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--- 13.02.2024 14:00 UTC
Audio recording:

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Alex, Gregory, Keith, Mia, Bailey, Owen
Quorum: yes

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members:
participating: Numero6


Meeting opened at 14:09 UTC by Alexander
Meeting chaired by Alexander
Secretary for this meeting is Keith
Quorum established with 6 out of 9 board members present.
Streaming started: ?
Recording started: ?
Postal votes: ?
Votes delegated (§5 Votes (5. 3.) ROP):
Notes on meeting process: ?


Do we approve the minutes?
Yes : Alexander, Keith, Bailey, Owen, Gregory
No :
Abstain : Mia
Result: approved


4.1 - Short reports of the board members 1)


  • Gregory Engels:
Is currently in America. Behind stupid anti-pirate Firewall.

Was in SCUBA Meeting, discussed strategy to participate in more UN meeting, discussed how to join ITU, WLO. Some minimal work at Discourse server.

  • Keith Goldstein:
I have been communicating with the UN representatives. I met with a writer volunteer for Pirate Times and wrote with Jelle about fusing with the old website. Communicated with Pirate Representatives at New-York and Geneva, worked on Vienna passes, we need more volunteer at Vienna.
  • Bailey Lamon: I helped to organize/attended an online memorial for Danny Werner on Friday.
  • Alexander Isavnin: onboarded partially as General Secretary, participated in the SCUBA Meeting
  • Sebastian Krone: not present. Preparing for Pirate Security Conference.
  • Owen: Discussing potentially speaking at the UN ECOSOC Youth Forum from online, potential to promote PPI values there. Not able to make it physically due to lack of funds and short notice.
  • Maycow Toledo: not present
  • Julian Häfner: not present
  • Mia Utz: This is her first meeting as a full board member, no report yet.


  • Raman Ojha:
  • Carlos Polo:
  • Thomas Gaul

5.1 - Proposals

Motion: Election of PPIHQ Officials
We need to elect a separate entity for the HQ. The boards are not necessarily identical, because of the way that we are incorporated. It states that the board of PPI decides the board of PPIHQ. This needs to be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce in Belgium, and they need copies of the passports and IDs.
We don't need to elect a big board. The CAO should be the chair or president for the PPIHQ. This is the only person who is linked.
We don't need to elect the same people.
Elect Alexander as CAO for PPIHQ, along with others for PPIHQ
Yes : Mia, Keith, Gregory, Alexander, Owen, Bailey
No :
Abstain :
Result: passed

Motion: Support for Pirate Security Conference.
Perhaps we should give monetary support as we did in the past.
100 CHF should be donated according to the budget.
Do we agree to donate 100 CHF for Pirate Security Conference?
Yes : Mia, Bailey, Keith, Alexander, Owen, Gregory
No :
Abstain :
Result: passed

5.2 - Working Groups Update

SCUBA Working Group Meeting

We had a lot of interesting discussions about the UN and activities that are also close to the UN, other international meetings.
Alex also volunteered to write a little article about what we expect from these activities and why these activties are important for PPI. The ILO is important for the pirate movement because basic income is in our agenda. Writing articles around our UN activities would be useful and assist.

5.3 Economic Update

  • Treasurer Report:
Bastian is not present.


  • Groundpasses:
We need more volunteers to Vienna, Carlos (as PPI representative) can organize temporary passes for Geneva Visitors
  • Youth Forum
Written statement

16 to 18 April 2024
  • Teen Dynamic Coalition in IGF
There is TDC being formed in UN, it might be interesting for Owen
There are a lot of Internet governance but not just UN activities in the Pacific region. Perhaps we can arrange for Owen to participate as Youth.

5.5 PPI HQ update

We just voted about updating the PPIHQ board.

6 AOB - Any other business

  • Pirate Times
  • Keith got Admin for the website, we need more volunteer writers! Maybe we should just repost news relevant to pirates.
  • request for help for Russian activists
they are asking for media and attention about what is going on. Alex sent a wiki link, and an activist will send more information. Contact Alex if you are interested in this or have politicians who are interested.
  • Next Board Meeting: 05.03.2024 >>20:00 UTC

Tuesdays every 3 Weeks, rotating between 9:00 UTC, 14:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC

  • Meeting Closed: 14:42 UTC by Alex