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PPI and many of its Members have a number of Resources that can be used by others:


Meeting Servers


  • World.svg mumble://
  • Flag of Germany.svg.png mumble://
  • Flag of Germany.svg.png
  • Flag of Belgium.png mumble://
  • Flag of the Netherlands.png mumble://
  • Flag of Australia.png mumble://
  • Flag of Switzerland.png mumble://



Pirate Parties

Young Pirates

Other organisation


Other tools and services

Resources used by PPI

link Pad

Resource Person(s) Responsible
Mailing lists Gregory (root), Thomas (Frontend)
Server PPSE IT (contact through Gregory)
Wiki ( PPDE IT
Server? Gregory?
Google Apps
Gregory, ThomasG Gregory
Social networks: Jelena
Password Manager ?
Domain Manager ?
Individual Memberships Andrew