam Wolf: not present
  • Sebastian Krone:
I monitored the PPI tech, as I do every day.
We had some problems again because our servers were under constant fire. We were able to fend them all off as well. Now the situation has improved a little. But it's race.
All patches are up-to-date.
All systems are running smoothly.
I am (again) very disappointed that the internal meeting agreed at our last two board meetings to resolve the organizational issues we continue to have did not take place. This is not the way to move forward.
The recordings of the panel discussions at the ThinkTwice conference have not yet been released.
We need to edit the panels and improve the audio.
What’s the plan? (Third reminder) ;-)
And why did we set up Socialblade just for Twitter? Who has access to Socialblade?
Gregory: I don't think that anybody has set that up, they just use the public profile - I have not set up it for my profile
Mike: I have the files. I'll upload it somewhere and send a link to them to anyone willing and skillful to help.

5.1 - Proposals

  • 1. clarification of responsibilities for finances, deposited securities with PayPal, credit cards, etc.
Bastian: I asked Manuel to take over. I'm not the treasurer anymore.
Gregory: So what are you suggesting?
Bastian: Someone has to add their card to the commercial PayPal.
Gregory: Have we added the Post Finance account to the PayPal. We can make a card for the account and use that. It will cost something. Let's decide this via postal vote.
  • 2. seat of the PPI.
Bastian: I still think it is the best solution that the PPI remains as a Swiss association. We would only have to regulate it in the same way as Pirates Without Borders:
One representative is enough (Valio could do it; located in Basel).
We have our own post office box. It's easy in Switzerland. If we want to be an economically working organisation, we need to upgrade, but for now this is enough.
We have a bank account.
Why do I know that? I am the president of Pirates Without Borders.
  • 3. location of the Headquarter
We need to get out of Brussels with the Headquarter. The Headquarter only makes sense for ECOSOC/UN because they want to see a registration. We can also effect a "real" registration in Switzerland, but this is expensive and complicated.
My suggestion would be to move the "Headquarter" to Potsdam. According to the law on associations, so-called associations for foreigners are permitted in Germany. We can then relatively easily take care of the tax obligations in Germany.
Of course, this can also be done in other countries. But someone has to have the time and the inclination to take care of it on a permanent basis.
Bastian: We might need a vote on this, that we move the seat in Switzerland to Pat Mächler, open a PO Box there.
Alexander: moving HQ needs more research, i think. Switzerland have some advancements, having it in other country may lead to much more paper work.
Move of the PPI office address from our current one in Geneva (at a local lawyer) to a new one at Pat Mächler's also in Switzerland in Basel
* Do we agree to move of the PPI office address from our current one in Geneva (at a local lawyer) to a new one at Pat Mächler's also in Switzerland in Basel.
15yes.png Yes : Alexander, Dario, Mike, Gregory, Bastian
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: Approved

Gregory: Can we task you with the change?
Bastian: Absolutely, it was my proposal anyway.
Mike: If you need any help, just ask.

= 5.2 - Working Groups Update

Mike: I need to move forward with the statutes and call the next meeting of the new Statutes committee.

5.3 Economic Update

Gregory: I'll send the slips from current payments to Manuel and Bastian. The Membership fees from PP-GR has arrived, we have 5,050.00 CHF on the account.


Alexander: IGF in Addis-Abbaba, i will try to attend in person. Please, check agenda for pirate-related topics, i wil try to go to the session and speak, also you can join online. Gregory: The meeting is a hybrid one, so anyone can join remotely. We haven't submitted anything this year, but we can still participate. Feel free to go and register.

5.5 PPI HQ update

Gregory: We already spoke about the potential move to Potsdam.

6 AOB - Any other business

Gregory: The invitation to the GA has been sent, first delegates accreditations have been received.

Who from the board is planning to attend in person? Mike, Gregory, Bastian...

Mike: Me.
Bastian: Me too.
Gregory: Me as well.
  • Next Board Meeting: 15.11.2022 15:00 UTC/16:00 CET
  • Meeting Closed: 09:52 UTC